Opera Mobile for Android

by: James TromansNovember 9, 2010
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Opera mobile for Android

Opera mobile for Android

Opera Mobile 10.1 beta is Opera’s second mobile web browser for Android. Opera Mobile was launched in 2000 as the first mobile browser to bring the full Web to the small mobile screen. It has always been a truly innovative product, and is reflected by its desktop counter part. Opera Mini was a great app, but now we have a real deal. The full thing. Opera Turbo brings you faster page loading especially on slower connection and now we can enjoy smoother scrolling, zooming and panning. This was certainly something the original Mini lacked.

If you are interested in trying out different browsers for your Android device, I highly recommend Opera. Head on over here to see if you can download it for your device, and if you have any thoughts, let us know. Even if you don’t want to try it out, it’s an awesome splash screen!