Oppo Find 7 hands-on and first impressions

by: Joshua VergaraMarch 19, 2014

After plenty of teasing, Oppo has now officially taken the wraps off the Find 7, the successor to the Find 5. Ahead of today’s unveiling, we managed to get a our hands on the Find 7, and here our first impressions of Oppo’s latest flagship handset.


The design of the Oppo Find 7 borrows heavily from the language we first saw with the Find 5, complete with a high-end build quality with steel elements. While the handset might look similar to its predecessor, it has a much better balance weight distribution that feels nimbler in the hands than we expected, despite actually weighing a little more than the Find 5 at 170g versus 165g.

The black slate front has a 5.5-inch screen with capacitive keys at the bottom. You’ll also find an attractive LED light at the bottom, which Oppo refers to as the Skyline light. On the right side of the handset you’ll find volume rockers, with the power button located on the left.

The back of the handset depends on which model of the Find 7 you end up purchasing, the base 1080p model (aka Find 7 A) or the higher-end QHD model. The former has a brushed metal back, while the later has a carbon fiber backing with an attractive textured pattern.



As previously mentioned, the Oppo Find 7 features a 5.5-inch display that comes in either a 1080p or 2560×1440 (QHD) resolution. The higher-end of these models manages to pack an extremely impressive 534ppi, beating out any other device currently on the market.

The Find 7’s 5.5-inch screen fits inside a body that is about the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which puts the phone right on the line of discomfort when using with one hand. That said, the handset’s size is nowhere near the level of discomfort you’d find from larger phablet devices and we believe it is a size that most users will eventually get used to without much of a problem.

Performance and Hardware

What you get under the hood again depends on the model you’re looking at. The base version of the handset features a Snapdragon 800, with the QHD model will offer a Snapdragon 801. Based on our time with the Find 7, we found that the Android-based COLOR OS flew by very smoothly on both models. Really the only thing we didn’t like here is that you’ll have to hold down the home button to access the recent apps screen.

Unlike the Find 5 and the more recent Oppo N1, the Find 7 offers expandable storage and is also the first Oppo device to handle LTE connections. But probably the coolest hardware feature has to do with the battery.

A 3,000 mAh battery might seem pretty normal considering the fact the phone has a QHD display, but Oppo has built in a technology that allows multi-step constant current charging that should provide 0% to 75% battery life in just half an hour! That’s the best in class charging speed we’ve seen from any smartphone.



Turning to the camera, there’s a 13MP optic package that features the latest-gen Sony Exmor RS sensor. As for the camera’s software, it’s pretty much the same camera app that we saw in the Oppo N1. Some of the camera app’s special features include the ability to shoot in RAW format, in addition to things like its slow shutter feature.

Overall, all the pictures we took looked rather nice, but we’ll reserve full judgment until we’re able to bring you a full review that really puts the camera through its paces.



Although a newer version of Color OS is expected in the not-too-distant future, the version arriving in the Find 7 is essentially the same as what was offered in the Oppo N1 — though that’s not a bad thing.

The Find 7 is packed full of special features, some of which we found a little gimmicky while others were incredibly useful such as the gesture panel can be brought down by sliding from the left of the dropdown. Once in the gesture panel, you can draw programmable gestures to perform a bunch of different tasks. Another extremely useful feature is the ability to double tap the home button to turn off and wake up the phone.

Even some of the more gimmicky features are still really cool, such as the Sky gestures. These gestures can be accessed by holding the volume button down and then moving the phone around in certain patterns to turn on the torch, camera or even the phone.

Pricing and availability

The Oppo Find 7 will go on sale “very soon” directly through Oppo’s website in various markets. The 1080p model will be priced at $499, or $599 for the QHD version.


Final Thoughts

When the Oppo Find 5 first arrived to the market last year, we couldn’t help but be impressed. Despite the fact that the Oppo brand was relatively unknown (and arguably still is), the handset packed plenty of bleeding edge features, and this tradition continued with the Oppo N1. Based on our time with the Find 7, it’s clear that Oppo’s latest handset is no exception.

We’ll be sure to bring you an even closer look at the handset in the months to come, after we’re able to do a full review on the handset.

  • Ahmet C.

    Can you list the full list of differences between the two models? Is it just the processor and the screen?

    • Gurpreet

      and ram 3gb vs 2gb

    • And 3GB RAM vs 2GB RAM, and 32GB storage vs 16GB storage.

      • Ammar Ashoor

        And 801 vs 800

        • thetrystero

          which is the processor.

          • Ammar Ashoor


  • Shark Bait

    Going head to head with Samsung in the specs race it seems !

    • TacoConsumer

      Not even coming close to them…

  • Knstntn Brth

    how about battery life? the 3000mAh seem a bit too little for a 5.5inch qhd display in my opinion!?

    • Cuerex

      i have a 4,65inch 1650mah smartphone and battery lasts easy a day

      • Daniel

        Cuerex, there’s a huge difference. 5.5 vs 4.65 and what about your resolution? 720p or 1080p?

        • Cuerex

          720p, but i think there is some compromise between smaller resolutions and tinier pixels

          • Daniel

            720p 4.65″ surely can survive with just 1650mAh

            W’re talking about 534ppi here. It’s going to drain the battery real quick. However, I don’t mind the 3000mAh because it only need 30mins to charge to 75% as claimed. I guess it can still last through the whole day with mild usage.

          • Cuerex

            i think so too

    • Linus

      I’ve got a GNote 2 with a 3100mAh battery, and it survives almost a full day with normal use, tho the batterylife got worse after the 4.3 upgrade, but anyway.. And it’s a 720p display. Anyhow, i’d suppose the Find 7’s battery will be big enough, but that remains to be seen.

  • Leonard Wong

    1080p version start selling tomorrow at 10am

  • Bishop

    Finally a phone that seems like a real upgrade from phones released in the second half of last year. I applaud Oppo for releasing a QHD phone. Still I’ll be waiting of the phones of the second half of 2014 to offer the QHD display and the Snapdragon 805, but the Find 7 is easily the best phone that would have moved me to spending another $600 on a phone if I were shopping for one right now.

    Thanks for the review! I’m glad to get hear first impressions on that screen.

  • t.virus

    the icons are just horrifically cartoon-ish, a beast of a phone with a terrible UI I’m sorry Oppo need to hire someone with some sense it’s worse than Samsung’s but on par with LG’s cartoon icons also

    • TacoConsumer

      Honestly though, it’s android. Stick Nova Launcher in there and make it look however you want.

    • IamLIGHTspeed

      I’ve had the OPPO N1 for about a month. Though it has the same UI, I’m happy to report that the colorOS interface has native support for themes. Two clicks and you’re on what looks and feels exactly like stock android… Or one of hundreds of other pre-made skins.

  • Guest

    I’m not seeing them in the video or pictures, does this phone have physical capacitive buttons or on-screen buttons???

  • me

    I really want to know how that QHD screen will drain the battery. Although 3000Mah is alot, QHD might drain it more than expected.

  • Cuerex


  • briarwood

    So close, was hoping this was the phone to make me give up my Nexus. The bezel and that UI are deal killers, especially shipping with 4.3. WTH is that all about.

  • Horny cat

    Does this phone have the android market or play store???

    • eliHd

      Yes if you get the international version. Remember if you want to get one get the international version otherwise you might need to root it to get google market.

  • r.p

    idk whats ppl prob is not like having kit kat is a big deal its nothing and plus eventually it would get kitkat so ppl should stop being paranoid about it 4.3 is still a great firmware