Open thread: What would your dream Galaxy S4 look like?

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 11, 2013

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With mere days left until Samsung lifts the veil on the Galaxy S4, we’re curious what you, Android fans, expect from the most important phone of the year. Sound off in the comments.

It’s that time of the year! The Galaxy S4 is coming. Android blogs are in overdrive. Samsung fans are giddy with excitement. HTC fans look bored (but slightly anxious), while iPhone fans look downright terrified (we kid, we love you guys).

No one can argue that the launch of the Galaxy S4 is a momentous event for Android and the tech world in general. Samsung is surely keen to unveil its new flagship with the biggest possible bang – the tech giant took over Times Square in New York, and booked the Radio City Music Hall for the launch event. We all wait to see what Samsung is having in store, and, just like with the Galaxy S3, expectations are sky high.

So, we are curious to see, how would your dream Galaxy S4 look like?

  • Aluminum? Glass? Plastic? Unicorn skin?
  • Exynos 5 Octa or Snapdragon 600?
  • AMOLED or LCD?
  • Rounded corners or angular design?
  • TouchWiz Nature or a revamped UI?

Tell us in the comments and stick around, for we’ll be covering every last piece of Galaxy S4 news in the next few days!

  • TABO

    Glass phone, Snapdragon 800 or Tegra 4 much better, LCD, Angular corner and a revamped UI

    • Ranjith Thiru

      with sub $800 price tag :)

      • mrband

        Yes, and sub-5″ size… This shouldn’t be a phablet, there’s Note for that.

        • Ranjith Thiru


    • You sure about glass? :)

    • fawfg

      Find another phone =)

  • I’ll break the ice!

    Plastic is perfectly fine with me. I don’t really like glass and aluminum because they often feel cold, and I am always scarred I’ll scratch them.

    It must be an AMOLED display. I just love the blacks and the prettier-than-life colors.
    Any processor will do really.

    Design… I don’t know, the GS3 looked weird at first, then it grew on me. I have a feeling that’s precisely what’s going to happen with the GS4.

    Battery life!!! Oh Samsung, give us more juice please!

  • Bone

    Being in the minority I’d go unibody plastic design, just less rounded, matte and with a good grip. I’m not into battery swapping myself and I see issues with glass (breaks easily) and metal (scratches easily, no wireless charging) where the Lumia 920, albeit a heavy beast, really is the most solid device out. Design-wise the HTC One is still better but design and practicality are two different things.

  • samrat barman

    Surely plastic coz less scratches n durable…
    Exynos octa no questn abot dat…
    Rounded corners
    New ui

  • Alexander Tatevyan

    1. Plastic (glass breaks, metal is unpractical)
    2. Don’t care
    3. LCD (no AMOLED shit anymore)
    4. Rounded
    5. Don’t care for the look, but the current and yet-to-come features are must have!

  • gsbsb

    Matte plastic and amoled. Or ceramic

  • DQ

    I’d love an aluminum or glass but I’d be fine for a plastic one since it would be lighter and that I will be putting a case on that thing.
    For the processor I wanna see that Octa core but I’m good for anything since nowadays I can barely see differences when it comes to these already aside from the UI lag some have.
    Of course I want AMOLED!! Without the pentile.
    A more angular design please! Similar to the Note 2 but I hope Samsung would start making a new template designs for their phone since I’m seeing the S3 design being formed the same but into a differently shaped phone.
    I’m okay with TouchWiz but a small update the the designs? :D

  • Roland

    Plastic is ok, I have no problem with it. I really hope it will be thin. Below 8 mm.
    But I’d like to see Exynos 5 Octa or Snapdragon 800, not 600.
    AMOLED is a must have, but I’d like it to be upgraded.
    The design-well I really like the Note2 so if it will be similar, perfect. I just hope they don’t make it similar to rounded GS3.
    I think Samsung’s TouchWiz is the best, but I’d like it to be revamped a bit, more elegant and modern.Although if they put Nature UI 2 it will be great, I’m sure.

    The most important thing is what kind of special feature is GS4 going to have. I’d like to see more of what they started with GS3 and Note2.

  • FFS. Either “how would your dream Galaxy S4 look?” or “what would your dream Galaxy S4 look like?” What’s happened to standards?

  • MasterMuffin

    Plastic is okay, but aluminium edges would bring some class to it. Exynos all the way and I hope they release all the information about them so that we’ll get dem custom roms. Touchwiz made as speedy as possible with low ram consumption. SD card, I don’t care about battery being removable or not. AMOLED AMOLED AMOLED

  • chengh

  • martymcfarty

    I wont be buying unless they dump touchwiz and Kies. Hate Hate Hate them. Just give me the samsung build with raw google and im in heavem

  • David M Whittley

    Like smaller Note II with an S-Pen and an awesome battery

  • Roberto Tomás

    1. Plastic is great.
    2. Exynos 5 Octa or Snapdragon 600 — I don’t care. Both are powerful
    3. AMOLED — preferably Youm :)
    4. Some bezel-less (or very nearly bezel-less, like <3mm on sides)
    5. TouchWiz Nature — I trust Samsung with this. Whatever they go with.

  • kascollet

    Plastic/Octa/LCD/Rounded/TouchWiz seems to be the most likely scenario.

  • Unicorn skin please!! :D

  • Retractor

    1. either Aluminum or Plastic.
    2. Exynos 5 Octa, the Exynos 4 was really one of the things that brought the S3 apart from the other Android Smartphones.
    3. AMOLED, and Since 1080p is the standard now I would like to see Samsung stick to the 4.8inch size (not following trends)
    4. Rounded corners are one of the key elements in the design of the S3. It is different and it really feels good in the hand.
    5. Touchwiz Nature was really good, but in the end we all go to Nova, Apex etc etc
    I would like to see other changes like a really impressive battery life, better Speakers (just compare the iPhone 5 speakers to the GS3… Apple did think of it, Samsung didn’t care but it all adds up to the experience. And please, more Smart features.

  • brady

    I’m cool with most of what everyone is saying. I would just like it to come in Black and White … not variations of black and white. =)

  • 1- plastic with aluminum on the sides
    2- exynos 5 octa for more battery life
    3 -amoled with green pholed technology
    4- anything but it must feel comfortable in the hand — the iphone 3gs has a better grip than the iphone 4,4s and 5
    5- i like touchwiz my self ,, touchwiz with two gb of ram run very smoothly , and i guess samsung is optimizing it more to be more battery sufficient and runs smoother

  • Reginald Spence II

    Lose the physical home button and go with full capacitive or on screen buttons. And less glossy, thin plastic. The plastic of the galaxy S2 was perfect. Nice and durable and not too shiny. And I loved the textured back cover.

  • 1)get rid of that physical home button,alteast give us all capacitive or on screen buttons.

    2)Give a touchwiz theme over over stock android ,giving the users the option to choose between the two.(something like in custom roms)(was mentioned in a previous rumor of some phonw which i dont remember)

    3)Better battery life

    4)better auto brightness

    5)1080p screen

    6)benchmarks that beat the shit out of any phone that comes out for the next 1 year

  • ryq24

    Who cares what material it uses! Most people will just buy a case to cover it up anyway!

  • EKfine

    1. Plastic is so far the best for a phone. but please not that glossy finish crap!
    2. Doesnt really matter which of the two, what really matters is battery life.
    3. AMOLED or GO HOME!!!!!!!
    4. Not that rounded like on the s3.
    5. Touchwiz is great and i know they can make it better.

  • silicon valley

    not particulary sgs4, but my dream phone would like:

    1. white rectangular body with symmetrical bezel like optimus 4x.
    2. s-lcd 3 display. stereo speaker. htc build quality. matte back cover.
    3. huge battery capacity like razr maxx.
    4. waterproof as xperia z.
    5. stock launcher, no need for bloated UI. I’ll bring my own launcher thanks.

  • arcwindz

    Non glossy back with a small bezel and on-screen button

  • what about memory, lot of them. 32 minimum, with 64 & 128gb option.
    microsd cards, 2 microsd cards… 2 gig memory minimum,

  • – Aluminosilicate
    – Exynos 5 octa
    – AMOLED
    – Angular Design
    – Revamped UI

  • nishantsirohi123

    Xenon Flash….period
    I still carry my 2 year old, held together by rubberbands. motorola zine zn5
    simply because it has a xenon flash for taking pictures in the club.

    despite the capable LED of my Galaxy R, i still cannot get good shots in the darkness of a club

  • brendan soliwoda

    5′ FHD SAMOLED Plus screen, 2.0 GHz Exynos 5 Quad, android 4.2, Aluminum (although I’m fine with plastic), new Touchwiz or vanilla android (i’m sick of the Nature Touchwiz), 13 MP camera with xenon flash, more gesture controls with the hovering controls as well, at least a 2600 Mah battery (I prefer somewhere upward of 3000 Mah though), as little bezel as is possible and maybe the YOUM screen if they could make it work.