Opera browser goes Chromium for its newest version

by: Nate SwannerJuly 2, 2013

Opera Browser goes Chromium

With browsers, we have both the most important and subjective decision of our digital life. An increasing dependence on web-based software makes the browser crucial, and the myriad of choices leaves us wanting for very little. Usually coming down to IE or Chrome, since Safari is happy to stick with Macs, the other choices often aren’t even considered by many.

One of those contenders is Opera, a quiet little dynamo from Norway. Having always been fast and smooth, it just got quite a bit better. The new version is now built on Chromium, the open source framework for the Chrome browser.

Opera already had a really nice engine behind their browser, so why switch to Chromium? It turns out the IE versus Chrome decision may have been having an adverse effect on their place. From the press release:

[quote qtext=”The new Opera for Windows and Mac runs on a Chromium engine, so you can access all your websites in a blink of an eye and have a smoother experience when you get there, thanks to improved site compatibility.” qperson=”” qsource=”Opera Press release” qposition=”center”]

Site compatibility is paramount for a browser, and Opera had struggled in that arena. Chrome is wildly popular, stable, and built on an open source platform. Like so many do with Android, Opera has taken something wonderful in Chromium and put their own little spin on it. Things like “Stash”, which allow you to store web pages for viewing later, are an Opera service its fans are used to seeing, and will continue to hold onto.

For Opera fans, this is great. Retain all that you love about your browser, and get added compatibility. We’re not sure if this means other compatibility benefits, like Chrome Web Store, but building on Chromium could yield some interesting results. All in all, a smart move for Opera.

  • GigaCode

    I have been using the beta for a month, and its fast, smooth. but will stick to chrome :)

  • Guest

    I used it until they released the full version a month or so back. Now i’m on Chrome and happy with it.

  • thartist

    They’re out of their fucking minds. As a long time Opera user, i’m totally mad; they’ve left out the BOOKMARKS features (replaced by some spiced up speed dial), among Opera Link, Mouse Gestures, Dragonfly, any customization feature that made Opera unique.

    The worst part is that they’re rushing with 1% of the market share. They’d better do things right for once if they ever want to gain traction.

  • Rockwell mellow


  • Mystery Man

    Did someone forget to hit submit on this article a month ago or something? Because this new pos opera hasn’t been updated in over a month and a half and crashes like crazy.

    Unless you are referring to the beta in which case still hasnt been updated in like 2 weeks…

  • shadowed

    “For Opera fans, this is great. Retain all that you love about your browser, and get added compatibility. All in all, a smart move for Opera.”

    Did you have to meet a quota or something? It’s obvious that you’ve never used Opera before if you’re going to say this.