Just like we saw with the Oppo N1, Oppo has begun the process of slowly releasing new information about its upcoming Find 7 handset via a series of teasers meant to bring both attention and improved international brand recognition to the still relatively unknown manufacturer.

In an earlier teaser, Oppo revealed the Find 7 would be one of the world’s first handsets with a 1440×2560 (aka 2k) resolution. Now the company has unveiled the device’s screen size: it will be 5.5-inches with a ppi of 538.

The teaser also says the handset will be a 5.5-inch handset with the “feel” of a device with a 5-inch display, which may indicate that Oppo is following LG’s example with the G2 and moving things around so they can put a bigger display in less space — though keep in mind that’s just speculation on our part.

Aside from the screen size and resolution, we know very little else about the handset. Turning to the rumor mill however, the Find 7 could reportedly feature a 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 CPU, 3GB RAM, a 13MP shooter, an Adreno 450 GPU and a 4000 mAh battery. Of course these specs have yet to be confirmed, so take them with a grain of salt.

As for when we’ll see the Oppo Find 7 officially announced, that’s harder to say. More than likely though, Oppo will continue the teasing for at least a few more weeks, and will take the wraps off the FInd 7 completely sometime in early-2014.

Either way, judging by the Find 5, N1 and the teasers that have already begun for the Oppo Find 7 — we’re in for one heck of a device. What do you think of the Oppo Find 7 based on what we know so far? How do you feel about the company’s products in general?

Andrew Grush
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  • dan

    thats awesome been waiting for the next oppo device ….
    hope it will also feature cyanogenmod edition version

  • Vipin Meshram


  • bryan deris

    this is incredible. Everyone who will use this is going to have contact lenses. :D

  • Bishop

    I’m glad that Oppo removed the “2K” label from this Oppo 7 promo.

    The specs probably are pretty close to what the Galaxy S5 will be ,besides the 4,000 mAh battery, and that will overshadow this phone. Still, it’s good to see another quality phone entering the market.

  • Rajkumar

    That’s really a lot of Resolution and mind blowing PPI number

  • John Williams

    I would love an Oppo phone, I’ve watched lots of reviews and nobody has a bad word to say about them. Unfortunately there don’t seem to be any contract carriers in the UK, so I shall have to upgrade to something else (Note 3?) in the summer, unless things have changed by then.

    • Gizchina

      Well they are great phones, but I’m not really enjoying ColorOS all that much on my N1. Much prefer MIUI can’t wait for a port :)

      • John Williams

        I’m a CyanogenMod fan, so I’d put that on. They are set up for that already, so it’s very easy apparently.

  • shamatuu

    Not coming to the US market so why should we care about them?

    • Niikolas

      They are not coming to Verizon, att etc. But you can still order it from their website and put a simcard in it.

    • Celluloco Mobiles

      Bc sites like imports them!

    • DrCarpy

      You realize not everyone lives in the US? The US is one country on a huge planet.

      • apianist16

        Yes, but the U.S. buys a large portion of the world’s technology. Take the little Chinese phone makers. When they enter the U.S. market, that’s the statement that they are big-time now. So it does stink when great phones skip the U.S.

  • MasterMuffin

    The guys who make up these rumored specs are ridiculous! They just always throw the best possible specs and dat 4000 mAh battery

  • apianist16

    Looks like 2560×1440 will be the new flagship screen resolution for 2014. Too bad our laptops still come with 1366×768 as the general standard.

    • TheCynicalTechie

      Have you ever heard of Lenovo Yoga 2 pro or Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus? Last time I checked, they both have QHD+ resolution displays, 3200×1800.

      • apianist16

        Oh, I have heard of them, but I would argue that the resolution that they sport is definitely not standard. Also the Dell XPS 15 has a QHD display, too (see, I know my tech). :)

        • TheCynicalTechie

          Yeah, and there are even more laptops with that resolution as well. All I am saying is that laptops have been had that in an affordable price already, what we need is that resolution as standard on monitors or TVs, not laptops.

          • apianist16

            I totally agree. 1080p on a 70-inch TV looks really blocky and blurry. But, the “It’s Full HD” marketing spiel makes people think that they are on the cutting edge. I can’t wait for the 4K takeover and the people that will scream that it is unnecessary and a waste. Good thing we aren’t stuck with 640×480 didplays still. That’s where we would be if we listened to those people.

  • Pagger Clarke

    The specs do seem high but judging from the last phone and then they all are possible.I too would like a crack at this phone but never seen one in UK.note 3 still Blow’s me even after three months.I think they would do well in the west.

  • Luka Mlinar

    5.5 inches? They killed it for me :'(

  • Gizchina

    I’m not sure we really need 2K displays but that’s the way the trend it going the Vivo Xplay 3S and even the next Meizu could have one. Also anyone wanting to know our predictions of the Find 7 specs can take a look here

  • People say that this kind of resolution is ridiculous but when I compared the photos of 720p and 1080p phones text was much sharper on 1080p phones and one could easily tell the difference. I welcome the 2560×1440 resolution because it will make small text sharper.

    • Michael Muyunda

      even when you watch 1080p video you can see the difference.

  • boytoast

    adreno 450?

  • Dave Weinstein

    well, if it really is 5.5″ (and not 5.4″) then it’s the LG 2K display, not the JDI version.

  • windhoarse00

    I’m really loving what oppo is doing. I love the N1 and want to get one but this oppo find 7 looks like I should wait or just get them both!

  • Vipin Meshram

    this is amazing