OpenFeint arrives on Android this week

by: James TromansSeptember 16, 2010
OpenFeint on Android

OpenFeint on Android

FruitNinja is a game originally made available on the iPhone but has since made its way from iOS to the Android platform. FruitNinja is supported by OpenFeint, which “offers game developers a way to add things like achievements, in-game currency, and intra-network messaging to their titles. More recent versions also add things like cloud-based game save storage and soon cross-platform game invites.”

The really scary thing is that OpenFeint already has over 37 million users from the iPhone, so its expansion into Android is significant. Plenty of the most popular iPhone games such as FruitNinja are available supported by OpenFeint, so FruitNinja’s launch on Android is something of a milestone. If you have not yet come across OpenFeint, have a read about it here at their official website.

[Source: CNET]