Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising comes to NVIDIA Shield

by: Kris CarlonJanuary 14, 2016


Russia and China have entered a conflict over oil on a remote island that it is threatening to erupt into all-out global war. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to land on the island and neutralize the situation. Failure to do so could result in World War III. Welcome to Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, which is now available on NVIDIA Shield and Android TV Box.

Operation Flashpoint is a PC and console staple, and Dragon Rising first appeared way back in 2009. Nevertheless, its popularity has resulted in the title finally making its way to the NVIDIA Shield via the GeForce NOW streaming platform. You can also stream OF:DR on the NVIDIA Shield Android TV Box.

The game is a highly detailed and realistic military thriller, part first person shooter, part military strategy. The realism is so high that injuries and consequences are true-to-life – get yourself shot and you’ll likely be dead, get shot in the foot and you’ll find yourself slowly limping until it heals.

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The realism also extends to the weaponry and vehicles in the game. You’ll have the opportunity to assume a variety of different roles in the game, from grunt to helicopter pilot, tank commander to Special Forces. The missions range from the mundane – like clearing out a village – to the madness of firefights, to complex tactical operations that require finesse and skill rather than suicidal heroism. Just like real warfare.


One of the coolest parts of OF:DR is the vast array of vehicles you can commandeer in the game. Everything from tanks and armored personnel carriers on land, to sea and air vehicles – over 50 in total.

There’s also a crazy difficulty setting that removes the HUD entirely, so you’ll have to remember where you and your squad are, how much ammo you have and how to get where you need to be. In this mode there are no checkpoint saves either – one wrong move and you’ll be starting over.


If you’re all about attention to detail, hyper-realistic gameplay and edge-of-your-seat military action, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is sure to keep your nerves tingling. A fine mixture of action and strategy, OF:DR still holds up well after six years.

What’s your favorite game on NVIDIA Shield?

  • Manyci

    It’s an extremely good game (maybe I would call it a simulator instead), I played it a lot on PC. It’s very good in the solo campaign, but the real game starts when you play it with a (or up to 3) friend in co-op. I can only advise to play it.
    Although, I don’t know how the controls will work… (I think this game is only good on PC, because of the realism: you can’t miss a single shot or you will be dead in close quarters. And therefore I can’t imagine how will one play it well without a mouse)
    (And yes, I own a PS4, and I am quiet good at (for example) BF4 and SW: Battlefront, so I know what I am talking about precision with controller)

    • leftwing guy

      The shield. Controller works asome

      • strauzo

        crap controller ever, for me

  • magamagic

    it’s wonderfull remind me the days i played call of duty