OnePlus One (64GB) International Giveaway!

by: Derek ScottJuly 6, 2014

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Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, the place where we giveaway a cool Android or tech gadget each and every Sunday. Last week’s winner of the LG G Watch is: Ronn T.(USA). Congratulations Ronn, enjoy your new LG G Watch!

This week we are giving away a OnePlus One (64GB) Sandstone Black.

OnePlus One

The OnePlus One is one of the most talked about smartphones of 2014. Dubbed the “2014 Flagship Killer” the OnePlus One offers top of the line specs at a very affordable price point coming in at $299 (16GB) and $349 (64GB). Not only has this phone disrupted the industry with its price point it also has created a ton of buzz and controversy with its invite system.

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How to enter the giveaway

You can earn entry tickets into the giveaway by completing the following tasks in the RaffleCopter widget located below.

  1. [1 Ticket] Be subscribed to our newsletter. If you are already subscribed, no problem just enter your email address. If you haven’t subscribed yet, go here and subscribe to our newsletter. Please ensure you confirm that you want to join our newsletter.
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  3. [10 Tickets] Refer friends to the giveaway. You will be given a unique URL to share with your friends or social networks. You will receive 1 bonus entry (up to 10 max) for every person who you refer to the giveaway using your unique URL.

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Terms & Conditions

  • The giveaway is an international giveaway (Except when we can not ship to your Country.
    • If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
  • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
  • You must be age of majority in your Country of residence.
  • We are not responsible for any duties, import taxes that you may incur.
  • Only 1 entry per person, do not enter multiple email addresses. We will verify all winners and if we detect multiple email addresses by the same person you will not be eligible to win.
  • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.
  • Pao

    Pick meee

  • One plus one : the excellent quality

  • 64gb of oneplus one <3

  • narwal123

    awesome phone

  • mindblowing hope to get

  • Guillermo Espinoza

    I hope i win!!

  • iliketoseeit

    this is an insane giveaway…super like one plus one

  • luke

    Plzz I fann, must have:-)

  • I’m a big fan. I hope I win!

  • Miguel

    MAN! I NEED THE FLAGSHIP KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • This phone seems to be very attractive!

  • Ravindu Chamara

    why not.

  • faisal

    I from Saudi Arabia please I hope to get

  • DN

    oh yes…… please give me a gadget worthy of my right hand!

  • Daki

    This is my one and only chance to get this phone. It’s not available in my country and I’m pretty sure it will never be.

  • networkdood

    I bought an lg g3, but the OPO is a nice device…

  • Matthew Cheung

    Would love to win a One Plus One!

  • dkking

    hope its me~

  • The Techno Beast

    I would love to get a change because now im stuck using a stupid blackberry

  • Yohjames

    Hope i could win one

  • Nivedit Majumdar

    Awesome giveaway! Hoping to win! Great work you guys, keep the good stuff coming!

  • Dennis Deveaux

    Would be cool to try out this phone!

  • Adam

    I think it would be a boost on my Nokia 1112 …. Yup.. I have that now :!

  • Keerthan M

    Had the felling that i got have this phone ever since i saw it!
    But the lack of invites is separating us!!
    Hope we will be able to meet this time!

  • Leong Chee Cong

    Finally tis is the give away i waited so long !!could b very happy if can have one because it does nt sell in my country at all…TT really good job android Authority ….thumbs up

  • Guest

    Hope its me!

  • Yogesh Kumar

    i hope i”ll win.. i do not have a multimedia phone or any android phone to download the app.. but i have shared the link on my fb account to my 888 friends and i have also shared it with my google+ account.. and also subscribed the newslatter…. fingers crossed i’ll win this flagship killer phone..

  • Arch9

    ah, rafflecopter again?

  • Jalpit Trivedi

    I have try all the giveaways but not won any phone yet.Hope this time I will win…..Please give me that beast.

  • Josh Estrada

    Hope I won

  • Jaskaran Dhillon

    Here we go again. Just entered. Hope I am the lucky one.

  • Alexandre Alves de Araujo

    Good Luck for all ! =D

  • Danni

    Please fall into my hands need this phone in my life.

  • shangyi

    Promotion Description: The ‘Nexus 5(16GB) Black’ (“Sweepstakes”) lol why is it still nexus 5 under the rafflecopter terms and condition

  • Rob Narcisse

    I want this.

  • Mike ex

    please let me win once in my life i never win anything like this in my entire life

  • Antony Guan

    Please bring me this I’ve been stuck looking at animals I’d rather look a some black sand and stones get it?

  • xoj_21

    i need this

  • swapnil

    Smeagol wants It…My precious….!Gollum Gollum ….let it come to India…Gollum Gollum !

  • Jagir Rao

    I never understand this giveaways. I am not an android user, so i wont win, right? coz i can’t download the app -_-

    • Sahaab Zahid

      downloading the app will only give u an extra entry
      u will still have 2/3 entries if u dont download app

    • You can join our newsletter. You don’t need an Android phone to do this.

      • Song Cheng

        if the email used to download the app on google play is different frm the address i used to subscribe the newsletter?

  • Anx450z

    Nice phone!

  • sead

    i want one :D

  • Okpalaeke kingsley

    Thank you AA for this opportunity. Hope to win this beauty of a phone……

  • Omkar patil

    It’s my 76th giveaway participation and believe me I haven’t won a single one… I hope to win this ‘ONE’

    • Good Luck Omkar! May the 76th be the one.

    • Giannis Anteanbzjhascada

      Prepare for your 77th.

      • Melvin Sowah

        wow r00d

      • Sergio Lujan

        hahhahahahah XD

    • MasterMuffin

      Why did you count, just makes you more depressed :D

    • DUdun TSH!!!

  • Unknown

    Good Luck guys! :D

  • Adriane Jovir Dalisay

    Good Luck :)

  • ayub mohd

    may be a invite will do

  • medel

    beautiful features as well

  • Jasmeet singh

    hope i win this time.,never owned a flasgship smartphon..hope i’m ONE the Lucky to Win this ONE….

  • Phillip Smith

    Love to give this phone to my wife on her birthday

  • Vijairaj R

    I would like One

  • Kshitij

    :D just want to try…. as this phone is lot more to offer…:D

  • Sheleph

    Just hoping to win!

  • Jedfrey

    Ur mine… #oneplusoneftw. :D

  • Lando

    Yay! Hope I win!!

  • Orr Arbel

    i enter every single one please be the one

  • Jin Kazama

    i need to win this one please pick me

  • Amer Abdullah

    This is my dream :( ..

  • Ramanand Patil

    So far I was never lucky, just want to try my luck this time, let’s see what happens hoping best. Thank you android authority.

  • Butts_McButts

    In to win

  • Rohan J Singh

    maybe ill be the ONE :p

  • potato

    NEED A FRIGGIN PHONE!!! You will be mine………….

  • Vishal

    hope to win this one

  • Jayanth Murthy

    I would love to get this phone, thanks for this opportunity @androidauthority:disqus ,Android Authority !!

  • Rohit Dhyani


  • Alexandru Socol

    Count me in!

  • Galacticpunk

    its my 50th :D try
    O God pls make me the “Chosen ONE”

    p.s. i have a sacred lightning bolt sign like them ↓ on my forehead too :P

  • Ibn Ubaidillah

    Fingers crossed

  • Vartul Pandey

    Why doesn’t any indian wins this kind of giveaways? i’d like to win.

    • rohith

      derz nly 0-01% chances f winning cnsidering 20k enteries!!!

      • Sumitro Bhaumik

        51k :'(

    • xperiaDROID

      It’s not because you’re Indian and you can’t win giveaways, it’s because that the one who chose the winner is some kind of software, not a person.

    • Mayur Salvi

      Few Indians have won……Fingers Crossed. Hope is the only solution……

    • Complaints can be directed at that is the software that picks the winner randomly. I am quite shocked too why someone from India has not won recently. US and UK are our top winning Countries.

      • Siddhant Soni

        Yaa… MANY people from uk and the us…but I’ve not seen indian winners…. this makes me way too depressed than it should…:-(
        But… I do hope I win the device… I’ll give anything for those specs and cyanogenmod… wow…I know the hope is vain.. if I’ve not won past 25 or 30 times…. what’s the hope in waiting one more week full of hope for a thing that’ll never be mine….. anyways…There’s always hope… this week too fingers will be crossed!

        • Nathan Brown

          Aren’t enough people in India doing it probabally

        • If you’ll ‘give anything for those specs and cyanogenmod’, please take out the money and find a way of buying the device yourself.

          • Siddhant

            Dude, haven’t u heard? It’s not exactly retail or find a shop and buy it right now….

      • Christian Turchetti

        also from the Italy never saw a winner lol, this is my 40/50 try :P cmon it’s the Italy time :P

      • Tjaldid

        I would like to be the first from Iceland :D

      • Sergio Lujan

        in if you’re one of the first to have participated not think you win if you participate beyond reaching the end of the competition there are more possibilities

        • Richard Gao


      • So good.

    • Nimsrules

      I’m gonna break the curse this time :P

    • Madhav Phophaliya

      but dude u won’t win it

  • honestly, i probably have a better chance at winning this, than getting an invite <3 thanks guys <3

  • Sahil

    plz plz plz… shine my luck and give me the best present everSs

  • ton

    hi how to get 10 tickets entry for this? i dont know to do that..

  • Sumitro Bhaumik

    The winner is here B-)

  • Jasmeet

    I so need this phone, and I’ve been researching it like crazy. I’ve been filling Android authority since last year and would like to get this phone.

  • slkie

    I know I may never win…. But it doesn’t mean I won’t participate! Love u guys… Keep up the good work…. Peace out

  • Manipal Singh

    Link to download the app on play store is not available. Still I am searching for the app on the play store to install it.
    I am also going to tweet, share on g+ about this giveaway. Hope I win this super awesome giveaway.
    Thanks from India.

  • Alexandru C

    Just love that beast of a phone.

  • yochanan

    What a fine giveaway! Grats to whoever wins!

  • Albert

    I want it so badly!!!

  • Pulkit Jain

    Won’t stop trying :P
    Try Try till u succeed :D

  • farhaan

    I don’t have a mobile phone,how can I download your app now. :( ):( I don’t want to b there with 1 entry. give me the link please I will try my level best to get max reach

  • Marko Hologram

    Wow I hope I win since my LG P500 is really giving up already lol.

  • The best thing about Android Authority is the emphasis it pays towards the quality of its content. May the lucky one win the flagship killer.

  • Duane Westerhaus

    Winning this phone from Android Authority will be incentive enough to finally leave Big Red!

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    pleaaasssseeee!! i want!

  • Keshav Nayak

    i hope i win this

  • sarosh ansari

    I want to tell that plz give atleast one invite or prize to any one Indain…..because in India no one has got a chance to win one plus one smartphone

    • sarosh ansari

      Finger crossed this time………hoping for ONE………….

  • Mishraz

    AA !! please let me have this one … fs

  • Sam

    Hello. Very Nice phone …i participate Manu Time ago but Never Win ….Never stop i hope i Win i need à smart phone ….be thé personé Who make me and m’y familly happy ….please hope i Win ….

  • who cares? have a phone already.

    • Preston To

      Then why bother coming by and commenting?

  • (elcas)

    why do it i want one like badlyyyyyy

  • Eric

    have been using my phone for 3 years
    I’d like to change my phone to this “ONE”



    • mehmet


      • xperiaDROID

        Replying to yourself + pretending Martin Cooper = OneMinus One

        Sorry sir, you’re not gonna win this giveaway, here’s a Darude Sandstorm for you for thanking you for joining this giveaway. Just kidding. :P

  • Ceiko

    Ah I want ‘one’

  • ASH

    Great devise!

  • xperiaDROID

    I want this phone, please let me win this.

  • Martin Cooper


    • Munchic Pham

      Make a giveaway! :D

  • Martin Cooper

    am here since 1982

  • Prabhdeep Singh

    I wana win this man, never won anything in these giveaways!!

  • Mido Massari

    i want to win

  • JayLow666

    I need a NEW PHONE

  • Srikanth Kasukurthi

    and then when i wanted to remember count of androidauthority giveaways i participated, i absolutely have no memory, like it was years ago, i havent won till now, but a small smile and hope drives me every week to participate in the giveaway

  • Дмитрий Шолудько

    Hello! Please Take me to the WIN!

  • thypnotik

    If …if I don’t win this device…. I’ll sign a petition to make another Godzilla movie! I’ll do it too!

  • Niklas

    I need a new Phone

  • Mr White

    This is my dream phone. Would love one of these ..

  • Danh

    i don’t have a smartphone so how can i download this app. not fair!

    • Deepak

      You can also share for bonus entries ;-)

    • jrstark

      BlueStacks, Genymotion….

  • Tushar Bhatt

    Please chose me, I really want the ONE. It’s not even available in India, looks like it’s my ONE and only shot

  • sinanju char

    want to win this

  • Luka Mlinar

    Who says there’s no way to get your hands on the One. :D

  • Tiblu


  • Dainius Sutkus

    Never won, hope I win now. Need phone urgent as cant afford at the moment. Good luck everyone :)

  • Munchic Pham

    Good luck, guys ;)

  • Abdullah

    good luck to all!

  • shivakool

    I will try and try till i win

  • Danny Hutabarat

    hope this time i win!!

  • Sebastian

    hope I win

  • Guest

    I’ve given up counting….

    • Nana Kofi Owusu

      so have I!!!

      • daphnewbowden

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        . She has been unemployed for 6 months but last month her payment was $19402
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        • Jayfeather787

          Fuck you and your buddy’s sister’s dog’s cousin’s owner’s squirrel’s neighbor’s tree.

          • Parth


          • agreed

    • Sergio Lujan

      Like I understand my friend
      I always participated and never win every week is the same but good to keep trying

  • Guest

    I’ve given up counting…

  • Emmanuel van den Brûle

    Everytime I try. Everytime I don’t win. This time is the one time !

  • NinetyNIne

    Can’t we do more giveaways like the Opera Giveaway I really enjoyed that one!

    • Major

      Whats enjoyable if you didn’t win ?

  • Major

    Well everyone is saying around here that they joined the 50 or some 76 times these giveaways, but listen here folks, as you can see, you can refer friends to this giveaway so you got more chance? So those who want to win did you got someone refered ? Do you got more entries then 2 ? If you got only 2 entries, you can say by to this one too, there might be someone out with all the entries you can accomplish…

  • Aakash Pandey

    Its not about Winning or Losing its about Participating :P ! All the best folks ! the Winner will be super lucky!

  • Prathamesh

    really hope to win this haven’t one in a single giveaway

  • zaid fareeq


  • Krešimir Mihaljević

    Aaaaa plz let me be the one to take it!!
    I totally deserve this one plllzzzzzz!!

  • noneplusnoneequalsgone

    disappointment part 3

  • Angelo Allegra

    I want it! Those 64gb of internal storage and luscious screen have me impressed!

  • shehab Hassan

    Ya rab!

  • Hoping to win this! OnePlus is not open yet to PH market. So to have this would be awesome. Thanks for the opportunity Android Authority!

  • Igor Farago

    I don’t want it. I just entered to reduce your chances. BWAHAHAHA

    • Rayyan Siddiqui

      calm down satan

      • Admin OnePlusOne

        Hey . still clam !

  • Simone

    Good luck everyone

  • Athos Krul


  • Frank White

    I hope I to win this time I’m never lucky :( please change my luck

  • Abi

    I would love to win, and i hope it will happen ’cause this is my favourite phone :D

  • Francois

    Thanks !

  • L. Groenevelt


  • Given Sutisna

    Lets try again… Shall we..


  • Joy

    I have never won a give away :(

  • ibsy


  • wezi427


  • Patrick Pasia

    It’s my first or second? trying here in this giveaway. Please please. I hopefulle hope it’s going to be me. Lol. *cross fingers*

  • Mayank

    Can u guys plz help me…can u tell that what i have to do to try to win this…i alrdy participatd

  • Abhinandan Shetty

    please i wanna win ..pick me :)

  • Alex Fischer

    The elusive One !

  • Kiril

    nice try!

  • Mike Templeton

    Hoping it gets sent over to Edinburgh, Scotland

  • George Nt


  • Jayfeather787

    I want this a lot.

  • Nikola Velinovski

    ohhhh :)

  • aashish

    gawd! hope i win this time

  • Sharan Bahirwani

    This phone is crazzyy I just hope I win!

  • azada211

    hope springs eternal..!!

  • Casper Sørensen

    Let me show my development team how good the OnePlus One with CM 11S features is to develop
    further on

  • tony solinan

    Its sunday,so its its time for my entry again for the prize today the one+ 1,ive been waiting for the phone to come on the market,to see if it is the best phone with specs and price available! So I will try to win again like I do every week!

  • Apocalypses Victor

    Hey Android Authority Team, thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity you guys are giving. You will always be our “Best source of all things, Android”

  • tony solinan

    This is one Sunday giveaway I would love to win,as I enter each Sunday to try and win whatever the giveaway is!

  • Casper Sørensen

    AnDevCon 2013 – San Francisco

    • Android Developer

      What is this? is it like DroidCon ?

      • Casper Sørensen

        Hey :-)

        Thank you for your message :-)

        Yes, it seems to be close with business people and developer but Droidcon is only in
        Europe I can see, which is great, maybe I will go to London, how would you say
        Droidcon is do you get a diploma like with AnDevCon, are there coming V.I.P people form Google?

        AnDevCon is only in USA back in May 27 to 30 2014 the conference was held in Boston, I love
        San Francisco so I will sure get back and celebrating my birthday when AnDevCon
        will be held 18th-21 nov 2014.

        Last year at AnDevCon i was talking to V.I.P people from Google HQ in Mountain View and went there for Classes for 5 days to.

        I got High praise from everyone at AnDevCon, especially Sony, Qualcomm and Intel and talk to Jeff Seibert form Twitter HQ of course Reto Meier in Android from Google HQ and many more V.I.P people.

        I also tried Google Glass :-)

        Which Android area do you work in?

        Which country do you live and work in?

        Good luck in the competition for OnePlus One, a super develops mobile :-)

        Best regards
        Casper from Copenhagen – Denmark

  • Ginder

    oneplus one :D

  • Crisdel Dela Cruz

    /slur… hehehe

  • Anonymousfella

    This is probably the only way to get my hands on this. AA make it happen!

  • Abdulrhman Yousef

    i really hope i win this
    it will be the first time in my life :D

  • swapnil

    If i win this one…I will upload my Video doing Oppam Gangnam Style on youtube..and I will post it on Forum (Off Topic lounge)

  • kamp kawayan

    i HOPE to WIN this!

  • Syed Sadman Hossain

    Never. Gonna. Stop. Trying.

  • Kedar Patel

    Would love One!

  • Ron Lillet

    it is my 30th try..I Feel so :D :D :D

  • Fevzi

    I like the OPO because it’s a flagship killer and it is more premium than the flagship phones available at the moment. The specification balance is just perfect in comparison with the other high-end phones. The price/quality is the best selling point. Other brands can only dream of this price/quality balance.

  • GooGkhaN

    This is my one plus 239709756369th giveaway that I can’t win

  • Dylan BabyCakes Stiers

    i need this so bad lol

  • Girish balan

    Destiny Picks Destiny

  • Michael Spyrou

    Am I supposed to see the bonus entries I get? The last 2 times I have participated I also had bonus entries but it didn’t show up in the rafflecopter widget!

  • Nam Nguyễn Tiến

    Let me win this, I’m desperated for a new phone

  • lambha48

    Please let me win this phone because I only have a galaxy y

  • Mike

    It’s so hard to get this awesome phone, if I could finally win a phone via Android Authority I really want this phone to be the ONE. Good luck everyone.

  • A Zamari

    I’m falling in love with this phone since first time read review about it……………………………..

  • Dhanuka Perera

    I did everything to get an invite but didn’t got any frankly I’m tired of this freaking invite system driving me nuts please make me the chosen one please please……..

  • W

    I hope I win!

  • OnePlus One 64GB – Sandstone Black, Yeaaaah. Good luck, guys!!!

  • Carlos Jose Carvajal Alvarez

    Android Authority is giving away the incredibly impossible to get, the one and only, the Chinese legend, The One. Good luck to all participants around the world!!! God speed!

  • You give me my ONE!

  • Dat Nigga Alonzo

    best giveaway yet!

  • Guest


  • jeff willis

    Hope i win this time.

  • Anil Thomson

    Lol planning to buy a phone but none in budget xD

  • Jinyoung Lee

    I hope i would be a lucky man!!

  • Angela Withrow

    Would so love to have this phone! My phone is soooooo slow!

  • nice giveaway :) I use -Start BlueStacks- for Android Authority App I don’t have smartphone

  • OnePlus One – yasss my dream phone. I hope I win this time! *fingers crossed*

  • Dan Katz

    Would really like one to replace my dying nexus 4.
    I would have said I wish you guys good luck, but that would be lying.

  • thartist

    Juuust what i need, a good phablet with good CM support (which i can’t find in my country!) to replace my moto razr! I need it! Consider me!

    PS: what is it with this trend of spamming every comment with pictures?

  • Jasper John S. Cecilio

    GL to all

  • One + One
    You people will get none :P

  • fatih

    Invite me for the 64GB version, too, please =)

  • abdessamad

    longg waitt :( damettt

  • Nick Kocsis

    Lol, I just got a new Moto G and now I’m entering this giveaway. I swear I like my Moto G, but I also would really like to have it as kind of a backup phone, as it isn’t exactly top of the line.

  • James Murphy

    Nice phone! Good luck to everyone!

  • Khiry Turner

    Knowing OnePlus we will probably just get an invite. Good Luck everyone!

  • Jacqui

    I’ll never give up!! But always happy for the winner even if it’s not me :)

  • Talha

    i wish i could have that ONE (its almost impossible to get)

    i dont have a smartphone so how can i download the app ??

    its unfair!

  • Nebico

    Everyone’s like…

    • Android Developer

      like what?

      • Nebico

        “Please, choose me” is what most comments are about. The message is the same; appearance different.

        • Android Developer

          The image was missing for some reason. I didn’t see it when I wrote it.

  • Sajan Shetty

    Wish I win this one!

  • C Jacobs

    I will win!

  • ray_94

    The wigdet is broken, somehow it forces me to re-login every single time i refresh the page, also it didn’t count any addidional points for sharing link with my friends -.-

  • abdala4197


  • Aristotle Faytaren

    Sigh, Hope I win this.

  • Christian Turchetti

    and again :D good luck

  • Edward Smith


  • Travis Stindt

    I have entered so many of these contest and I never win :( Maybe this time will be different. :)

  • I’d like to win so I can replace my Huwaei U1000

  • tyb82

    “Sunday Giveaway” that lasts for 6 days…..

  • daniel

    Try harder everytime

  • Maryam Wakili

    People have been frothing at the mouth over this phone online. lol if i actually won it i would be the luckiest person ever.

  • ricardo

    Still waiting to win one…

  • Hiếu Khỉ


  • destin johnson

    Please let me get this phone I’m really getting pissed with my crappy galaxy s2

  • Guest

    my feelings on you and oneplus one stupid contests

  • Beebs

    Win me. Thanks

  • Mickey

    Hahahaha…You guys are here suffering… is down. :) :D

    • Jayfeather787


  • Acaa Aca

    Yes one

  • Marc Teixidó San José

    Invite here please

  • Mickey

    You Guys are crawling mercilessly here whiles is offline…..

  • straight/curved

    getting this would be sooo good..

  • danny

    I want it…

  • Nana Kofi Owusu

    Please pick me!!

  • Mark McPhie

    It would be great to win!

  • Dex

    Well, best of luck to me!

  • farooq

    2nd time… With the same hopes

  • moto x

    Tried using 2 emails to double up my chances to win. Hopefully I win!

  • AJ Cerdas

    Hey guys please selected me as winner, this is my dream phone, I can’t buy it because I don’t have an invite. This is a great opportunity to have it. :D

  • Roderick Cross

    Not Indian but would love to win so I can root it.

  • Well I guess I am not gonna win XD But I just stumbled upon this site today for the first time :3 its my type of site. pretty darn decent reviews ! :D Hell yeah I’ll be active !

  • Another week, another chance…

  • Andre Croteau

    Please!!!!I need a NEW PHONE!!!! my nexus S is hurt!!!!!!!Thanks

  • Clown

    try try try

  • MarcusCorvinus

    man its getting pretty frustrating trying to get this phone…ohh well here goes another try at it

  • Stephen Fronda

    Here’s hoping I win!!

  • AReid


  • Kendall Núñez

    i hope that beauty comes to Costa Rica :D

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    H O P E. I win.

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    I really want this phone. …. Really. …

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    this time will be mine!!!

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    Please make me the first Nicaraguan to win!!! :)

  • Sandy

    Hi Guys !

  • Elmar Lisboa Abellera

    Let it be mine. :)

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    Great phone.

  • Sam Sadak

    OnePlus YOU WERE THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam Sadak

    Oneplus YOU WERE THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • José Luís Alves

    Great giveaway! Thank you very much :D

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    It’s time!

  • Ashiq Rafa

    I’m sure, I will not get, Bcz I haven’t got any yet.

  • Angel

    O.O I so want this.

  • aquitayo

    May the ONEPLUS ONE be with me :)

  • LA Times

    Ill throw away my s5,, jk. But I love tech, read and seen great vid reviews, would love to have this phone.
    P.s. I never win anything, please help me.

  • francois Drant

    One again !!

  • 42,668 entries! How about no thank you :D

  • Den D.

    maybe this time :)

  • shouri

    Bonus entries?
    Will i know if i got any?
    I refered my friend but i still have only 2 entries.

  • Dynamite athority

    When will the results be out

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  • Very nice giveaway.

  • would be glad to get hands on my fav phone :D

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  • WTF?

    What’s wrong with his thumb? (main photo)

  • rohith

    45k entries and counting wow my chances f winnig are less dan 0.01%.!!!the person who winns dz shd be d luckiest 1!!!!

  • DiGrifter

    I hope i’m the lucky bastard! :-)

  • Pollie Jayne Chua

    still waiting to win…

  • Rahul Kasana

    @androidauthority:disqus I have entered this Giveaway but my playstore mail id is different from mail id which is used to subscribe newsletter, in this case my entry is valid or not? Please confirm

  • Yazdi H.Malu

    Am happy and grateful that every week, Android Authority has a draw with no strings attached for some desirable gizmos.

  • Aleks

    nice comments… anyway i’m still waiting

  • Izwan Rahman

    Nice nice nice!! they’re sold here, 16 gb ver in my country as grey import. 64gb ver is super!

  • Amrit Zoad

    Give it here.. I am through waiting!

  • Abdulrhman Yousef

    hope i win :/

  • Kostya Finchuk


  • Anup

    i am going to win this one…

  • tropir

    Thank you for winning the OnePlus One… oh,it was just a dream – but dreams come true…sometimes;)

  • tropir

    Thank you for letting me win the OnePlus One… oh,it was just a dream. But dreams come true – sometimes.

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    took part every time but never get selected
    actually wanna ask have anyone ever written that i was chosen or i was winner?????

  • Daniel

    I’m starting to doubt the authenticity of their giveaways… I’ve been participating in their giveaway since August 2013 and haven’t won…

  • Kasi Viswanathan


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    This, I need.

  • Vivek

    how to download the app when i dont even have a phone

  • Partho

    Its become like a weekend ritual now. I come, I click, I forget.But I want this phone so badly. So in the vein of wishful thinking : hope I win this one! :D

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  • Sergio Lujan

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  • Had anyone ever won from INDIA?? :/ I don’t think so!!! Anyways, I hope to win :P :P

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    Woah, It’s only Tuesday and the number of entries is staggering!! Whoever bags this one is gonna be one lucky guy/girl. Good luck to us all! :)

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    please ……….. I’m a broke college student wit outdated tech. this will help me so much when i go back to school in the fall semester!

  • nabin Bhandari

    so need..have never won giveaway…please Guys i need it.

  • Aniket Udare

    using a samsung galaxy 5 aka europa since ages when it was the era of android 2.1 eclair
    please make me win i want to taste the real droid

  • adi perri

    choose me , im from malaysia :D ., i never win a luckydraw since i was born ,

  • I was reffered to this givaway, how do caim that i was?

  • mack

    You know what said is everyone including myself are wantin the opo but its sad there are 122k members to their forum alone. They cant manufactur that many fones to accomadate their members? So instead they do contest for the invites which is fine but cu people fones have shippedout they give them more invites to give away cu they had to wait? Ya so the “flagship” is non invoid cuz instead off turning around n sharing with other members waiting to gwt the fone they sell it on ebay for 100-300 an inbite to make a profit? Were all capatilist to some degree but what ever happned to giving back to the cause the joined to aupport in the first place. Well all be waiting for invite n continuing waiting or pay/bribe someone for an invite. The ahould give all registered members to the aite the opportunity to be involved without beomg outsourced to ebay to $600 for the opo smh

  • Dennis Johnston

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  • One+ is bound to drive a new revolution in mobile industry !!SNAPDRAGON -the BEST and ULTIMATE processor is here!!Hats off to One+ -Lot more smiles and cheers ahead!!”2014 FLAGSHIP KILLER” Waiting For the Invite ;))

  • Patrick Pasia

    Winning and losing is not a bad thing, though. :3

  • Mehedi Mody

    Good luck, guys ;)

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    I pray to win, like a little child prays before christmas for gifts :) Will i be the first from India .. ? Can Android authority be the santa for this Phone-hungry child :) #TimeWillTell

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    Join :)
    Good luck

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    *sees the giveaway is for OnePlus One*… *heavy breathing*

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    I want to win this. Still using a Nokia n8 :(

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    for once id just like to have some luck

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    Well I have done with the procedure and just want to switch over from Samsung

  • Bex Foster

    Ooh, I’ve never counted how many I’ve entered :S. I don’t enter every single week but, most. That said, there has never been a phone (apart from the Note 3) that I’ve wanted to win more than this! It wouldn’t just make my day if I won it, or my week or even year, but decade :D. But, alas I never win anyway.

  • Mara Lima
  • Sheleph

    Win or Lose…

  • Rick McClenthen

    Sometime ago I ran across Android Authrority, can’t even remember what brought me here, maybe it was to access the forums or a giveaway. However, installing the app on my S3 sure was one of the best things I ever did. I often find my self perusing the articles in my down time to find out what is going on in the mobile industry. I am not an expert in the field, but I like to be a educated consumer.

  • Abdel Belka

    hope i’ll win Abdel from algeria salut you android authority

  • Aamir

    Hope to win :D

  • Little Damon

    i need a phone im 26 without a phone all of the new best phones are to expensive

  • dayana lopes

    Oieee! Divulguei seu sorteio no meu blog, passa lá pra conferir e participe dos nossos sorteios! Conheça o sorteio TOP! Beijos!

    Blog Só Sorteando

    Sorteio Naked 3

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    Good choice great device!

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  • Abdel Belka

    Hello android authority i’m a big fan from algeria like what you’re doing good luck for a better future

  • Uvais Chudesra

    does it ship to india as well

  • belizeur louis beliard

    I am a hatian living in dominicana república so no money for a phone I mean anynkind of phhone I use an old Alcatel with the most ridículous sound rever, and I am an artist (beli-art) fb. And I need to photograf my drawing so people can see them and the best picture that I have is from a 3megapixel camera with the z2 I will be able to tale really good picture of my art,ghood luck ti ebery one ..blesses

    I need it , sorry for my english

  • Varun Kumar

    When will they announce the winner
    i want a new phone from past 1year and 9 months :-(

  • sa fé

    It’s a 2/57723 chance to winn hhhhh

  • Jens Ken Lundstrom

    Thank you for this great giveaway!
    fingers crossed!

  • Levi Wakeford

    And i know i will not win i have entered loads of giveaways and not won one :( lol

  • Harkrishan Singh Matta

    Now is the time….or never!!!! #FeelingLucky

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    I would love one… it will be useful for my job as a photographer to.

  • Zachary Blankenship

    Well doesn’t hurt to try.

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    Same here…Hope to win something

  • Vishal Khedkar

    58,399 entries right now… You really have to a very lucky one! XD

  • Jonté Burke

    Hey guys,

    It’s kind of hard for someone to download your app, like myself, who doesn’t own a smartphone as yet.
    Since I’m entering these weekly giveaways to try to finally be able to get one.
    Can there be other ways to enter to win other than downloading the app?


  • im just hoping for a miracle to happen. huhu

  • Harvie Boles

    Please Oneplus :/

  • Edmond Leung

    Help. Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!! Show me the money!!! It
    would be a dream come true & means more to me than anyone else to
    win. Starving artist here desperately needs
    the One plus one 64GB to work
    & eat again. Winner, winnner. Chicken dinner. A life
    changing experience. Top of my bucket list. Thanks for the
    awesomeness, the contest, & generosity. Dear
    Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest!

  • Beyar Asketchian

    Hi my name is Mohammad Abdulkarim, i am from syria, recently living in Vienna for College, i will study Information technology (Of course Android Authority Inspired me To Study that) , and i really want to win this phone, so please make me win, best of luck to Android Authority and keep up the good work.
    Thanx :)

  • rie torres

    i want that phone..

  • Gerry Gojaya

    Its the first time i entered the giveaway on the android authorithy so i gues there is no chance for me to win the oneplus one

  • Kaz

    4 years with Optimus One :D
    I need a change…seriously….

  • Keep trying to join the giveaway contest here. I hope that i’ll win cause i really want to upgrade my phone:)

  • Juan Luis V M

    I want ONEPLUS One please+
    I need a invitatation please

  • sonyluis

    i wish i can

  • Edgardo Ortiz Jr.

    Here we go again.

  • Danilo Augusto

    ;-; Android Authority, why latin america expecificaly Brazil never wins?? We’re only exposed to shitty devices!! Ur beloved Nexus 5 is not even sold on Physical stores.. I have one thanks to the INTERNET! Tired of paying 900 hundred dollars for 2 year old Galaxies Ss.!!

  • Sachin Mb

    i need it so badly

  • Amadou Sanankoua

    i wanna win just once …….

  • Jerome Talion Laliag

    I want One Plus One (64GB).

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    I hope I will win this time cause I’m tired from losing T___T

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    your giveaways are almost impossible to win

  • Sam Nicko

    OnePlus One 64GB totally BadAs* LOVE IT!

  • Jackson

    You known its good to pick a new member such as myself as the winner every ones a while

  • Anurag Thomson

    I truly hope I win this give away…but i wish good luck to the 63103 people who have entered as of yes and i thank android authority for hosting this giveaway and showing that even a cheap phone(thats the oneplus one) can run with the big boys(GS5,Z2,One M8).

    Good Luck(To Me)

  • arpit


  • mark rogers jr.

    I would love to wine a oneplus one would give me a reason to put my s5 down

  • Denis

    Now OnePlus One is my dream smartfone!

  • James Murphy

    Curious if anyone has this phone yet. What has been your experience with it so far?

  • Jack Lantern

    This phone is sweet but i never win anything so good luck all! haha

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    ME, Me and me.

  • Alex Joseph

    I have “Hope” :) ……

  • Jay Gubaton

    @androidauthority Who’s the winner?

  • Vincent’

    Hope I win…I really like this phone.. :)
    Been using my Galaxy Ace for 3 years

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    I wanna be the first Egyptian/American to win a giveaway on Android Authority.

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    i want it @!!!!!

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    Try to win?

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  • Tul Panangpet

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  • Leong Chee Cong

    after the contest end i check my entries…thr write 0/0 …i remember my entries was 2/2 b4 ….. any thing goes wrong ?? @androidauthority:disqus

    • Brian Dozie

      Its normal

  • So when do we get to see the results?

  • JayLow666

    wait for the next one

  • Shit

    Fuck you blazej r.

    • Błażej


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    Congratulations Błażej R.

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