OnePlus One invite emails suggest the handset’s arrival will be delayed

by: Andrew GrushJune 10, 2014

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A year ago no one knew who or what OnePlus was, today it’s one of the most talked about Chinese phone companies, at least among the techie-types. Not bad for a company that’s spent almost nothing on marketing and has yet to get its product into the hands of consumers, aside from a very lucky few.

Of course, not all the talk centering around the OnePlus One has been favorable. While early reviews of the device have been fairly good, the problem lies with various PR mishaps that have happened along the way for the company. Most of the controversy has surrounded OnePlus’ invite system and the company’s inability to get the phone into the hands of folks who are actively interested in buying one.

If you are the type that is getting sick of the waiting game, you’re not going to like today’s news. Reportedly OnePlus has sent out invites to select individuals but with a small catch: the invite allows you to buy the phone now, but with the revelation that the phone won’t ship just yet. Instead, it will be shipped as soon as possible and OnePlus says it will keep the buyer updated on the progress of getting the phones out.


The reason for the delay? According to Cyanogenmod’s ciwrl, the reason centers around new issues with openSSL that were made public on June 5th. He says they decided to “include the correction for those vulnerabilities, in the factory release of the One”. Furthermore, a whole new firmware means the device needs to be re-certified.

Regardless of what happened, delays never make a company look good. It also seems a bit strange that OnePlus couldn’t have shipped the handset and then simply released an OTA firmware upgrade shortly thereafter, since they’ll have to do that for handsets that are already in the wild. It’s currently unclear how long it will take before OnePlus ships out phones purchased through the invite system, though hopefully it’s a short delay.

What do you think of OnePlus and the One? Still excited, losing interest or have you already turned your attention away from the OnePlus One almost entirely?

  • Marco Lancaster

    And while One Plus not start to sell his phones, We see a lot of chinese stores selling it with their % of gain in the price too.

  • Charlie Collins

    2014’s Vaporware of the Year.

  • Adam

    I was really interested but as getting one soon seems near impossible, and with me increasingly wishing to upgrade my gs2, I am now looking towards the LG G3.

  • “Reportedly Oppo has sent out invites to select individuals”

    Oppo? or OnePlus? Bah they are the same…

  • Bryan May

    I am member 9200. If I don’t get an invite by July, I will wait for the Sony Xperia Z3.

  • ボケ

    Yup bought the Sony Xperia z2 instead – screw the waiting game – I need a phone now, not when it is going to be later on – when the 1+ comes out the LG G3 is already around the corner and perhaps the z3, galaxy s6 etc

  • valley_nomad

    This whole thing looks more and more like an OnePlus’ business game…

  • Rex

    Their motto should have been #NEVERSELLING

    • s2weden2000

      Relax..or you bust a vain…

      • RebekkahBooseyesu

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  • In all fairness though, they truly are to be commended for disrupting the smartphone market. They’ve single handedly – and with less than 0.1% the budget of so many bigger than them – have drawn significant pricing pressure on incumbents like Samsung, HTC, and others. And also – it takes time to get these phones out. They are taking the long term approach – opting to ensure that the user experience is as good as possible before shipment. And finally guys, whenever we’ve seen a device for the first time, it’s always to be expected that it will hit the market 8-12 weeks (sometimes more) after the fact.

  • pas!

    funny people

  • Luka Mlinar

    They did a lot of things right, they also did a lot of things wrong. At the end of the day i don’t think Pete Lau is fit to lead a lemon aid stand, let alone a smartphone manufacturing company. No CEO in the business was ever able to get so many people to love the product only to turn that love into hatred fueled by unquestionable frustration. Not even Dennis Woodside who thought moving production to the US was a good idea could pull that off.

  • Oh I was excited, now I don’t really bother about the phone. It’s just a phone and there’s always competition on the market.

  • Sal

    I had my eye all over that phone but since they are taking too long to sell that phone to consumers, my eyes have turned away from it and I got my eyes on the G3.

  • killmore

    Losing intetest

    • RhondaRChavez

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  • mickey4mice

    Whatever. No longer interested in this joke of a company. Pathetic.

  • jokov

    sinking ship ….

  • Michel

    I was interested in the phone until the part from now… They lack in communication and are not willing to give the customers any information. I’m afraid Oneplus will do the same when they finally have enough phones for everyone. Their service will be just as crap as it is now. My eyes are now on the Oppo Find 7a/7, similar phone, better camera, micro sd slot etc. Compared to the Oneplus One it will cost me €40 more, so instead of checking the forum 24/7 I for any news, I can finally go away from it!

    • Max

      You are basically giving money to the same company

  • what a surprise, this thing is a joke.

  • John Williams

    I was an early supporter of this phone, but I got fed up with the obfuscation/hype put out by the company. So I bought an Oppo Find 7a. It is basically the same phone. It is a shame it’s all going a bit wrong for OpO. They have achieved remarkable things in a short time. As I say, I bought an Oppo, who basically own OpO, So they can’t lose. ;-)

  • tom

    lost interest… waiting for note4 and xperia z3… and hopefully the next xperia z ultra…

  • eliHd

    By the time opo phones available to public other companies such as Samsung and HTC Will have better specs phones that cost less than opo. Buy oppo find 7a/7 they as are way better than s5 and HTC one in my opinion.

  • Constantinos

    Please please please people of oneplus one. I volunteer to wash your cars twice a week, to take your garbage out every night, to drive your kids to school every morning and cook for you every single day.
    Please honor me with the privilege to have the oportunity to buy the first untested phone of your new brand.
    My dream of my life was to pay some hundred of dollars just to be a beta tester of a phone.
    I beg you, please send me an invitation. I am willing to pay for this invitation up to 3,000$.

  • Tuan Bui

    They must have learned from blackberry or something – delay the phone to consumers.

  • TonyB

    I lost interest, they took too damn long, they believe people have time to hang around until they are ready, in no form or fashion will I wait for a damn invite to purchase the OPO now. they killed the whole business and all the hype of this phone.

  • f-lip

    i was saving to get one of these in the 64gb version, but its taking too long, so im gonna switch to a Lg G3.

  • Alex Wren

    I would get it if anyone ever gave word on releasing it.