OnePlus One to abandon invites come October

by: Robert TriggsAugust 29, 2014

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If you have been itching to get your hands on an OnePlus One, but have been infuriated by the limitations on the invite system, then you may be glad to hear that the current invite scheme will be coming to an end in October.

Whilst taking part in a Reddit AMA, a question popped up regarding the end of the invite system. OnePlus responded with the following:

We are working on a pre-orders system, we were initially aiming for September but it’s been slightly delayed, hopefully we’ll be ready to launch it in October.

Whilst we don’t exactly know how this new “pre-order system” will work, it will hopefully land more smartphones in the hands of those still waiting to grab one.

Despite the value proposition offered by the OnePlus One, I can’t imagine that many will be sad to see the back of the invite system. It seems to have resulted in a good number of would-be customers waiting around for invites or missing their expiration deadlines.

However, it’s not all good news for prospective OnePlus customers. The Bamboo StyleSwap Cover has been delayed following the discovery of a “minor flaw” in the cover. A launch date has not yet been rescheduled for the Bamboo cover and there is not any news on the other handset covers yet either. We will just have to keep watching the accessories store.

Will you be picking up a OnePlus One when the invite system comes to an end, or have you lost interest in the smartphone after such a long wait?

  • Ixous

    “slightly dalayed” yeah right… SLIGHTLY… Well, I won’t buy the One and wait till they release a 64bits smartphone hopefully next year.

  • Anonymous

    I own the phone :D

    • nenslo

      Got mine yesterday, and I’m really pleased with it. The additions over the Nexus 5 is incredible!

      • Marjane

        I own 4 of them. And just received 12 shareable invites ;)

        • Allfc

          Would you mind shrearing one with me?

        • James Cui

          If you have any extra would you mind sharing an invite with me? :)

        • Dagwood Bumstead

          4 Phones – why?

          • Marjane

            1 for me, 3 for friends w/o paypal account

          • Dagwood Bumstead

            So, you don’t have 4 phones then. ;)

          • Marjane

            I do. They didn’t come to pick them up yet :) But yes, I use only one

        • Leander

          Could you share one with me? :)

        • DeviaVir

          Wow, could you send me one, too? :)

        • Zed

          Do you mind sharing an invite with me?

        • Flex360

          You said you own 4…now you don’t…trying to sound cool like a pretty schooler I see

        • Mike Rahman

          Please send me an Invite, I would like to get on for myslef :)

        • Tyrone_83

          I kinda agree with Flex360 I have to call you on out on that.

      • Zed

        How about inviting me? :)

        • nenslo

          Ha, wish I could but I haven’t been given any invites yet. Even if I did I unfortunately have at least 3 friends who has already bagged an invite if/when they are shared with me.

          • Zed

            Thanks. :)

  • Or just flash [VECTUS] ROM and turn your current device into a OnePlus One check it out: :P

    • Guest

      Its not the same. 350$ with these Hardware. Its not only the Software.

      • I get what you’re saying but, It kind of is the same when you have a G2 rocking a Snapdragon 800, 1080P display, and 13mp cam. Oh I’m sorry the OnePlus One has a 801, 200mhz big deal, I still outscore 801’s on geekbench all the time so yea as long as your phone is last gen it pretty much is the same thing, just not the same phone design.

  • Formhault

    How about they expand the list of countries they ship to? Romania is also part of the EU, yet they can’t ship here! Why?! Get your sh*t together, OnePlus. I can buy crappy cases from Hong Kong but I can’t buy an awesome phone from OnePlus… What the actual f***…

    • Gonzalo


    • Tomislav Nagode

      Slovenia too :D

    • Luka Mlinar

      Croatia too.

    • fizdog

      Here’s an idea. Get in eBay, Craigslist, swappa etc and buy it!

    • greece

      greece too

    • India too

    • defrghtng


  • patientman

    Phone is too good and affordable not to want one, be it invite or pre-order. I received my “second chance” invite and the phone is “in the mail” Looking forward to next week :)

  • Jonathan Alvarez

    I got an invite last week and ignored it. If i had gotten the invite 3 months ago I would have bought it. But since my nexus5 is still good I will wait for the next nexus or note.

    • AndroidBrian

      That invite sells for like 40 on eBay.

      • Jonathan Alvarez

        Dang, I didn’t know.

        • AndroidBrian

          Probably saved urself a headache.

          • Bob Marley

            I tried to sell an invite on eBay. Someone bought it but didn’t pay in time so we just cancelled the transaction.

  • AndroidBrian

    I got my invite this week, the day after I purchased my LG G3. Both phones arrive today. Not sure what phone I want to keep. Any suggestions? I would keep the LG G3 but its $200 more than the One Plus. I want the LG G3 running a ROM so the OS looks like pure Google or looks like the One+. Haven’t flashed a ROM in years. Nexus 3-5 have been perfect stock.

    • lagnis

      I’ve got both and have defaulted to the G3 which is far superior to the OPO.

      • AndroidBrian

        Are you running a ROM on ur LG? I don’t think I will like LG’s version of Android. I like there features like quick memo . I want that feature but have it open Google Keep instead of the native LG app. Coming from Nexus 5 so I want to keep all of googles default apps (calendar, Keep, exc)

  • Liam H

    I have two of the phones. Great phones but selling to get the note 4. When I started using this one I missed my note 2 so much I hardly touched the one plus. So now selling the one plus aside it just doesn’t hit all my needs like the note range.

  • Ruben

    I’m so sad the invite system stopped… I used to make some money by selling invites over the internet. I claimed an invite and let someone buy it so I would get 3 new invites to sell.


      SO, it is people like you who profit from these kind of things, no wonder the invite is stopping..because of UNSCRUPULOUS people like you..d-bag!

      • gommer strike

        don’t hate the playa. hate the game.

  • Blane Stroud

    A lot of people are reporting touch screen issues when typing quickly. I have a similar issue. If you are a fast typist, watch out. It is super annoying to have to slow down.

    • gommer strike

      Yeah it’s relating to the multi-touch issue. They’ve rolled out some fixes to resolve that, and the funny thing here is, one of my buddies who isn’t bothered by the typing issue…it’s because he’s using Swype.

      But for regular typists like us…yeah it’s a problem.

  • truth_cutz

    I wanted one…but I’ll wait for the next “big” thing…

    • PurelyConservative

      I would have loved to get a OPO, but they dragged this on for way to long. I am waiting on the new nexus now. I like the idea of clean Android and I believe the specs will be that of the OPO if not better and a comparable price.

      • grumpyfuzz

        I have the OPO, but I’ll probably go to the next Nexus. I don’t really trust oneplus, and there are some touch screen issues that I encounter every time I use the phone.

        • gommer strike

          There’s been some over-the-air updates if I’m not mistaken, which lessen the multi-touch issues you’re experiencing. I believe it has something to do with a grounding issue.

  • wezi427

    About time

  • Dagwood Bumstead

    Perhaps in another 18 months when I’m ready to retire my Nexus 5. By then they should have things worked out. Want maturity in a product before buying.

  • Jiuck

    I just broke the screen of my razr maxx so i don’t know if I’ll be able to buy it or i will buy the Lg g3 or the nexus 5. They are reeeeally slow manufactirung the phone! We want invites now! Or it will be too late. At least for me

    • nathanL0

      new nexus and moto x coming soon! (moto x 2 on sept 4th, Nexus X before halloween)

  • a+1

    im waiting for 3rd sept, lets see what happens

  • Hellz

    invites? are you telling me you will decide when you will invite me and allow me to give you my money? i think that is the stupidest concept ive ever seen

    • Daniel Stone

      This was a way to control the demand of the phone. OnePlus is a new company and they do not have a full factory mass producing OnePlus. This is why they have an invite system.

      • Hellz

        i believe it is more to pump exclusivity to their device. they could have sold the numbers they have over online shop with first come fist served principle.i believe companies should fight for costumers to sell them he product not the other way around.

        • Rio Basuni

          this is called the Eric Cartman Theme Park Marketing System :D

        • gommer strike

          heh, yeah I agree. Sure we have seen Apple require the user to “sign up”, just so that they get the privilege of waiting in line for the iPhone, but that’s Apple.

          OnePlus seems to be relying on notoriety and an almost snobbish “invite” system. I don’t like it either, and until they can just ramp up production and get those phones out there to the masses, it’s a non-factor to me.

          Don’t get me wrong. great phone(with some niggling multi-touch bugs being sorted), great price, but if hardly anyone has it…yeah. Might as well look at Xiaomi phones, which are just as cheap and they just came out with a really good one.

        • Daniel Stone

          If it started with a first come first serve policy with the limited supply OnePlus is making a wrong move. Can customers wait months just to get the phones they ordered ? because many people will order and complain and this can hurt the company reputation. Just imagine if everyone could get a hands on this hot phone people will swarm in and just make their order without the supply to back it up are u willing to wait for months ? Of course the invite system is annoying some say marketing gimmick i am not siding OnePlus fully but it lead them to maybe the best of both world for them. So they can control supply and get the phone to sell and marketed well. Just logic facts of business.

  • Jack Parker

    Mine came today :D

  • DarxideGarrison

    No longer interested. And the sad part is that so many people would have just flat out purchased the phone but since the launch of the G3, Note 4, and the upcoming Nexus phone, that number is going to decline. The whole invite system was their biggest mistake.

  • TheDark Knut

    Thanks fkin you one+ !!!

  • Colts5609

    Since I already own a oneplus one, I don’t really care. It will be nice not to see everyone begging for invites in the forum. I am more interested to see what happens when they are ready to roll out the next iteration. I guess we will see.

    • Tyrone_83

      I always hated people making posts on the forums saying I have 2 invites to give away but you have to be in the state of X in the county of Y you must be this age and drive this and your job must be that. And you’ll see out of the 400+ plus comments only a small few of people meet those qualifications.

      I hate seeing how other people make people want an invite to jump thru hoops thinking they will get an invite when they wont.

  • Ryu

    They said “hopefully,” so it will probably happen in November.

  • FranchisePlayer

    So once the invite system is ready, they’ll release a “newer” model which requires an invite. The pre-order system will get you their older model in 3 months. Marketing genius.

  • fizdog

    No thank. I’ll wait out the note 4 and when I at least paid half of my Note 3 I’ll get the note 4. The invite system was their biggest mistake..

    • Rio Basuni

      whiner alert

      • Tyrone_83

        how is he a whiner when everybody told one plus to get rid of the invite only crap.

  • Rio Basuni

    nope, already got mine. :D

  • Jonathan Kramer

    I got an invite this week too and decided against getting one. Now after reading this I’m glad. I also found that since they’re a very small start up product support is VERY slow. With IFA next week, I expect to see some breakthrough devices that may also be a bit easier to handle instead of a near phablet size phone like the One Plus

  • gommer strike

    Hmm I think they should have abandoned the invite system way before Oct. There’s another very prominent phone maker who will be releasing their phones in mid-Sept…OnePlus really oughta strike while the iron’s hot. Because once customers spend their bucks on a new phone…that’s it…they’re not gonna buy another for the next year or more.

  • redbarbvs

    I lost interest after awhile. My money will go to the “Shamu”,

  • flamencoguy

    Patience folks. Give these guys a break. They are a small company with a small manufacturing factory. They do not have the capacity to make lots at a time. I am sure they are doing the best they can. They are not big like Apple or Samsung.

    • Tyrone_83

      But they had all this time to get this stuff taken care of but they didn’t. They chose the route of an invite only and now all of the people who wanted the phone are gonna end up getting either the new iPhone, Note 4, Nexus 6 or the Moto X+1.

      One Plus has nobody to blame but themselves. And why on earth would they be accepting pre-orders right when these major phones are gonna be released to the public?

  • seadoc

    It’s well worth the wait – and the best phone out there… Including the upcoming iPhone 6… The specs on this phone far exceed anything that the ‘big boys’ have created… Even better, you don’t get all the Carrier Garbage of useless apps that you can’t get rid of…

  • crutchcorn

    Sweet. Too late, but sweet

  • Marty

    I had been trying and trying to get an invite to buy one of these and never succeeded. Then I read a review stating the One+ One is all kinds of buggy and I’m glad I never bought one.

    I’d highly recommend to anyone wanting a powerful, large smartphone to look at the Sony Xperia Z Ultra GPe for $335. It’s an outstanding phone and very reliable. I have the non-GPe version, though, so that’s where I’m getting my reliability experience. I have read that the GPe version is buggy, but I can’t confirm. Nevertheless, there are several different versions of the Z Ultra available for around that same low price from Expansys.

    • Mike Reid

      Same hardware reliability wise.

      Non-GPE Z Ultra is more flexible though; “custom” GPE ROMs can be flashed to it. But the GPE has a partition setup that doesn’t allow non-GPE ROMs to be flashed. So non-GPE hardware is better/more flexible in this case. Doesn’t matter though if you will never flash a ROM.

      • Marty

        Yeah, that’s why I chose the non-GPe version when I bought mine…more flexibility. It’s been a super nice phone and has made me a Sony fan – that and the Sony smartwatch I have.

  • quaser8386

    I own the phone too. Excellent. I think all of us OPO fans knew that the invite system was only ever meant to match sales with supply (as well as hype demand). Having ramped up production over the last few weeks, OPO no longer needs to hold back sales. Good luck to them. They have achieved a great deal in a very short period of time.

  • Lolcopter

    Nexus 6 should be out by then. OnePlus Who?

  • AD1980

    Company has THE worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I’d rather deal with Best Buy than OnePlus.

  • Francisco Enrique Perez Abreu

    In October? IN FUC**G OCTOBER? we have to wait all the fuc**g time they want for buy this phone? it’s gonna be too late unless they sold it by $200

  • Tyrone_83

    Why would they even have this idiotic invite thing to begin with? One plus just missed more people off by doing this. I wonder how much people in total turned away from getting this one.

  • Arturo Raygoza

    One plus what? Sounds like last years phone by now…

  • Ope

    lost interest… opted for the m4 :(

  • Hussam

    never new it was that hard to get invites….1st I got someone sent it to me when i was on 16 hour flight and i was too late to clam ….the next one came and i bought the device right away

  • Arthur

    Nope, i have lost my interest…

  • 4beaches

    What a coincidence… I abandoned your phone in August

  • Wireless Corner

    October will be too late. The new iPhone will be out by that time and I’m sure there will be upgrades or news of upgrades for various flagship Android phones. Good luck OnePlus One, I’m sure not waiting around.

  • Donny Chau

    I couldn’t wait any more so I picked up a HTC One M8. Very nice piece of shiny metal!

  • Robin

    anyone here with invites?

  • WouldBeCustomer

    What about online orders, they can even run it with amazon or ebay. There are plenty of other ways to get this phone to people other than this invite only system.