Oppo Find 5 shines in first leaked images, HTC beware!

by: AdrianOctober 18, 2012

The race for who can deliver the world’s first ever smartphone with a stunning 1080p display has been on for a while, and with HTC finally unveiling the J Butterfly, the ball got thrown again in Oppo’s court.

The Chinese underdog didn’t take much time to respond and, after letting a possible ETA for the Find 5 slip yesterday, it spilled the beans on the first “real” images with the beast, too. Now these are far from official, so they should be treated with caution, but look trustworthy to us and come from a pretty reliable source.

We’ve known for quite some time that the Find 5 will be unusually thin, and, while it seems that Oppo has been forced to up the phone’s waist from the rumored record-breaking 6.65 mm to 6.9 mm, this still looks beau-ti-ful. After all, who can tell a 0.25 mm difference in real life?

Though the model shown off in these leaked pics combines an all-black front with an all-white back, it is quite possible that Oppo will make the phablet available in other chromatic combinations, too. We’re guessing we will be seeing a snazzy red version and maybe even one with both the front and back in black, but only time will tell.

As for the materials used on the Find 5’s body, we can’t actually tell much from the images, but we can definitely hope for metal or at the worse polycarbonate all-around. Frankly, anything but cheap plastic will do.

The Chinese website responsible for making the photos public says that it has heard from “reliable” sources about the super-phone’s full spec sheet, release timeframe and pricing, too, but there’s nothing new to report here. The specs and features haven’t been a mystery for a while, while the November launch and $480 starting price got leaked yesterday.

What do you think of the Oppo Find 5 now that you’ve seen its design? Hot or not? How about in comparison with HTC’s J Butterfly?

  • phacepalm

    I own an Oppo DVD player from a few years ago, so I am well aware of the brand. I think this will be my next phone, if I can manage to find a place that sells this outside China

  • Bervick

    Really good design. HTC should pay attention to the camera flushed housing (theirs is ugly as sin) and Samsung needs to see how they designed the back. Only the Sony got the back design right IMO and now Oppo. Of course the specs seem incredible.

  • Terrence John

    “Oppo” Gangnam Style!

  • looks shit…

  • Chris

    Don’t like the sharp corner. Liked the rounded corners of the previous Oppo Find.

  • last image is defiantly fake

  • Wessie Emmert

    All of the pictures look a little “too real” kind of like they took pictures of the real thing, and then did some digital work to them…that is what scares me too much to like at this point.

  • Monarchtron

    Lol all these pictures are photoshopped

  • What happened with the cool design we saw on previous pictures of the Oppo Find 5???

    • eddee

      That’s the oppo finder, not the find 5

  • John Batty

    Lets say I was prepared to take a punt on one of these and source it from China. I know it is compatible with our networks and has English installed but how easy (difficult) is it going to be (opinion / fact) to switch the phone language. Presumably it will boot in “Chinese”?

  • Valayil Abraham

    If this is anything like their DVD player this will be a great phone

  • tu

    i like thic phone oppo find5 x909, so where i can buy this phone