Oppo Find 7 will be one of the first handsets to feature a 2K display

by: Andrew GrushDecember 17, 2013


Last week Oppo began officially teasing the Oppo Find 7, simply saying it was “coming soon”. Now Oppo has finally given us a bit more info on what to expect from the handset, namely it will feature a 2K (2560 x 1440) display!

Taking to social media accounts such as Twitter, Oppo says that the Oppo Find 5 was “the world’s first smartphone with a 5” 1080p display. Find 7 is taking it one step further.” There’s also a teaser image, as seen above.

One question that remains is whether companies like Oppo and Vivo will spark a revolution in the same way that Oppo and HTC did when it comes to 1080p.

Although this is certainly exciting news, we’d like to clarify that the Oppo Find 5 was only one of the first 1080p devices, not the very first. That honor actually goes to the HTC J Butterfly (aka Droid DNA).

A similar story seems to be unfolding when it comes to 2K smartphones, with the Find 7 shaping up to be one of the first — though the Vivo XPlay 3S will likely have the distinction of being the very first 2K smartphone, with an expected launch later this month.

One question that remains is whether companies like Oppo and Vivo will spark a revolution in the same way that Oppo and HTC did with 1080p. There are still folks that question whether 1080p is really necessary, but 2K? That’s pretty crazy. It’s also unclear exactly how much a 2K display will effect battery life, and what these companies plan to do to counter this potential issue.

Aside from the 2K display, what else do we know about the Oppo Find 7? Not much, other than former Oppo exec Carl Pei took to Google+ just last week to clarify that the Find 7 won’t feature a 5.7-inch or 7-inch display.

Turning to the rumor mill, the handset is expected to feature the new Snapdragon 805 SOC and 3GB of RAM. Reportedly there’s also a 4000 mAh battery, which might be necessary when you factor in these beefy specs and the 2K display.

Based on what we currently know, are you interested in the Oppo Find 7? Do you think that 2K displays are a good step forward, or nothing more than overkill?

  • ezio233

    ofcourse 2K is appreciable only when we have a large battery and good to see our screen resolutions are reaching new heights..its insane..bring it on oppo

  • Bishop

    Oppo will have to switch calling the Find 7 a 2k display. If they don’t, any phone OEM that releases a 1920(2K)x1080p display next year can rightfully so put the 2K label on their phones and they won’t have to increase the resolution. Instead of labeling it 1080p, they will relabel it as 2K while still leaving the resolution at 1920×1080, simply because 2k is 1920x1080p.

    I’m really surprised that Oppo can’t see this coming from the competition.

  • pratyush97

    2K = (2560 x 1440)
    1k or Full HD = 1920×1080.
    Know the difference

    • Bishop

      No, you are wrong. 2k refers to the horizontal resolution. 1920 is the horizontal resolution, which is 2k. 1080p is the vertical resolution….. 1k is lower than standard HD (720p) resolution of 1280×720. Know the difference.

      2.5k would be more appropriate to 2560(2.5K)x1440p.

    • Roberto Tomás

      according to wikipedia, 2kHD = 2560×1440, not 2k.

  • MasterMuffin

    Totally unnecessary? Yes! Does it matter what I think? No! Technology moves on and “the bigger the better” (at least when it comes to marketing). If the battery is 4000mAh, it’s not bad

  • Luka Mlinar

    Gonna be a pass from me. Keeping that screen alive will take a ton of processing/GPU power so even if they put the snapdragon 800 it will have 20%-30% lower performance compered to other Snapdragon 800 phones that run 1080P. I am doubtful that that you can even see the difference between 1080P and 2K. Not to mention the power strain that screen will make. Even with the 4000mah battery it will probably last 20-30% less then the S4.
    I’m sorry but too big a sacrifice is needed for the 2K.

    • thartist

      Plus, everything on-screen from games to… other games or moving stuff will make your SoC sweat blood through the screen to run it, and for no benefit really.

      A pass too.

  • Roberto Tomás

    I think that once you get over ~300dpi you’re looking at diminishing returns. One thing that it might help with is video and image scaling… usually when you scale a video there is a rounding error that occurs as the number of pixels become fractional .. luckily there are nice curve-based transforms that smooth it all out but then it gets fuzzy. If you have more pixels to work with, there is less scale-dependent fuzziness and you should more often get a cleaner resize.

    I don’t like *the name* they are using. To me, 1080p is 2k. 2560×1440 is 1440p (or 2.5k if you have to go there).

    • Bishop

      Yup, pixels won’t be noticeable, but it goes beyond that. Pixels aren’t really even noticeable on a 720p phone versus a 1080p phone, but the image will be sharper on the 1080p phone. This display will offer a more detailed image, and for content that is higher than 2k/1080p, this display will show more detail.

      I agree also, bad choice from Oppo to call it 2k since 1080p is 2k. I’m hopeful they will change this.

    • B3nlok

      Wasn’t Apple the first one to talk about the 300ppi barrier? Wise move, by setting a line where its good enough they can now focus on other meaningful features for future products, while everybody else is stuck on the ppi race.

      • Roberto Tomás

        now hold on, I was just saying that you get less return on investment with higher resolution, not that it was as good as you can appreciate. the ppi race is still on, just with less enthusiasm.

        besides, apple’s marketing terms aside, the real credit for modern displays belongs to the manufacturers. apple has had basically nothing to do with it.

    • NeedName

      Here’s a good article about dpi and what the human eye can see at what distance. . .


    • thartist

      To me this is becoming like the “thin” race. Pointless, old, and because of balance with other features, counterproductive.

  • Bilal Mahmood

    shit my desktop’s resolution is only 1440×900!

    • MadCowOnAStick

      mine is 1366×768 this is so unfair my phone has a higher resolution

  • AndroidBoss

    Oppo is always first with the best displays.

  • Mr james bunt

    Just give me a 4K Resolution display smartphone in 2014 , so that I can have the same quality that I have on my 4K TV