Oppo Find 7a camera shootout

by: Joshua VergaraMay 21, 2014

The Oppo Find 7 is, for all intents and purposes, one of the most technologically advanced smartphones ever made. It features ultra fast charging which enables it to reach 75% battery life in 30 mins. It’s Find 7 counterpart features a 2560×1440 5.5 inch display. It also packs a 13 megapixel IMX214 Sony sensor with dedicated ISP, Dual-mode LED with an aperture f/2.0, and is capable of grabbing pretty excellent shots under most conditions. Anyway, there’s only so much a post can do to describe its capabilities, so see the attached images and video above with some 100 crops to get a sense of what the camera on the Oppo Find 7a can do.

Camera samples

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  • Tuấn Ankh

    Kamen Rider is very fragile…

  • JON

    I want to buy The Oppo Find 7.
    But my friend told me a website gearbest .
    I have looked it and feel great, but it don’t have Find 7.

    • JON

      you can look it. so cheap!!! it’s real.

      • Kyle Ong

        As in price? Cheaper ghan bug brand flagship.
        If look, better than plastic case…

    • Kyle Ong

      Its a gd unit…in fact, i had 2 units. Its available in my country

  • Andrew White

    Thought the Find 7 was the obvious choice over LG’s G3 in terms of value for money.
    Now, LG’s advanced laser focus, super thin bezel and sophistication in terms of software etc. give it the edge, regardless of the 50mp camera sensor and, rapid charging on the Oppo (which is what all current smartphones should be doing. No excuses).
    But a removable battery and support for an SD card on both phones (i.e. the Sandisk 128GB @$100 on special) is simply phenomenal and at least equals the playing field between the two, to some degree.
    SD cards make it just so much easier to move content from one device to another, regardless of file size.
    I truly believe 5.5″, with an ultra-thin bezel, is conclusively the optimum size for a mobile hand held device.