OnePlus says software problems are solved, phones to begin shipping today

by: Bogdan PetrovanJune 12, 2014

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Earlier this week OnePlus fans were disappointed to learn that shipments of the OnePlus One would be delayed due to software issues. Such delays happen all the time in the industry, and normally it wouldn’t be a huge deal. But OnePlus seems to be exhausting its reserves of public goodwill, after several controversial episodes and a heavy teasing campaign that built huge anticipation for the “2014 flagship killer.”

Now it looks that OnePlus is finally able to give fans what they want. The software issues that reportedly caused the last minute delay are now solved, and devices should begin shipping soon. Here’s the statement we received from OnePlus (note – the statement is from yesterday):

[quote qtext=”We did choose to delay the shipment of the first phones in order to make sure the software was secure and provided the best possible user experience. The CyanogenMod team worked very quickly and efficiently and the Open SSL issues have already been fixed. The first OnePlus Ones ship to early users with invites as early as tomorrow. ” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

So, if you ordered a OnePlus One, there’s a good chance you will receive your device soon, though the wording of the statement leaves room for interpretation as to when exactly customers in the initial invite batch will get their phones.

As for what exactly caused the delay, CyanogenMod community manager Abhishek Devkota explained on Reddit that vulnerabilities found in the Open SSL encryption protocol on June 5 prompted the team to issue a last minute patch to the OnePlus One CM11S firmware. Any patch requires a period of QA testing and re-certification, so the decision was made to delay shipping.

With software problems behind it, the OnePlus One is finally ready to ship to customers. As for those who didn’t score an early invite, OnePlus says it will continue to roll out invitations “on a continuous basis.”

  • Jeffrey Leung

    Excellent! Hong Kong need some invites!

  • Luka Mlinar

    Not only are the phones running late but so are the invitations.

  • Colts5609

    Holding off on the OnePlus indefinitely, waiting for Google I/O to see if any Android Silver announcements will be made. Also, even though I doubt I will buy it, I gotta see what the Amazon phone is all about. I am just tired of playing the OnePlus game. I am all for their company and mission, but the invite system just does not work for me.

    • Luka Mlinar

      I doubt that Amazon phone is gonna be worth it. It will most likely be loaded with Amazon crap under a fine looking UI tailored to distract most people so they buy it. What about the upcoming Motorola phone. Considering their prices it will probably be in the same price range as the OnePlus with their sweet sweet optimized Vanila.

      • Colts5609

        I am definitely looking forward to the Moto X successor. If it is a worthy upgrade from my Nexus 5 I will certainly consider it. The Amazon phone could surprise us all or it could be exactly what we are all thinking, a small HDX with a dialer, but I am interested in the surprise 3D tech or whatever they have cooking.

        • Luka Mlinar
          • Colts5609

            Specs are nice, on par or slightly above the Nexus 5. I guess we will have to see what else the X+1 will bring to the table, software/camera improvements, design, etc. If they leave wireless charging out again, I am not going to be happy. I dont want a bulky wireless charging case or a fix that makes me take apart my phone. Personally, wireless charging has become a deal maker/breaker now that I have become so used to it with my N5. Another reason I am shying away from the OnePlus.

          • Luka Mlinar

            Well when it comes to design; expect to see the same one as with the X and the G. The shell thing seams to be working well for them. I personally thing they got a winner in terms of design and there is no reason to change it. As far as wireless charging is concerned. I don’t expect we will see it on this phone but with their removable back plate design there is a slight chance that they could bring it as a add on. Anything is possible. The thing that make me want to buy it is probably the best OS version on the market and a affordable price. But this is all speculation at this point.

      • mmmmmbop

        If the amazon phone is the same quality of hardware as their fire tablets and as cheap as people think it is, you’d better believe everybody will be making regular android roms for it.

    • Jon Langevin

      For me, the problem w/ 1+1 is the fact that it’s running Cyanogenmod. I know others love CM, and it’s great it has a huge community built up, but for me, Vanilla Android is where it’s at. I generally don’t like the feel of CM, and I really don’t like how they’ve changed behaviors that I’ve learned on Vanilla Android (such as long-press to toggle the Wifi shortcut in the system tray, CM changes what the behavior is for a long-press). It’s a lot of little things, but they add up for me.

    • Corbin Crutch

      You can say that again!

  • John Doe

    Actually, to be fair, we weren’t disappointed ”to hear” there were some issues, we were disappointed that we didn’t hear anything. After slapping us with teaser after teaser, we got nothing but vague talk about storms of invites which never seemed to happen. We were beginning to wonder just how much longer we’d have to wait before we could perhaps, some day, get an invite to perhaps, some day buy the phone. They could learn a thing or two about honesty towards their potential buyers. If they’d just told us there were some issues everybody would have been understanding. Nothing like a little honesty to diffuse a difficult situation. True now more than ever.

  • Alain Lafond

    Really happy to not receive an invitation… Will wait after Google IO…

  • Mohd Danial

    When will it ever arrive to singapore.. either this or the note 4

  • Srikanth

    Why they dont ship this phone to India? Waiting for long time.

    • Colts5609

      Because they dont ship this phone anywhere.

  • s2weden2000

    People have the ability to forget…the first day of announcement they said shipping end of june beginning of july…

  • jjmoose

    that ‘invite’ shit is redic..imagine you wanted to buy a car and they said we will send you an invite when we get it built…freekin silly.

  • Waterdroid

    Have received my invite now. Most forum members are familiar with the user “Waterdroid” already.. ;)

    • Sunny

      would love an invite if you have a spare ^^

    • Cuerex

      who are you

      • Waterdroid

        Member #11423 if I recall correctly. I’m on the same username at the forum there. Won’t be hard to find me, just ask for the moderator ‘Waterdroid’ or tag me somewhere. Sorry for the late response by the way, don’t check here often.

        • Cuerex

          dude 2 months xD of course i know who you are now

          • Waterdroid

            And then you manage to rub it in by replying within 2 hours, lol :D
            Do you go by the same name on the forum? If not, who are you over there?

          • Cuerex
          • Waterdroid

            Ah I remember that thread, going to look through it again right now. Good to meet you off-forum then!

          • Cuerex

            Anytime mate

  • David Gabel

    Not worth it IMO.Seems like a scam to me. Loads of hype but no actual phones (review/test units do not count). So it seems like vaporware. Once people are able to buy the phone then I’ll nolonger consider it a scam. The other crap thing they have on their site is the whole “invite” system. Even after they ramp up (if that happens) they will not just sell the phone, you still would need an invite. Better off getting an Oppo phone instead since it’s pretty much the same thing.

  • pitbullblackandwhite

    waiting for note 4. it’ll be out soon. samsung’s high ends are still the best android experience ever. i’m also hoping for a next xperia z ultra as my secondary phablet. or a z2 ultra or a z3 ultra. whatever. i hope sony is reading this.

  • pitbullblackandwhite

    oh btw, i’m enjoying the company of gs5 and xperia m2 while waiting for note4 and z2 ultra… sony pls wake up…

  • f-lip

    OnePlus looks more and more like a scam.