Opera for Android 20 brings WebRTC support, configurable layouts, and redesign

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 6, 2014
opera for android browser

Opera for Android is receiving a sizeable update today, bringing support for WebRTC-based video chatting, new UI layouts, a redesigned speed dial page, and a smarter download manager.

The new Opera for Android allows you to jump in video chat sessions straight from the browser, without having to switch to another app. This is possible thanks to the newly added support for the WebRTC standard, which enables browser to browser video and audio calling and file transfer without any plugins. You will be able to have in-browser video calls with up to seven users of Opera or other WebRTC-compliant browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox.

Opera for Android 20 brings a “fresh look for the Speed Dial that reflects a flat design”, and lets user choose from three distinct UI layouts – Classic (URL bar at the top, toolbar at the bottom), Phone (URL bar and tools combined at the top), and Tablet (like Phone, but also includes a tab bar).

Opera also made changes to the behavior of the URL/search bar and the download manager. The popular Off-Road mode, introduced in Opera 15, is present and accounted for – when connection is weak, turn on Off-Road to route traffic through Opera’s servers and receive a compressed, faster-downloading version of the sites you visit.

Opera for Android 20 is based on version 33 of the open-source Chromium project, released back in January. Starting with version 15, Opera uses Google’s Blink rendering engine, instead of WebKit. Google first announced the WebKit-based Blink project in April 2013.

Head over to the Play Store to install or update Opera for Android. What’s your favorite mobile browser and why?

  • Noah Smith

    I cannot seem to pick a favorite. I keep going back and forth through all the major browsers. Chrome seems like the best for compatibility, firefox is best for reading (reading mode, and text just seems to “pop” more), dolphin for add-ons and extra features, opera for compression and text-wrap. There doesn’t seem to be one browser that does it all yet.

  • Abdullah Abdulaziz

    It once was a great browser but after making it chromium it is not working well at all I don’t think anyone use video call on the browser and it should first fix it crashing issue then putting more stuff in it

  • o0o.paw

    I was in the same boat (Not Boat Browser), swapping browsers on a regular basis. I’ve now stuck with Next Browser. It has a few handy plug ins, great bookmark management and syncing and it looks fantastic.
    The text wrapping no longer seems to work as well since I upgraded to Kit Kat on my Note 3 but I’ve played around with the font size which seems to have done the trick. It also has flash support for those that need / want it :)

  • David Pool

    I’ve tried probably 8 browsers, from well-known to niche. I don’t pretend that my browsing needs are average (they’re probably pretty narrow) and even though my phone is more than capable of running fully-featured browsers, I prefer to use the ones that are more straightforward and use less memory. Like o00.paw below, I’ve come to like the Next browser a lot. In addition, I also like the Tint browser.

  • Abdullah Abdulaziz

    I have just tried this application out its awesome nice graphics and everything is cool
    But it would be awesome if it had option where we can select a folder to download a file in it and it dont support flash
    The great thing about this opera is we can download YouTube videos directly from the web page

    • Hi access Opera menu -> Downloads then look for the three-dot overflow button or menu for settings, there you can specify the download folder.

      • Abdullah Abdulaziz

        Oh yeah thanks just saw it I just realized that this browser dont support gif pictures too and flash cant be enable

        • GIF is supported, but not in Off-Road mode.
          Adobe doesn’t support Flash on Android anymore, so doesn’t Chromium and therefore Opera.

          • Abdullah Abdulaziz

            Trust me I tried it on Google plus it doesn’t support gif even when you’re not on off road mode

          • It does. There must be something wrong on G+ or maybe it requires one click to show the original GIF image. IDK because I don’t use G+.

          • Abdullah Abdulaziz

            It’s not good browser its just good because it helps us download stuff from YouTube directly it don’t support flash don’t support gif and when you change tabs it reload the already loaded tab…..
            Use another there are thousands of better out there

          • ¬¬

  • Operator

    Opera is very fast in my Android tablet, I love it.

    I’ve tried before Firefox, Chrome, Boat and Dolphin but Opera runs faster in my Tablet.

    Opera for my Android.
    Firefox in my Laptop.

  • jules

    Opera went crappy. And still not even nightview?

    I’ll stick to Dolphin (with Jetpack and some addons) and Next as 2nd.

    Chrome terrible on Android. Slows KK down too you notice when disabling it even on high end device. Former stock AOSP browser with webkit really a mis in KK.

    • Abdullah Abdulaziz

      We all cqn agree on this that chrome for Android is worst

  • Albin

    Nursing an old GB phone wlith low storage, after a lot of trial and error I keep both Opera Classic and Dolphin on the (big Class 10) SD card. Dolphin caches to the SD and will dump session data on exit, while Opera Classic builds cache in internal and requires extra clicks to clean up. But Opera handles some sites that have stumped Dolphin, so far.