OnePlus One: special CyanogenMod OS, near iPhone-grade design, Q2 launch

January 13, 2014


    OnePlus, the company that’ll make the first pure CyanogenMod phone later this year, has shed more details about the OnePlus One, as Pete Lau and Steve Kondik were apparently in Beijing earlier today where they explained what users can expect from the upcoming smartphone.

    The handset will launch in the second quarter of the year, although the release date was not mentioned by either exec. However, they apparently did say the phone will sport impressive design as well as some unique CyanogenMod features. Here’s what they had to say, according to Phone Arena:

    Appearance wise, we’re confident our phone is more attractive than just about any phone on the market with the exception of maybe iPhone.

    The one plus flagship device will be a departure from the familiar CyanogenMod. There will be new, specially customized features and new exciting elements to the CyanogenMod experience. We’re excited to debut what we’ve been working on with the first OnePlus phone and look forward to the future of this collaboration.

    However, the two execs have not shared any specific details about the OnePlus One phone. Images showing the smartphone aren’t available at this time either, although we’re certainly interested to see what OnePlus and Cyanogen Inc. will have to offer this year.

    Are you excited about this particular Android phone?


    • Jayfeather787

      I don’t think the iphone is attractive at all. But the HTC One… now that is a sexy phone.

      • Guest123

        I’ve never really liked the iphone, but I will admit that the “fit and finish” is done well, and yes the HTC One is a very nice peace of jewelry. Curious to see what CM thinks “attractive design” is.

        • jeddo45

          Well if they think the iPhone is special, I’ll consider it average.

      • Brandon Miranda

        I find the HTC one quite ugly actually.

        • Bryan Z


          • Brandon Miranda


            • Bryan Z

              You have one?

            • Brandon Miranda

              No, just found the random lol a bit confusing.. Lol ;)

            • Bryan Z

              I could be agreeing ;)

    • jeddo45

      I want to know why off the bat they are making the iPhone superior to their phone already. That was a stupid move.

      • MasterMuffin

        These guys need to hire some marketing advisers to tell them that saying that your competition’s product is better isn’t a good thing :D

        • Brandon Miranda

          Lol so true.

    • Bradley Uffner

      I’m slightly annoyed that some phones will get exclusive CyanogenMod Features.

      But only slightly, because you know that’s going to get hacked and redistributed to every other phone about 30 seconds after it goes live.

    • Groud Frank

      In all honesty, I have never been impressed with the iPhone’s design. The Macbook Air, yes. The iMac, sure. But never the iPhone..

    • steve

      I wonder what the specs will be. Probably a 805 snapdragon. That would be the best at the time. The only thing, I usually only keep cyanogen on my phone for a few weeks because I find Iit boring.

      • Jayfeather787

        Now CM has become too mainstream. I like Omni and Paranoid Android the best. Dirty Unicorns is nice, and Chameleon OS has a great idea, but just needs a little more improvement. AOKP is also very good, very smooth. Cataclysm is amazing, and so is Unitato ROM on Nexus 5.

        • Brandon Miranda

          What would you reccomend as the best ROM for a Nexus 7 FHD?

          • Jayfeather787

            Omni ROM seems to be working well. Paranoid Android is also very good. Dirty Unicorns is also very good. I have not tried vanir AOSP, but people say it is good. I tried cyanogenmod 11 monthly, and it was perfect, but not enough customization for me. AOKP nightlies are also very good. BS Harmony was a little buggy for me, but has a lot of customization, and HALO, like DU. I am using Bricked kernel for AOSP ROMs and I think Franco Kernel for CM based ROMs. Overall, all of these ROMs are good. If you want intense customization, I would recommend dirty unicorns or BS Harmony, if you want small and stable, omni or cyanogenmod.

            • Brandon Miranda

              I am looking for a stable but highly customizable ROM. I have jail broken my iPhone and I want a ROM on my Nexus that will give me the same feeling of huge customizability as my iPhone. Thank you VERY much for the link by the way.

            • Sanjay Paryani

              I use this AOSB PROBAM Rom for my LG G2. It is based on CM11. It has so much of customization and yet it is stable and I get a great battery life. I don’t know if its available for Nexus though.

            • Sanjay Paryani
            • Jayfeather787

              Looks awesome.

    • Oliv

      “we’re confident our phone is more attractive than just about any phone on the market with the exception of maybe iPhone.” The design of HTC one is similar with iPhone, so the oneplus one will be more attractive the HTC One…I want to see that…

      • Brandon Miranda

        I find the design of the two phones is more different than people realize.