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The smartphone market in India is becoming increasingly competitive, with major international brands and local ones alike vying for the interest among the populace, which is one of the bigger mobile device markets in the world. According to research by analysts at Mediacells, India is set to be the second largest smartphone market this year, overtaking the US, and just behind China. Meanwhile, Samsung already expects India to be the fifth largest mobile market in the world by 2020.

OnePlus caught the interest of mobile users with its hyped-up marketing for the OnePlus One, which is supposedly a flagship-killer, but without the flagship price. OnePlus launched to mixed acclaim (with a few shipping-related hiccups), but indeed interest for low-priced, but decently-spec’d smartphones is on the rise. This is evident with the international interest in another Chinese brand, Xiaomi, which is selling devices like hotcakes. Xiaomi recently launched in India, offering its Mi 3 flagship device starting July 22nd through Flipkart.

OnePlus has also expressed interest in launching in India, noting that traffic the company gets from India is eighth overall, signifying potential interest from among Indian users. In fact, the company notes that some customers buy from other markets — such as the US — and ship the devices to India. “We have many customers in India purchasing to the US, and then asking a friend to bring it over or trans-shipping it. Some have even purchased the device from scalpers.”

No launch dates nor prices have been announced yet, although the company is getting ready to do an eventual release in the country. “It’s safe to say that we’re interested in India,” says OnePlus forum administrator “Carl,” noting however, that there will be challenges along the way. Efforts will include setting up a distributor network, partnering with carriers, and the like. Once OnePlus officially launches in India, this might mean more serious competition for budget device makers like Karbonn and Micromax.

J. Angelo Racoma
J. Angelo Racoma has written extensively about mobile, social media, enterprise apps and startups. Angelo develops business case studies for Microsoft enterprise platforms, and is also co-founder at WorkSmartr, a small outsourcing team that offers digital content and marketing services.
  • roger elizondo

    How can they launch in India if they can’t even launch here in the united states

    • Arturo Raygoza

      That’s what I came here to say lol

    • TDN

      I hope you can see this, because I’m “upvoting” it as hard as I can.

    • dude,india is a place were the middle class population is too high,ideal for the one plus one ,compared to us,where people are ready to buy stupid iphones

      • Vicky Bhatt

        First of all wat a perfect reply u marked here kudos :). Second undoubtedly agree with you, India has 250 million or 20% of middle class, which make India a favorable place for such brands targeting such people. Well don’t wanna comment for iphone ;) but this Oneplus is the beast.

  • Rajat Solanki

    guys you’ll have no compitition from any manufacturer at all ill be first to buy one just see to that its easily accessible and also able to handle the market through online bandwidth coz flipkart crashed on mi3 launch

    • TDN

      It won’t be easily accessible, their “release” (if you want to call it that) is a complete mess in the US and EU.

    • Anonymousfella

      100k people registered and now it seems they sold even less than 10k phones. No wonder people are pissed….

    • a+i

      damn thats the second time as far as i can see. the previous one happened ryt on the launch date of moto g, all it took was 20 mins

  • D. Sharer

    How about officially launching Sateside first, that sounds like a better plan. Chicken….eggs….count…hatch….

  • Aditya Gupta

    India? They are really launching in India? That’s AWESOME! Besides India is the 2nd most populated in the world after China and a phone like that here is going to be a massive hit!

  • Aneeroodh

    This is excellent, excellent news. Now I m glad that I did’t get to buy Mi3. I was going to sell my Moto G once I had purchased Mi3 but the stupid was freaking out so bad on the launch day that it wouldn’t even let me add the phone to the cart! But if OnePlus is really coming to India then I don’t mind spending a few more months with my Moto G.

    • Colin

      Same here stuck with moto G! :( If Mi4 releases here 1+1 will have a good competition!

  • John Williams

    good news for India, I have a OnePlus One, amazing phone

  • Luka Mlinar

    I’m sorry but all jokes aside they’re talking about expanding and they haven’t even give a general release date. That’s beyond stupid.

  • VDiRow

    India, is waiting…
    Sure it will arrive through filpkart on!!!

  • Sharath

    Waiting for it,but please not via invite system.

  • Guest 123

    Washday a fucking joke!

  • Aditya Bhatt

    It will be a great hit here, But first get rid off the invite system and keep a stock of at least a million units.

  • preciousbwallace

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  • Giving features like…

    – Indian languages support
    – Long battery backup (Remember Samsung’s high end phones are worst in this)
    – Affordable price.
    – Best customer service.
    – Priority upgrades to latest Android OS

    …these features will simply attract Indian smartphone market. Otherwise it will end up with brand competition game.

    • Marc Perrusquia

      In India all that really matters is how cheap you can get, not really specs that’s why the lumia 530/521 did so well, and still do in India.

      • I agree. It will work… but customer don’t know Lumia 530/521s are cheap like it’s price tag. But some brands giving enough specs and features for the same price of Lumia 530/521. ;)

  • Damon Salvador

    Hurry Up !! Will ya !!

  • Don G

    By the time you can actually buy one they will be so outdated you would not bother, one plus one you stuffed up what could have been a great phone to a phone that you will have so many on your hands you wont be able to give them away.

    • Mr.Frank

      My first thoughts, exactly.

  • Don

    One plus None, too late dot com

  • Brad


    They just got the cr@p kicked out of their a$$ by Xiaomi in India. This is just a reaction to it.

    They have no dates, no plans, and for all you know countries would need to get an “invite” for them to sell! |-D

    They started out well, and in all honesty, it’s good value for money, but they just got beat at their own game by Xiaomi, minus all the botch ups.