Open thread: what do Android users think of the new iPads?

by: Bogdan PetrovanOctober 23, 2013


Another season, another pair of amazing tablets from Apple. Yesterday’s iPad event lacked major surprises, but it delivered what most fans expected from Tim Cook’s company: the same experience in a nicer package.


iPad mini

Starting with the iPad mini, the 7.9-inch tablet received a nice update that puts it on par with its larger sibling in terms of user experience. The mini no longer runs on outdated internals, like the first generation did, now featuring a 2048 x 1536 display and a 64-bit A7 processor, just like the iPad Air. The new iPad mini is (gasp!) very slightly thicker and heavier than its predecessor, presumably to accommodate the larger battery required to power the extra pixels of the screen. The device will be available from November, starting from $399.

ipad-airiPad Air

Apple redesigned the 9.7-inch iPad to make it thinner and lighter, and in line with the design of the iPad mini. The device got a new name to match that amazing (no irony this time) 469 grams weight – iPad Air, making some vainly hold their breath for a “one more thing” moment in the form of an iPad Pro. The iPad Air is also faster, thanks to the same A7 processor found in the new iPhones and the new iPad mini. The device will be available from November 1, starting from $499.

What’s your take?

Now for the big question – how do the new iPads hold up against the best of Android? Are the iPads still the benchmark to beat when it comes to tablets? Is the new breed of Android tablets (new Nexus 7, G Pad 8.3, Galaxy Note 10.1 2014, the upcoming Asus-made Nexus 10, even the new Kindle Fires) too strong to beat?

Apple still has the upper hand in industrial design, and, because it controls the entire ecosystem, it’s able to deliver excellent performance and a very polished user experience. But Android tablets are more flexible, have more features, are cheaper, and come in a greater variety.

Our Andrew Grush took a quick look at the new iPads vs the best Android tablets here, and now we’d like to know your opinion. Are the new iPads tempting you in any way? Why/why not?

Answer our polls, sound off in the comments.

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  • I absolutely love my Nexus 7(2013), but I can also recognize what a fine tablet the new iPad Mini Retina will be.

    • Brad Clarke

      Retina is a marketing term. Let’s all get back to talking in PPI, and suddenly Apple is wayyyyy behind.

      • MasterMuffin

        Way behind? The ipad mini has 1 higher PPI compared to Nexus 7

        • Brad Clarke

          They just beat the PPI of a year+ old tablet that is half the price.. WOW APPLE!

          • MasterMuffin

            Nexus 7 2013 edition, it’s not year+ old. And the price wasn’t the point here, the PPI was

          • mobilemann

            this is why i troll back @mastermuffin:disqus, however, i’m docile today, haha:D

          • Kevin

            The PPI of the NEW ipad mini is slightly higher then the nexus 7 2013 323ppi vs 326ppi… good luck noticing the difference in that one. I think the point is that retina is a marketing term and it should be based PPI count, the bigger ipads have smaller ppi as well at 264ppi

          • MasterMuffin

            I agree with that, but I get dislikes because I was at Apple’s side by showing that he’s wrong °~°

          • Dickhead

            Not really the 2013 nexus 7 only came out a few months ago

        • deepen03

          it’s actually 3. but still it’s a load of crap. the “Retina” argument is over.. it’s all marketing!

      • zourite

        Retina is indeed a marketing term Apple invented when they became the first maker of a high-res phone (iPhone 4 back to 2010) and then re-used when they brought this kind of tech to tablets (first !) and laptops (first again).
        Google did whatever it could to make the first 7″ tablet with a high-res screen two months before Apple. That’s a hair above Apple on one single sub-category. Followers always make much noise to have people quickly forget who actually innovated first.

        • cd1p

          Ahh Retina….Made by Samsung

          Apple is a design company and ignorance is bliss :)

          • zourite

            That’s funny. You don’t know much about tech do you ?

          • cd1p

            I was actually born yesterday, that is why Apple is the best, because someone told me so. If that is your grand come-back you must not have a counter argument.

            Also, I’m not a huge fan of Samsung, I can’t stand Touchwiz. But the Nexus 5 will be something special.

          • Javier Peralta

            64-bit A7 is designed by Apple, which is the “difficult” part. FoxConn never got the credit for making iPhones, why should samsung for making iPhone CPUs?

          • cd1p

            They did start “kind of” designing their own chips with the A6, you are right. Who is their lead engineer an employee stolen from Samsung, Jim Mergard.
            Must be nice to hire one guy and suddenly claim you “design” your own chips.

            But if Apple truly designs its own chips, why does this article exist?

            But at least they are spending money to actually better there product for the consumer. Its a welcome change from no innovation and more and more marketing.

          • Javier Peralta

            They’ve been claiming they designed it since A4 (I don’t know if they did), and I doubt one ex-samsung employee is doing all the work, I think it takes way more than just one person to design CPUs

          • Jesus Domingo

            Actually no, you’d have to look at this as samsung being Dr. Frankenstein’s Igor. Despite all of samsung’s capability in manufacturing, they lack the creativity in coming up good uses for it.

          • cd1p

            Really? The new note 10.1 blows the doors off the iPad. Samsung has no creativity with displays? They have had the best HD TVs since I can remember. You fanboys are too much.

          • Gary

            I guess the Chinese are innovating more than anyone now, since tons of manufacturing is done in China.

  • Dimitar Gospodinov

    I am forcing myself to like what Apple brings but iOS is just…not for me…

    • Roberto Tomás

      the hardware is kinda easy to like :) even the software is nice, it is just the brutal strategy (stifle innovation, sue everybody, use aggressive tactics and patent-strategy to force out competition that otherwise would make the market healthier and increase innovation, decrease price) and lack of openness that makes Apple a losing bet in mobile.

      • Dimitar Gospodinov

        yeah…nothing wrong with the design over all but as you said…don’t know if it is Jobs aftertaste or what but it is not working anymore…just same thing over and over again and maybe it was a good strategy 2-3 ot 5 years ago but with everything that is happening right now like smart watches, Snapdragon 800, flexible displays, 42MP cameras (I can go on)…it is just rediqulous how Apple is trying to pull everything backwards…enough is enough…the iPhone look like a toy when you put it nex to the current flagships…not to mention phablets…I just read that Samsung bought a large share of Corning and we all know Samsung makes the SoCs for Apple now the glass…soon there will be no iPhone I think…or at least it is not droping in price…it is not a bright future that I see for Apple…and hell they deserve it…

        • Chauncey

          i think it’s callous to say a company deserves to fail. You do realize there are people’s jobs at stake and livelyhood right? All over because a group of people choose to pick one device over the other? At your expense? Damn, that’s selfish. Get over it. You like something, good for you but you don’t have to punish everyone else for their right to choose. Get a freakin’ life.

      • mobilemann

        i don’t follow this logic, i’m more about what the products can do, and, how well they perform.

        besides, not like the guys who made my note 3 weren’t convicted of bribery, and corruption… not like nokia didn’t hit first in the patent wars, but apple get’s all the attention.

        • NeedName

          apple plays a different game. it’s a very anti-competitive game. If you remember, Nokia was happy to settle and cross-license, as they have always done. . . just as most every other company does, besides apple.

          consumers ought to be aware just how slimy these companies are then choose the least slimy ;) IMO

          • mobilemann

            Nokia tried to get apple on frand patents (just like samsung is being investigated for now) So no, that’s not true, (and that’s no my 2c, that’s what happened). Consumers ought to be aware that every_OEM is like this.

          • Dimitar Gospodinov

            remember that Apple lost a case about this stuff and Obama vetoed the desition?…I don’t want to be lawer for anybody but the whole deal with patents and the way they work in the US is just awful…and Apple is the worst at it

          • mobilemann

            sorry, but the joke is on you if you think any other company is different. Not saying apple isn’t an asshole here, (i’ve never said that, there’s just a lot of irrational hatred towards them here) they are giant ones, but you’re a fool if you think sammy, or HTC, Sony would do different.

          • Dimitar Gospodinov

            if I insulted you with something you can call me a fool but next time please don’t…and I don’t think Apple are the only one but when the court of law says you are guilty I think you should stay guilty…not pay yourway out of it.

          • mobilemann

            When I said you’re a fool if you believe any corporation would do different, please understand that’s me re-iterating my strong beliefs you would be treated the same, and not calling you a fool. (kind of an idiom.) If that’s the case, samsung, motorola etc. are all “guilty” (although none more so than samsung, who’s products i hate to love, my current phone is a note 3, which not only supports OTG with full power through it’s USB 3, and can boot up my 2tb portable HD, but also keeps me as a customer with SD and removable batteries, yes i’m one of those people)

          • Chauncey

            How do you know Apple is the worse? What inside information do you have versus anyone else? ALL CORPORATIONS are seedy. Apple is no different than any other large company. You all ever hear that too little knowledge is dangerous?!

          • NeedName

            apple has tried not to pay anyone for FRAND patents. . .

            what, should every one that developed cellular networks and smartphones just let them off free?

            apple caved to Nokia because they were so far in the wrong that they knew they had no other choice. you seriously don’t think apple signed cross licensing deals because they didn’t have to, do you? you can’t be that naive!

            so. . . yes, it’s all true. apple tries to block anyone and everyone in their typical anti-competitive behavior while stealing other companies’ tech. right now apple is the most slimy company. . . sure, samsung and others aren’t far behind. . .

          • mobilemann

            first let me say, you are incredibly rude, and one of the reasons i normally just troll here. (specifically putting things in my mouth like insinuating i thing everyone should get free frand patent access, lol. Where do i say that?) The negotiations for apple and samsungs frand licensing talks has been published. The problem was they were charging apple more than the rest of the industry.

            and to say apple is more slimey than samsung, (who has been convicted of bribery and corruption) to me says you have no idea about their history what so ever. People often forget how MS was in the 90s as well. Amazing.

          • NeedName

            what’s your response to people saying your rude?

            Oh yeah, that’s right

            “welcome to the internet”

            you hypocrite!

          • mobilemann

            depends on the thread doesn’t it? In a thread where someone opens is just trolling, i’ll play troll too, if you wanna talk like a big boy, i’m game for that as well.

            Does that mean you have nothing more to the subject we were actually discussing? To be honest, that’s better than laughable interpretation of history, based solely on brand preferences. citations are good.

          • Chauncey

            Mobilemann, i agree with you big time. All these companies are corrupt when it comes to the almight dollar. People are letting their personal preference over a device cloud their judgement. Not to mention they spew opinions like they actually work at these companies or sit on the board. It’s ridiculous.

          • mobilemann
        • fredphoesh

          Well it is not about logic, it’s about ethics. Many of us have a strong dislike for what the apple corporation stands for, so even if the ipad is more desirable in some ways, the ethical stance against supporting a company like apple is of more importance.

          • mobilemann

            Comparing what apples done to / for the consumer vs Sony or Samsung, I still don’t see your point. Or you only know facts on one company

          • mobilemann

            might you tell me what phone you have? I just think the incredible hypocrisy in your statement will be super easy to find.

          • Chauncey

            What ethics? What are you talking about? What about Samsung’s ethics? Are you talking about sweat shops? Unfair labor? What about Google? Asus? What about Nokia? You have no idea what you are talking about. So, let me guess, you don’t have an Apple product? What kind of car do you drive? Do you feel Toyota is out to get people? Is an unscrupulous manufacturer and therefore you drive a Honda? Or you slam anyone for driving a Toyota?!!?

      • goppothegreat

        i agree Sammy is going darkside rapidly so i would consider one but the only thing i have against them is their use of custom ports and chips in the accessories to force you to buy apple , i like to be able to plug my device into a standard usb and not have to have worry , not to mention being stuck with the OS that apple wants on the device , the beauty with android is you can install your own OS.As far as i can see all the big tech giants are becoming as bad as one another with maybe the exception of Sony.

        • mobilemann

          Unless your device has a locked of boot loader like every single AT&T and Verizon device. Then your about as open as any other platform

        • mobilemann

          also, samsung just got fined 340,000 $ USD by ITC for hiring people to comment on blogs like this (today)

        • Gary

          Dude, Samsung is FROM the darkside. I cannot think of a more unethical mega tech company out there.

  • Cl3V3rNaMe

    i’m wondering why people would go with the air over the mini, last year’s models had big differences but now not so much.

    mini 2 is really impressive, ipad air not so much

    • Maher Salti

      I guess some people prefer larger displays?
      I would still go for a 7 or 8 inch tablet.. much larger than that I would go for something like the new Surface

    • Peder Svane

      The mini is 170 dollars more expensive than the N7.. and it is in no way 170 dollars better.

  • IDontKnowMyName

    I have nothing against them. I just like Android devices more.

  • hawkens

    If the ipad air ran android it would be the best tablet on the market. I would buy it for sure.

  • Aniruddh

    If they were a little more affordable and actually had innovation other than just looking nicer and being lighter, iPads could actually become the dominant tablet again. I voted nice,

  • Ayman Kouzayha

    Nexus 7 (2013) for 230$, why paying 400$ for iPad Mini 2!!!!
    Nexus 10 32 GB for 350$, why paying 600$ for 32 GB iPad Air!!!

    Apple = Overpriced products

    • Roberto Tomás

      nexus 7 doesnt have the same performance. iPad Air is $399 not $600 — what are those, singapore dollars?

      • Ayman Kouzayha

        Nexus 7 (2013) has the very needed performance to do every task without any sort of wait or lag
        Plus check this link iPad Air Wifi 32 GB 600$

        What is your skull space filled with? Air?

        • Roberto Tomás

          Hey :) I think you must live somewhere else. Here in the USA, when I go to that link, I see $499.

          • mobilemann

            He’s just hating on a company who’s products he doesn’t use irrationally.

            It’s great that google can subsidize the n7 to allow this, but sometimes it makes for some ridiculous comments, like Aymans above.

          • gdaddy

            Ayman is comparing the 32gb Nexus 10 with the 32gb iPad Air, which is $599. The 16gb iPad Air is $499, but he clearly stated that he was comparing the 32gb models. He is correct about the price.

          • Ayman Kouzayha

            I hope that the bell ringed after what you said, I guess he is 16 bit based human, he can’t understand 32 and 64 :)

        • Kevin

          agree, i have the n7 2013 and find it incredibly fast and has not lagged once. its a fantastic device and for the price it absolutely blows ipad out the window. I do think ipad is a good piece of hardware, but I just can’t use iOS it is far to closed and restricted.

    • Chauncey

      Dude, do you own a Toyota or a Lexus? A Nissan or an Infinti? The latter of each is overvalued than their entry vehicle line up. So, here is an example of the consumer having a choice…their choice. if you cannot afford the Lexus or Infiniti, you don’t slam people who can. Or if you CAN afford it and choose not to buy it, that’s YOUR choice! You CANNOT criticize a company for making a product that sets itself apart from others. That’s their right as a company. For some reason, people keep buying these products regardless of your opinion. And it is NOT because they are ‘sheep’ or sleep or whatever. It’s because they want to or can. I have an iMac (2008), an Apple TV (2011), an iPad and iPad mini (2 qty) because I like the fact they receive updates and are not fragmented in the rollout of those updates. I don’t buy them for status because I could give a rat’s you know what about people’s opinion on why I buy. and I also own a Nexus 7 2013 because I wanted the BEST of both worlds. Go figure! So, what is wrong with that? are you going to tell me I have to choose Android because their devices are cheaper? In the next two years, I can get a good penny for my Apple devices. I won’t be able to do that with Android. Because they have saturated the market. I’ll be stuck with it as a disposable device. And I’m fine with that. That was the CHOICE I MADE! DEAL WITH IT!!!


    still not impressive enough to make me switch from Android to iOS.

    • deepen03

      why would you ever switch to a Locked-down iTunes-dependent OS? I had 3 iPhones.. I now have an S4 and am enjoying the open world of Android! iOS NEVER AGAIN!

      • mobilemann

        well for one thing, it hasn’t been itunes dependent for like 2 versions.

        • rich_bown

          oh so you can install 3rd party apps directly now? I thought you had to go through itunes for them?

          • mobilemann

            you can do that since the app-store was released. :/

            I prefer android for phones myself, just don’t see the need to make stuff up, ya know ?

          • Gary

            it must be a long time since you last touched an iPad, if ever…

        • deepen03

          oh wait, so you can copy and paste music to your phone? I didn’t think so! TRY AGAIN!

          • mobilemann

            spotify, pandora, itunes match, or a million 3rd party players, with ftp server, etc.

            Try knowing something about what your talking shit about;D

          • deepen03

            Yet you still can’t COPY AND PASTE SONGS USING A PC! You have to sync your phone every time to get new music on it.. I don’t pay for my music, I use “other” sources, so for me, those options don’t help. I like searching for MP3 files, and downloading them directly to my phone or SD Card. Or I can go on my phone, do a google search for any mp3 file I find on the internet, and download that file straight to my phone FOR FREE. The joys of using Android..

          • mobilemann

            again, this is false. Again, i use a note 3, i know the differences. You can download straight from the internet with many iOS browsers. What sucks about this place is how much kids like you think you know.

          • Tony

            no bro.. that’s just not the same =.=

  • Valtheus

    They are nice looking tablets but a bit overpriced for what they have to offer. Still there is the android vs. iOS issue: i consider the android OS a much better experience than iOS 7, and thats a deal breaker for me no matter how nice apple’s tablets are.

    If i was on the market for a new tablet today, i would still pick Nexus 7 (2013) over iPad mini 2. Apple has not managed to earn me back…

    • mobilemann

      you say this as if the software eco systems for tablets are equal. They are not:D

      But yeah, i wish i could put widgets on my old ipad (sans JB)

      • NeedName

        let me guess you have over 1,000 apps installed on your ipad?


        • mobilemann

          no, but i do have a few things that have no equal on android, like, it’s great for multi track recording with protools as a controller (supports like 48 tracks, the android one tops out at 8, doesn’t do panning, doesn’t do lots of stuff) Not to mention, most of the best apps are iOS first for months.

          and in general, you will still get native apps on iOS 100% of the time, vs blown up apps 50% of the time for android.

          it’s not really a problem for me on the phone level (although i wouldn’t control a daw with a phone) It’s getting better, but seriously, so sick of fanboys, saying it was never a problem. Get over it.

          • NeedName

            so, the reality is, if you can find what you need either platform is equal. . . thus x platform has x number of apps for x is pointless argument.

          • mobilemann

            um, No. i just gave you a specific use case that my n7 is useless for that my ipad rocks at. I could give you more if you want, but i could give you a few in reverse too, to be fair (my sickbeard / couchpotato setup is better managed by my Android devices, but that’s really it…)

          • NeedName

            you seem a little slow in the head. . .

            the whole point is, if a platform has what a person needs then everything else is irrelevant. What you need/want isn’t what I or anyone else needs or wants.

            not a difficult concept!

          • mobilemann

            sorry, i did mis-read your post, no need to be a dick about it:D and it’s not as if it’s just software to control daws (or all musical software, which is a few years ahead of android) There’s quite a few situations like this. I didn’t get support for my ip cameras until months, later, and then panning and zooming took another freaking couple months, then an app switch to get 2 way communication between them, months go by, and i was able to do this on ipads the entire time. It’s simply no where near equal.

          • Chauncey

            I like your point of view mobilemann. You don’t let personal thoughts cloud the plus/minuses of either device. That’s how I feel. Is the iOS software boring? yes? Does it work? yes. I don’t mind apple controlling the experience because I don’t have to worry about downloading junk especially viruses. So, control me. I like the interactivity of my android Nexus 7 so far. and it is not the first time I’ve owned android. I’ve had some of the top android phones, and they have all tanked but I didn’t let that stop me from giving credit to where credit is due for Google’s platform.

      • Kevin

        There are a LOT more tablet apps on android than people think, just because there isn’t a specific category for the apps doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

        1. Phone apps scale up VERY well on tablets, they dont just double the size of everything which is what ipad used to do (dont think they do anymore?)

        2. A lot of the ‘phone’ apps also have ‘tablet’ mode built in meaning they just look different on the tablet, its not a different application most of the time.

        I’m not saying there are more apps on android for tablet, but i’d say the majority of the most important ones are there and more than it is thought.

        • mobilemann

          phone apps don’t scale well. I know you want it to be good, but it’s not.

  • jeb lauder

    I quite like the design of Apple’s products in general and the new iPad Air is no exception, but I’m very happy with my Nexus and see a lot of benefits with Android in general, so I wouldn’t change. Lately, I’ve started securing my gadgets on to save documentation, track value and manage their life cycles better. Seems to work pretty ok for now.

  • apple sucks

    So iPhone like! we’ve polished it up a little that will be 600 please!

  • Luka

    iOS is a joke

    • mobilemann

      your comment is a joke.

      my ipad does just as well with open vpn, ssh, vnc/rdp, plex, ip camera monitoring, and does much better with gaming (sans emulators)

      there’s nothing wrong with competing platforms.

      • NeedName

        an apple fan trolling on an Android site is a joke!

        • mobilemann

          i’m not an “apple fan” i’m a fan of technology in general. Kids who think they are into technology but ignore entire platforms are luddites to me. I probably own more android devices than you, and currently rock a note 3. (900A) My last phone was a SG3 (i747)

          people not being able to acknowledge something they own is better in some area’s is the real joke. (and is pathetic)

          • NeedName

            yeah, apple fans like to say “i’m not an ‘apple fan’ i’m a fan of technology in general.” but when you read their comments they are always saying “apple is better” in one fashion or another. . . or trying to put down anyone and everyone else but apple. . . funny how you “general tech fans” are so consistent in supporting apple and attacking apple’s competitors.

            and I’ll believe you own x, y, and z Android device when I see it ;)

          • mobilemann
          • mobilemann

            isn’t my note 3’s battery life sick? 91% at 1:36pm?

            why so quiet?

            oh, you realized i wasn’t lying. lol.

  • rich_bown

    my problems with them are still the same as ever:
    Still chained to itunes (hateful software)
    Still over priced
    Still inlexible useage (no widgets – seriously icons and folders and thats it???)
    Still playing its customers for fools – ipad mini should have had retina in its 1st generation

    • zourite

      iOS devices don’t have to be “chained” to iTunes if you don’t want to. They’ve been autonomous devices (if you want so) from the day iOS 5 was issued.

      • NeedName

        so iTunes isn’t integrated into iOS? And you don’t have to use iTunes for say. . .download apps, video, music, etc?

        • zourite

          The iTunes Store is pre-installed on every iOS device but you don’t have to use it !
          The AppStore is another distinct app.
          No one forces you to buy your media at Apple’s. You can throw your own content in the device or use cloud services (I use GoogleMusic myself, and my own-encoded movies).

          • rich_bown

            iTunes appstore same difference, you cannot for example with android get your apps from amazon or google play?

          • zourite

            I don’t understand your point. What do you mean ?

      • rich_bown


        • zourite

          Why so ? You can use every content platform or push your own media to the device. Is it so hard to look a little further than the pre-installed apps ? iOS devices are not stuck to iTunes multimedia content, not at all.

    • seyss

      look like denial to me

  • foggyflute

    Is there any $600 Android tablet are better than iPad Air right now?
    Is there any good Android tablet ‘kind of’ as good as iPad at cheaper price?

    The thing is, if you have same amount of money to buy an iPad – Android is not a better choice. You either save the money by buying cheaper Android device or buying high-price Apple product. Most high-end Android tablet are not worth it – sometimes even far worse than cheaper devices.

    I prefer playing with Android OS itself, but if someone want a tablet for playing game, I always recommend iPad for the much better games library of iOS (a lot if awesome game, especially tower defence and RTS game are released on Apple Store first and run much better than Android counter part).

    This is the opinion from someone owned last gen iPad Mini and last gen Nexus 7.

    • MasterMuffin

      Infinity blade :'(

      • foggyflute

        Nah, that’s the most boring thing, more like a technical showcase to me.

        There’s a lot of good tower defense and puzzle games I want to see on Android. Sometimes I able settle with a blatant clone, sometimes clone games are ugly and shamelessly sucks with a lot of pushy ads. Sometimes there’s no clone at all. That’s was the sad part.

        • MasterMuffin

          Don’t you dare say that about IB! I got IB 1 and 2 for free and I’m waiting for IB 3 to become free so that I can finish the story.

          Pivvot would be a nice one to get, it and Super Hexagon are my favourite arcade games

          • foggyflute

            Maybe because my friends always playing Skyrim with high-end graphic mods on multi GPU desktop and complex PS3 games (I always like to sit and watch because I’m not good with eye-and coordination things) so I found mobile 3d gaming with simple game play not attractive at all.

          • MasterMuffin

            I think that good story is always better than gameplay (unless we’re talking about BF4 or Crysis etc. the story isn’t important in those :)

        • mobilemann

          THIS, @foggyflute:disqus man, i would kill for Tower Madness.

      • abazigal

        Never understood the appeal of that game, much less how it somehow managed to become the poster child of IOS gaming.

        I have an iPhone, downloaded the free game, and grew bored to tears within the first 10 minutes. I guess I will never understand why people love it so much, much less spend millions in IAPs.

        • MasterMuffin

          IAPs aren’t the problem, they’re just for those who are bad. I have uncovered every secret place in both IBs and have the best possible gear, no IAPs needed. The beginning is always boring because there’s the tutorial, your guy is weak and the game just wants you to follow one path when in first bloodline. It’s great, people on Android sites don’t like it but that just may really be mostly because this is an Android site, no love for iOs only games (I admit I used to dislike IB before I played it a little more though)

          • abazigal

            I happen to use primarily Apple products. There are a few IOS-only games which I am currently a fan of (war hammer quest being one of them). I just don’t get IB, that’s all. That’s wasn’t meant as a criticism of IOS’ gaming platform overall.

  • John Locke

    It’s not a bad tablet by any means but it’s just boring & fatigued, there is hardly anything impressive about the new iPads.

  • htcLOLZ

    What is the deal with apple and 4:3 screens. Is most of the video content sold by apple taken from VHS tapes or something?

    • foggyflute

      Web surfing, image viewing, email reading (with sidebar in portrait), map browsing, even gaming… Everything other than viewing widescreen video are better on 4:3 screen.

      I had an iPad Mini, and that 4:3 screen is quite a pleasure compare to Nexus 7 screen for content consumption.

      • abazigal

        Not to mention that the 4:3 screen scales perfectly when you hook it up to a VGA display for presentations. :P

        • foggyflute

          Well, not me, but maybe someone else, I have a laptop for those things.

    • Gary

      I must be old, 4:3 used to be the norm back in the days. Like foggyflute said, 4:3 is a better ratio for everything except widescreen video. 16:9 was introduced to make movies bigger and, to my understanding, cut costs. Since I don’t watch much video at all I strongly prefer 4:3 ratio. Apple is one of the very few companies that still have 4:3 screen on their computer, which is a significant reason why I pick Macbook Air on my laptop. I use a 4:3 IPS monitor from HP for my pc.

  • Balraj

    It’s impressive..
    The second vote.. android ui is not tablet ready..
    I do like the UI oem use
    In tablet market,android will beat Apple in sales but not in satisfaction

    • Roberto Tomás

      I agree about the second vote bit — in that at least the tablet hardware is now on par, and it is only a difference of software at the moment. Prices are also higher for the Android side of things, though… if you go cheaper with android, the harder is definitely very inferior.

      • Balraj

        The operating systems are different..
        So hardware doesn’t matter much
        The problem is with customer care
        Apple is superb with it..
        You can walk in with a problematic iPhone n walkout with new one
        You can’t except the same with android oem
        Apple devices to an extent are for ppl with money
        So Apple still rules tablet market..
        Just not in sales..

        • Nick V

          I have money, but I will never buy an Apple device. I have 2 N4s, 3 N7s, an N10, an Asus T Prime, and 2 Asus OG Transformers. Aside from the Nexus 4s and 7s, none of the others were really that cheap. Especially since the ASUS tablets, I needed to buy the keyboard separatly.

          iOS 7 is like Lipstick on a Pig. Only 64% of iOS users have upgraded, showing what a dismal update to iOS it really is.

          Apple is making tons of profit off of people, while Google is giving better products without the cost.

          I am guessing that when you go buy a car, and the dealer tells you it is $40,000, you prefer to pay $60,000 for the same car? That is just absurd.

          • Balraj

            Wow your one of a kind
            Ios 7 ui sucks but still Apple after services are way better…

    • grumpyfuzz

      Google needs to push developers to make their app compatible with tablets. Tablet optimized apps ran excellent on the Nexus 10. If developers actually made it for tablets, then android vs iOS in tablets would be much fairer.

  • SpeakEzee

    I think an 8 or 8.something Nexus tablet with the same resolution as the Nexus10 would be the perfect tablet for me. Or wait how about a 5.7 inch Nexus phone! How bout both!

  • Andre Luiz

    These new Ipads are amazing! But like the other guy said, IOS is just not for me… I would like android companies release product with the finish, style, and inovation as Apple does. Everything works fine (GPS, sensors,), the screen is amazing, the design impressive, the apps are easy, beaultiful, well done… But the problem is IOS.
    Well, now every other companies will follow Apple in the race for the slimmest and lightest device. I just sold my Ipad 2, wainting for my G. Note 10.1 2014, very happy :D. without looking back ;)

  • Giovanni

    I think they are better, but the price is really too high!

  • Roberto Tomás

    definitely wanted them to come up with a beefier GPU variant for the tablets. supposedly the A7 uses the PowerVR series 6 Rogue cpu — if so, based on performance results, it clearly uses the very lowest/smallest gpu configuration they offer. there was nowhere to go but up, so what did apple do? it sat still.

    I’d also have liked a quad core. But then again, I’d also like them to open-source their operating system, and to remove the custom cpu instruction and return to general ARM compatibility with their CPU.

    Despite all that, these are still fine devices. Just barely sub-par GPU, snapdragon 800 level CPU, nice display for an LCD (and who isn’t LCD in tablets?), and very light with a huge battery for the full size tablet. They did good for everything but a few wishes: it should tow the line.

    • jusephe

      the A7 in Air is 2X the GPU of iPad 4 in the iPhone 5S it matches the iPad 4
      They propably doubled the GPU clock speed so it will just crush the 800 and even 440 in the next snapdragon.

      CPU will also be propably clocked even higher than the android crushing 1,29 Ghz in the iPhone running over the top of snapdragon 800 and propably even the new 2,5 Ghz snapdragon (just 8% performance gain) for the next year :P

      • Roberto Tomás

        it’s actually barely any faster than the one in the ipad 4 — they opted for the lowest gpu configuration available from the rogue series, which is rated 100 gflop/s. I’ve seen gfxbench results from it that suggested it was about 120% as fast as the ipad 4 .. which is still well below the Adreno 330 (and by that I mean the Adreno 330 in the base model that is 100Mhz slower, not the newer one that is clocked high at 500-550Mhz).

  • jasxgamer

    honestly for a tablet/pad, the price between apple’s & android’s are quite close,
    so that’s make apple’s better deal(better display, better integrate)

    p.s. using Xperia z1

    • Nick V

      The new Nexus 10 hasn’t come out yet. The N10 has out beaten Apple’s screen for the last year or so.

  • Oli72

    nexus 7 king of 7 inch tablets in all areas.

  • Jastin Cruz

    I have no interest or enthusiasm at all..I just dislike the way they are dealing with other smartphone manufacturers..they want to “eat” everything. It is the practice, not the product that I dislike so much about Apple..

    • mobilemann

      how do you feel about samsung, who just “ate” gorilla glass? ;) I just think pinning the problems of the industry on one OEM, that happens to be the main competitor to a platform we use, just kinda feels like cheerleading to me.

      • Nick V

        Then why didn’t Apple, with all it’s billions it is hoarding, do it? This was no secret, and Samsung has been garnering more and more of Corning’s market share each year. I am happy for Samsung.

        • mobilemann

          lol, I couldn’t care less, and the gs3 was the first phone i wasn’t afraid of rocking without a screen protector, i’m actually a big fan of both gorilla glass and samsung. (currently use a note 3) Samsung’s record is far, far worse than apple, so it’s funny to me to see people make comments like that.

          • TrollDetector


          • mobilemann

            You don’t know what that word means. To you its someone with a different view, lol.

  • Ger

    The new IPads are overall, repeat, overall…. Weak. With that, I’m including what you get for the selling price. I don’t believe that it even beats the new Note 10.1 overall. And they even went backwards as to the physical dimensions and weight of the Mini. In any case, for me, Apple is Apple. Greedy. Overall. Will do anything to hamper the progress of the competition. And yet they’ll only give their customers a little here and there. There is nothing that anyone can say to me or even pay our give me a free Apple product that will make me use it. Nothing. Functionally wise, as described so far with the initial reviews, it has nothing compared to top Android products. At least when the S4 came out, a lot of people said the features has a lot of gimmicks. My answer, well at least they have several new gimmicks they’re giving away and it’s new and free and nothing like what was released before. Just like what the good book said…. Stay away from the Apple tree or you will be condemned. Ha hahaha….. Inferior Apple product. They could join another stop pod company called Micro Bing who don’t seem to have learned their lesson about how much in sales they made with Surface1. They want a second Android beating by releasing Surface2. Stupid move. Maybe if Apple, Microsoft and Nokia all merge, maybe they’ll beat Google…… I think Not! And that’s all I have to say.

  • iJimaniac

    They can’t be serious with the iPad mini price. Wait, they are, bacause they’re Apple who specializes in robbing their loyal customers blind! Just buy a Nexus 7, then you have $200 left over to re-purchase all the apps you bought from Apple.

  • vosg

    I like their hardware, but the locked down OS is not for me.

  • RanRu

    A summary of my feelings toward iOS any time I try to perform a simple task:

  • MrMagoo

    $300!!!! For just a difference in memory!!! OMG that is just like thievery!

  • David Mueller

    Android is better but the weight is just amazing and if the device is so thin how it looks… …hope Android Tablets will be so thin too…

  • gierso

    new ipad is Airvolutionary :|
    why they keep changuing the name.. iPad#Number is enough

    but i can tell that Specwise is a big Meh for me now as im sure new androids will get 64bit and comparable performance in no time.

    the ipad mini Retina? really? that should be a given by now.. not something to brag about.. they “crafted” the retina term 3 iphones ago!

    they still try to sell you the Magic. with things that already exist. at a premium price…

    im happy with my nexus 4. :) it charges magically when i put it on an orb shaped stand.. that is sorcery to me :) well its science :)

  • BFS

    I prefer the Android OS. It suits my needs much better than ios.
    I also think the new ipads are too expensive!

  • Kettzy

    iPad air really looks wonderful. It’s screen looks exactly like galaxy tab 10.1 (2014). :D
    But nothing wrong with that…

  • alleyway

    I’m more interested with free Mac OSX Mavericks. Time to ditch Win 8.x soon :D

    I don’t have any interest with iPad, I prefer Sony Tablet Z/ Z2.

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Impressive as always..but nothing new..all i want in apple products is jailbreak

  • Magnetic1

    I guess there is a saying…
    There can be only one Number 1.

  • joverclock

    Apple PUTS TOGETHER amazing hardware. Its what apple will and will not let you do with the hardware you buy is what kills it for me. Their whole line is beautiful just OS and their “rules” suck. Phones are a few steps behind hardware wise. Software is just not what I want AT ALL!!

    • joverclock

      I would also like to point out their billions and billions of dollars yet their entire strategy is based on them making more money. China labor, 5c, ipad 2. they could be a truely great company but they get in their own way.I hate them for it.

  • I think Apple’s getting desperate. Not only are they renaming the iPad to make it seem radically different (which it’s not, the iPad gets thinner and thinner every year, technology evolves), they are also holding off on adding Touch ID so there’s a reason to buy the iPad Air 2 next year.

    • Brian Shieh

      Well, the iPad 3,4 are thicker than the iPad 2. which is around 0.34 in. But I agree with the holding off part

  • Jarl

    missing an option in the first poll, “I couldn’t care less”

  • Charles Chambers

    I love the android OS lots better than iOS. However, there isn’t a lot of selection if you happen to hate Samsung tablets. I want an 8 inch Nexus. I’m looking forward to a HTC tablet.

  • Daniel

    IPad better than most large android tablets but nexus 7 is way better than iPad mini. The price on the mini is just too expensive

  • Bence

    iPad mini is great, I own a first generation 16GB. For a tablet it is the best!!! For a phone I’ll always use Android though.

  • mr_english

    I’ve had iphone 2g, 3gs, 4, ipad 3. After trying the galaxy note 2 ios seems just boring. Imho the surface rt would be much better than ipad if only the market was a little more improved.