Oppo Find 7 mockup summarizes previous leaks and teasers, what’s your take?

January 7, 2014

    oppo find 7 mockup

    A slew of high-end devices with 1440 x 2560 displays are coming this year, and the Oppo Find 7 may be among the first. The device has been acknowledged by Oppo for quite some time as the successor of the excellent Find 5, which was the first Full HD device to be announced, back in late 2012.

    Besides upping the ante with a higher resolution display, Oppo is rumored to be packing a best in class processor inside the Find 7, which may mean, depending on the time of the release – a Snapdragon 800 or Snapdragon 805 processor. Rumor has it that 3GB will make heavy multitasking a breeze on the upcoming device. Other specs are in the air for the moment, though if Oppo’s track record is an indication, we can expect more good stuff from the Find 7.

    oppo find 7 panel leak

    Now user Windwalker from Oppo Forums put together a mockup of the Find 7 based on various leaks that emerged in the last months and on teasers from Oppo itself. The mockup (pictured above, click to enlarge) is not perfect – the audio jack and USB port are incorrectly positioned and the thickness of the device seems to be too small. But the general shape of the device is in line with the recently leaked front panel of the Find 7. And the fact that Oppo community manager Adam Mosolygo found it good enough to share tells us that the mockup is pretty close to reality.

    Now, if Oppo could only manage to accelerate the Find 7’s release, so it doesn’t come out in late 2014, as a comment on Google Plus suggests…

    Would you like a device with this general design? What’s the best designed device from Oppo in your opinion?



    • Luka Mlinar

      Guessing OPPO is moving exclusively into the phablet market. Shame. Find 5 was awesome.

    • Zid

      For me the best designed one is this.
      Does the 7 stand for the inch or what?
      If so, this phone is nothing for me..

      • parkergamble

        It’ll be 5.5 inches, Oppo says “We just enjoy odd numbers”

        • Sper

          But Chinese measure that by centimeter.

          • Augustine

            so you expect a 7cm phone ? lol 2.7 in phone

          • Manaf

            Asians uses SI units in general but for displays the diagonal length is usually noted in inches regardless of where your from. I am from an Arab country and we use inches for display sizes too.

    • MasterMuffin

      As long as it’s as developer friendly as N1, it’s going to be great!

    • tony solinan

      I like some of oppos design, I am just wondering how much their new phones will cost,and will they be on sale in Ireland, I am just waiting until
      April to see what is on the Android phone front,and what it will cost?

    • Jayfeather787

      This thing is a beast. Hope it has great dev support and a great battery. If not a great battery, a removable battery, or both, and an sd card slot.

    • Edgar Velázquez Mar

      I’m eager for this to be for sale, I want to update my Find5 to the Find7!

    • Kiran Fernandes

      Waiting to get this beast! I just hope it comes with the following specs
      Snapdragon 805 with adreno 420
      3gb ram
      4000 mAh removable battery(Yeah buying another 4k battery and charging it using a wall charger would be great!)

      micro sd slot(some rumors said they are gonna keep a SD slot, not micro SD… thats funny actually lol)
      Stock Kitkat Experience! thats all!