Oppo Find 7a: Fast Charging – Feature Focus

by: Joshua VergaraMay 1, 2014

Over the past couple of years, Oppo has emerged as one of the companies that always ups the ante when it comes to their flagship smartphones, with the recently released Oppo Find 7 one of the first smartphones to offer a Quad HD display. Even its “lesser” version, the Oppo Find 7a, still comes with everything that matches up to most current flagships out there, with its beautiful 5.5-inch 1080p display, premium build quality and feel, top of the line hardware, a fantastic camera, and bright and colourful user interface that might be to everybody’s liking, but is still very functional.

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With all things being more or less equal, Oppo still has another trick up its sleeve, which addresses an issue that is increasingly becoming a concern with our smartphones, and that is quite simply – battery life. While most OEMs have come up with innovative ways to extend battery life with ultra power saving modes, Oppo, along with these features, has taken another approach as well, by giving users the ability to be back to full capacity very quickly in case the battery does run out. Here’s a closer at the VOOC Fast Charging that is available with the Oppo Find 7/7a!


oppo find 7 7a fast charging aa (7 of 7)

The VOOC charger, that comes with both the Find 7 and Find 7a, will look a little familiar to you if you own a Macbook, with the charger featuring a similar design. The brick has the integrated wall plug that snaps back into its groove, allowing for a neat and tidy look.

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You get the microUSB connector, that plugs into your phone, at the end of the cord. There is a change when it comes to the connector, and that is the inclusion of seven pins, as opposed to the five pins that you’d get with a typical microUSB connector. The two extra pins do contribute to the fast charging capabilities by allowing for more power to be channelled from the power source, but that is only a part of the VOOC fast charging process.

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Another point to note is that while most smartphones and tablets have an Amp rating of 1 – 2 Amps with regards to their chargers, which means that 2 Amps is the maximum current the device will draw. The Oppo Find 7 and Find 7A on the other hand, are able to receive much higher current, and on the VOOC charger itself, you’ll see that it can output 4.5 Amps – more than double the typical amperage. This is another factor in providing the huge boost that we get in battery charging times.


One pitfall is the fact that the cord of the charger is actually quite short, which can be a little inconvenient depending on where the plug point is with regards to your desk or side table. As expected, because of those two extra pins in the connector, you won’t be able to use this charger with any other device, but luckily, the other way around is fine, so you will be able to charge your Oppo Find 7 with a regular microUSB cable and charger, without the fast charging of course.


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In very simple terms, the fast charging works, and I think is one of the best features about the Oppo Find 7, and is something that I’ve come to rely upon.

oppo find 7a fast charging bed

I’m sure we’ll all been in a situation at some point or the other where we’ve woken up to the horrifying realization that you’d forgotten to plug in your phone to charge the night before, only to wake up to a measly 5% left, if it hasn’t already turned off completely by then.  Assuming you then put the phone to charge and go about your daily routine before leaving the house, it’ll be very difficult to have the phone charged to a point where it’ll comfortably last the rest of the day.

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That is where things are different with the Oppo Find 7. Under the same circumstances, with a routine that lasted for around 45 minutes, it was really exciting to see that the phone had charged to 90% already, making for a very helpful feature. The phone also does not get hot when fast charging, and I believe the brick helps with that. Not only does it provide the current, it likely was specially made in order to keep that current from overloading the battery in the device.

Wrap Up

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So there you have it – a quick look at the Fast Charging feature of the Oppo Find 7. This is definitely a very useful feature to have, and the good thing is that even if you forget to carry the VOOC charger around with you, you can still charge the phone with a regular charger as well. Especially when you consider that battery technology has not been able to keep up with smartphone tech and demands, it is great that Oppo has found a way to alleviate that issue by tapping into incredibly fast charging technologies.

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  • Xavier_NYC

    I know it charges fast but how does the battery life compare to other devices like the G2/M8/GS5? I’m thinking if it charges that fast it might drain just as fast

    • Phynex

      Nahhh, the battery life on the F7a at least has been average for a 2800 mAh battery. The only downside to this is that you need that proprietary VOOC charger to get the fast speeds.

  • RH

    I am also wondering what kind of potential life degradation of the battery, comes from fast charging?
    Most chemical batteries, when charged, get a tad warm, from the chemical/electrical process. Since this battery can get “zapped” with twice the amount of current, what tradeoff in life of the battery can you expect? I’m old school electronics…SLOW chargers, though it takes longer to achieve a full charge, usually result in a battery that will last longer over time. The other potential hazard, is that LiON batteries can be a potential BOMB if they get pissed off. Although there are over current prevention devices, and thermistors to hopefully prevent the battery from overheating, even slow chargers have been known to cause batteries to turn into a large smelly bomb blast if they get ticked off.

    • Razen

      here bro… it may answer your question


    • Phynex

      I don’t know about the longevity of the battery lifespan because I haven’t used the phone for that long yet. But I’m pretty certain that the safety is not an issue with this phone as it needs to pass all the safety tests before it can get exported to countries like USA or UK. Another good thing about this phone is that the battery is removable so you can replace it very easily.

    • Vedant Vohra

      oppo has built support for fast charging into the phone aswell so im sure they have considered this problem and dealt with it in some way. also, the phone has a removable battery so, no worries.

    • Kehool

      I guess they’re using capacitors for the high currents.
      You can’t impress capacitors at all with currents as high as this, unfortunately they tend to lose (bleed) their charge relatively quickly over time, which is why my next guess is that these capacitors are then used to charge up the battery in the phone (of course more slowly since the battery can’t take currents as high as this) and that could still happen even after you unplug your phone.

      Still looking for details on the tech, but I’d be surprised if no capacitors were involved :)

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    So far happy with the Note 3 charging.

    • dodz

      yeah me too, my note 3 gets to 80-90% in an hour of charging from 5-10% left

      • Bio

        Can you make a video to demonstrate it?

    • latido44

      I only get 2-3 hours to fully charging from 1% to 100%. I not very happy with that

  • najiy91

    can i use oppo find 7a’s charger on xperia z1 or s5?

    • Simon

      Nope, only with find 7(a)

      • najiy91

        ok,but why i use note 3 charger(output 2.0amp) on xperia z1(1.6/1.8) output just fine?what is wrong for oppo’s 4.5 amp?

        • Vedant Vohra

          because the other end of said technology must be present within the handset itself.

  • Abdullah BL

    I wonder if the phone is left fast charging while the battery is full for 2-3 hours is it gonna explode maybe ?

  • Victorius Pribadi

    I live in Indonesia, and just owned Find7a since May 17th. The VOOC manual stated that the charger can be used as a 2amp charger for any other devices with standard micro usb input.

  • Andrew White

    If the battery doesn’t have the same shelf life because of the increased speed per recharge….who cares. Just replace, I’m sure Oppo have tested or have knowledge of battery life expectancy.
    The fast charging still remains revolutionary and is invaluable over what is currently the ‘norm’,

  • Kehool

    Not a single mention of the technology involved.. disappointing.. I thought this was supposed to be a feature *focus*?

    Gonna have to get my information elswhere then, but I suspect capacitors being involved.