Oppo Find 5 to feature 5″ 1080p display, S4 Pro processor and Jelly Bean

by: LucianSeptember 7, 2012

Oppo Finder

You may have not heard much about Oppo, and that’s because it’s a Chinese company, but it has already released some very interesting smartphones, like the Oppo Finder, which is currently the thinnest smartphone on the market, measuring only 6.65 mm in thickness, and the Oppo Find5 X990, called the thinnest quad core smartphone.

Oppo Find 5

But soon it’s about to have an even more interesting device on the market – the Oppo Find 5, which will be a 5-inch phone with a 1080p screen and 441 PPI. This may very well be the first phone to ship with this resolution, and the first phone with such a crazy high pixel density.

As you can see below, the closer you get to 500-600 PPI, the closer you get to achieving paper-like LCD’s. The ideal pixel density may be 1200 PPI for really crisp photographic papers, but I figure we have at least a decade until we’ll have screens or processors that can handle that (there’s always e-ink until then).

The Oppo Find 5 one will certainly be one of the devices pushing us towards that future, with its 441 PPI screen. It has more than a great screen though. It also has a quad core S4 Pro processor, which sounds like a perfect match for a resolution this high, and it will arrive with Jelly Bean on board.

  • MasterMuffin

    Wow, but not coming in 2012 :(

    • Zhan

      yes it is

      • MasterMuffin

        … not coming to europe in 2012

        • Zhan

          thats right…

  • samsung

    wow i dont want my s3 any more i want this phone

  • IncCo

    Looks and sounds like a pipe dream.. I bet we wont be seeing this for a good while..

    • Zhan

      this phone is coming in 2012, maybe November. The example phone will come in Oct.

      • IncCo

        I’ll believe it when i see it

  • Rath Mam

    Great phone but not available in America and Chinese will enjoy their greatest phone in the World.

  • KrispyInTO

    OP of this article you are getting PPI and DPI mixed up. A printed paper is 1200DPI not ppi. D is for dot there is multiple dots that make a pixel just as with lcds there is sub pixles rgb that make a single pixel. A print with 1200dpi would equal a lesser PPI depending on dot per pixel density

  • brij

    Apple will say it is the copy of iphone lol……

    • Jamie Cottrell

      no they wont, it wont sell enough to make apple worried

  • Apple we own rounded comers, and must sue them.. What a load of BS

  • AndreGSNE

    Blows away any other phone!

  • seems like oppo is also gonna get sued by apple as the phone totally looks likes like iphone 5

  • Faiz

    5 inch is the optimum screen size. And 1080p is just… unreal?

  • Harry

    I’m going to get one and I don’t care if I am ordering it from China.

  • Daniele Cordano

    Find5 X990 or X909?

  • Sondre Krumsvik


  • bangkok.tower

    Oppo mobiles are widely sell in Thailand nowadays

  • Zhan

    i saw the CEO’s post on the net, confirming the use of a 1920*1080 screen for this phone. And what is not mentioned above is that this phone will have a 2G RAM, and a 12m camera from Sony

  • techguru

    the guys at oppo are sick:-D they should sell this worldwide! well i hope the case would be at the same tech level..a cheap one will ruin everything..

  • hulk

    The most amazing thing you guys have missed out is its edge to edge display, size wise, its smaller than some 4.3″

  • Slowpoke

    Oppo is relatively a new player but are well known to audiophiles and videophiles as making some of the best value for money cd, DVD and BD players in the world. Good to see them use their digital skills on phones.

  • Adam Koueider

    Full HD screen Quad Core… WOW SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE…
    Oh wait it is….
    Battery life. RUn time half an hour

  • Shut up and take my money!

  • r u sure it’s Chinese company ??….the company website in Thai language !!..

  • Rob

    Too bad though that it lacks dual sim capability.

  • AndroidFreud

    They say it’s coming out on Dec 12 but has anyone actually got their hands on the actual specs and hands on picture of this phone? These images look a bit like concept pieces. I only say this cos a quick google image search shows up different variations of the phone. And in one picture tagged with the same name where the phone is seen held in someone’s hand, it looks the edges have an awesome sleek sharp design but it also looks really wide and oddly proportioned, worse than the first Galaxy Note. Any actual specs anyone?
    And does this phone actually have an official website?
    How are they on followup updates specific to their phone?
    Badly want this for the removable SD, design & power but at such a high price, a more than an S3, albeit worth it, on paper so far, some accurate specs, pictures & an official webpage would be essential until the hands on videos come out!

  • Gowtham

    can you all please clear me a doubt. whether if this phone is bought from china, it will work in india? or we have to unlock it?

  • Patrick

    I LOVE OPPO FIND5.But I want to try before i buy it.Because i don’t want to be fooled again like i bought the IPHONE4S

  • bob

    This is a great phone have now had it since the 6t february and it is awsome