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Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, the place where we giveaway a cool Android or tech gadget each and every Sunday. Last week’s winner of the OnePlus One is: Manolis X(Greece). Congratulations Manolis, enjoy your new OnePlus One!

This week we are giving away another OnePlus One. So here is another chance to get your hands on the hard to get OnePlus One.

OnePlus One

The OnePlus One is one of the most talked about smartphones of 2014. Dubbed the “2014 Flagship Killer” the OnePlus One offers top of the line specs at a very affordable price point coming in at $299 (16GB) and $349 (64GB). Not only has this phone disrupted the industry with its price point it also has created a ton of buzz and controversy with its invite system.

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  • Benjamin Blouin

    God please let me win so I can replace my T989 that has a broken screen

  • Benjamin Pavel

    Would be really nice to rock this with my new LG G Watch! Thank you for the giveaway and Good Luck to everyone! :)

  • AB Aldo Payardu

    I have an invite but cant afford one :(

    • Naji

      Is there any way you could share your invite? I really need a cheap phone. I entered to win this phone three times and no luck. Trying to get a new phone for my mom. Her iPhone 4 just went dead.

    • Jean-Marc Der

      I’m also interested in an invite if you have any extras!

  • Harchaoui Ayoub

    Guys come on just hope good luck to everyone :D

    • coach

      I hope you don’t.

      • Harchaoui Ayoub

        hahaha … i hope you do :)

        • Gabriel Dalcomune

          Plot twist, you don’t wanna win. =P

          • Harchaoui Ayoub

            Honestly it’s a great thing to win but 40k people entries this give away and only 1 will win so it’s pointless to say ..ex ( hey i just wanna win this to replace my old phone … or i never win something i need to win this … ) in my opinion this a free stuff to get… and thanks to Android Authority for making this possible for me im very good like this and i congrats the winner from this moment :D peace!

          • Bryan

            That’s just like me just that my phone now is completely screwing up

  • Pulkit Jain

    Hope i finally get lucky this time. :)
    Come on luck,get me my OnePlus One :D

  • Muhammad Rifqi Aliansyah

    jiahahahh everyone can get it but i take it first for me :D

    • Muhammad Rifqi Aliansyah

      hope i will get it good luck :D

  • Alfredo Mendoza

    Good luck people

  • mcfly11056


  • tony solinan

    It’s the phone we have all been hoping to win,so I will have to try to win!at least one of the android fans will get it,:D

  • Teic

    Keep on throwing them, that’s the giveaway we all want! Now just to get picked :)

  • tony solinan

    Well I can have two trys so here’s hoping again this week,:D

  • Adil Yaseen

    Good luck all :)

  • Eduardo Espino


  • tony pazo

    Purty please can i win one in this life time?

  • michael sanchez

    good luck everyone and to the winner enjoy your free toy.

  • Do Nexus 5 again next week! :D

  • Shark Bait

    Yeahhh I’m starting to get a little bored of my nexus , bring it on AA!!!

    • Noel Kelly

      Blasphemy!! :P

  • Sheleph

    I’m just here to laugh at you! Hahahahahahaha!

  • Jayfeather787

    Let’s get this over with.

  • Tomek

    I must win now :-)

  • Joseph abesamis


  • Flip Jumpman

    I like wishing every Sunday! It’s feels like groundhog day…

  • Akara Tan

    yes 3rd time!

  • Best luck for everyone

  • Tam Nguyen

    Pls I want to win this so badly. Goodluck to everyone

  • Noah Roesler

    Third time’s the charm

    using a old E63 XD

  • Neville Hayfield

    I wouldn’t say No to another One for my boy’s

  • eilegz

    free stuff its always welcome

  • Arpan Soni

    hope this time to win…

  • xoj_21

    there is always hope

  • Arman Keshishian

    Good luck guys!!

  • Dean Collins

    Fingers crossed. Hoping for the win, my girlfriend needs to get off apple!

  • Manal

    phone! i want you

  • Lucas

    Bring it on!

  • wezi427

    I feel like a winner!

  • Basem Shams

    I subscribed to the newsletter and downloaded the app! :)

  • 「film A moment」てぃみー

    I want to win a phone! >_<

  • Mohamed Sayyaf

    choose me at least this time…

    • Sverker Ek

      Becus of your very nice comment they will choose you…

      • Mohamed Sayyaf

        That was very comforting, Thank You

  • Gan Choon Tad

    pick me pick me!!!

  • bill

    Cracked my note 2 hope I win

  • Gil Alexandel German Zorrilla

    My God, I Want that!

  • JayLow666


  • Beyar Asketchian

    Hey my name is Mohammad Abdulkarim and I desperately want ro win this time , i mean this is the third time i enter to win but didn’t have luck in the last two times , i hope i have luck this time ,i never had luck in this but i hope i win this time so I’ll change my mind about it :)
    Please !?
    Good luck to everyone .

  • Jonathan Kramer

    OK cool.. Now that I’m finally out of contract with ATT and would love something cooler than my GS3 I’m looking forward to winning this bad boy!

  • UA

    1 + 1 = 2

  • RAducuX

    it is so preety in blue :D

  • Asad Hussain


  • Carlos Jose Carvajal Alvarez

    It is funny when I read this guys commenting that “I’ve enter 3 contests and haven’t won yet” when this is like the millionth giveaway I enter and haven’t won yet lol! Good luck every one!

    • Gabriel Dalcomune

      Lol same….
      I entered on 3 different Nexus giveaways….

      • Carlos Jose Carvajal Alvarez

        Yeah. The odds of winning these things are at the level of winning the lottery hehe good luck with this one.

        • Gabriel Dalcomune

          They’re better than the chances of winning the lotto lol.

          • Carlos Jose Carvajal Alvarez

            But still very difficult. Oh well let’s be positive and have some hope. lol

          • Gabriel Dalcomune

            Of course! Best to be positive in this world lol.
            It’s always fun trying to win something lol.

  • Jonathan Alvarez

    Good luck people :)

  • Naqib Syahmi


  • Ayub

    Currently I own a Nokia E72 :( AA plz pick me

  • Fighter78

    Yup , lost couple 2 phones here to lose the 3rd one i guess.

  • I feel lucky this weekend. I hope I’ll win.

  • iANDROID8.1

    I have joined hundreds of giveaways before but never had a chance to win but at least it’s worth a try :/

  • Chris Follette

    What am i doing wrong? Am i even in the weekly draws?

  • Foo Q


  • I lost the invite and i spend up all my money, maybe this is my second chance :D

  • Nayan

    I hope i win.

  • icefly

    I would love to have one of these, in fact i might buy one on my own! :D

  • Curtis Massey

    If I win this phone, I promise I’ll love it!

  • destin johnson

    Please let me get this phone. Still stuck with the galaxy s2 :(

  • Anon

    My roommate and i both entered this contest and now i cant sign out of that damn applet. It stays as logged in as him no matter how much i click log out.

    • Risvegliare R

      use incognito mode bro if you cant log out..

    • medel

      use a different browser

  • Kendall Núñez

    never loosing hope :D

  • Tree Ka

    Hope everyone has good

  • Pollie Jayne Chua

    Need this! have no smartphone for 2 months now since i accidentally got my s3 wet. would definitely be happy if i win this!

  • Ralph Bretz

    need a good carrier free phone

  • Marcos G. Cid de la Paz

    Hope I can win this time ’cause I’ve been using the same Samsung Galaxy Ace for almost three years and well, I’m not going to be able to purchase a new device for a while. :/

    • Kyoya Shinichi

      same here

  • Migz Cuad

    Hope I win! Good luck everyone!

  • James

    Third times charm! Good luck everybody!

  • Ricardo Alvarez

    I think is easier to have the 1+ from here rather that the invite system lol

    • rosy lily

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      weeks on the

      internet . have a peek at this site


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    • Michael Harris

      Just buy it from an online store, like EglobalDigitalCameras or DWI etc. :)

      • asd

        One doesn’t want the Chinese version.

        • Atheist

          I’ve been hearing that. What is it about the Chinese version?

          • asd

            First is the price (you’ll have to pay for almost the double of the original price) + LTE-incompatibility in the USA + the Global edition/version will have other features than the Chinese versions in the near future. Therefore save your money and buy the phone or a better one in the near future or win one with these contests.

          • asd

            And: No Warranty + black-plate doesn’t have Cyanogenmod on it.

          • Atheist

            Thanx so much for clearing that up for me, buddy. Now, I understand. =D

          • marhensa

            what other features will be added in the near future for Oneplus One global edition?
            what do you mean?

            is it CM11S thing?

            it’s so dificult to get international version, here in my country, only oneplus one chinese version are sold here.

    • Ainārs Lejietis

      In my case yeah, cuz my country isn’t within the first 10 release countries list.

    • Soufyane saidi

      I’ve got an invite to get 64GB black oneplus one… But I didn’t saw it till 2 days after and it was deleted :(

      • Dillano Blake

        I thought an invite was valid until the person claims it.

        • Atheist

          Nope. They only give us 24 Hours to use an Invite. :-(

  • Oliver Wiegand

    I need a new Smartphone for work and home. LG Oliver

  • I really hope I win this, *fingers crossed*

  • This would be an amazing phone! as an iPhone user I’ve been drooling over the Nexus 5 for a few months, but this thing takes the cake!

  • tklee

    Good luck to everyone..

  • peng2257

    good luck everyone!

  • coach

    Like this comment of me so then I can win I hope you guys don’t win.

  • Oluwafemi Akinwa

    I hope I win this time

  • Frank DeGregorio

    Let me have it baby!

  • Awesome! :3

  • thiruvenkatesh

    is it only me or does it say UNDEFINED after your name on the RaffleCopter

  • Sripal TAD

    good luck to everyone
    oneplusone is not launched in india so
    oneplusone 16gb costs $600 and
    oneplus 64gb $649
    in india.
    waiting for official launch

  • think positive positive positive

  • martik
  • Edward Hu

    GL to all!

  • MasterMuffin

    Greece? Well that’s new. Now about 2 and a half thousand kilometers almost straight to north, thank you :)

  • Izwan Rahman

    64GB baby.. Yeah!

  • Neil Coutinho

    Sweet AA Thank you for giving me another chance.

  • derrien

    Waiting like forever, if dont win in this life time hopefully win in next life!

  • Gabriel Dalcomune

    Good luck everyone!
    Kinda bored of Nexus all of a sudden lol.

  • Rohan J Singh

    best of luck to me :P

  • quuds

    Good luck everyone!

  • The One772

    Good luck!

  • Alvinpck

    GIveaways on Giveaways

  • Ian Gylan

    I never win anything!

  • Nivedit Majumdar

    AA is on a roll! 3 OPOs in 3 weeks FTW!

  • Alex C

    Would love to get that piece of hardware.

  • Chyan

    I need this. When will I win?

    • Sverker Ek

  • Tyrone_83

    I need to ditch his alcatel m pop so bad..I hope I win =)

  • Angel

    Oh Please I really want this killer!

  • Bryan Siagian

    Wow, how many OPO’s are they gonna give away

  • sunny

    64gb is awesome. Good luck y’all.

  • Mohammed Hakeem

    I want it so bad I hope I win :( ..
    And good luck to everyone

  • Youcef Dif

    i hope i do win

  • Luis R Dorothea

    good luck everyone hope i win but /may the odds be forever in your favor

  • Daniel Salmaso

    Fingers crossedddd!!

  • Piyush B. Joshi

    Its way more better than the invite thing :P … Good luck guys

  • Dis5889

    It’s Sunday!
    Good Luck Everyone! :)

  • Asad Ch

    Hey Guy’s I really like this Phone and love to have one but for some financial reasons i don’t have any cell phone i have My Nexus 7 2012 with me and Love it because i just love Android … i just participate here on almost every giveaway today i’m hopeful and i’ll be winner .. :) Using Android Authority App from long time ago and love it … YouTube Channel is always Rocking . Regard’s : From Pakistan

  • George

    Luck luck

  • Husham Waheed

    1+1 why u so hard to get

  • Done. wish to have this legendary phone.

  • brenden pragasam

    This is for my cousin. Good bye idevice hello one plus one

  • Yagna sri Chivukula


  • slk

    Another one plus one….. Well!

  • Omar Steele

    i no longer want my nexus 5

  • Android Authority plzzzz let me win…..

  • sead

    good luck everyone!

  • Apocalypses Victor Oineza

    thanks android authority for this opportunity

  • Leonardo Petraglia

    Hope to win

  • jordankook

    this time i really hope to win.I really like the phone,and will be glad if i have it :)

  • Daniel Sloan

    Sweet I totally have a 0.05% chance of winning. I got dis.

  • I hope this is my lucky week :)

  • Superbajex

    Never won one giveaway in my whole life. Really hope this is a gamechanger. Good Luck to everyone else

  • Metalnakls
  • Rajat

    Even I want to say I won :-P

  • Abdurehman

    I’d smash my S4 to bits if I won this thing!

  • A Zamari

    This phone really best.. but… Scalpers in my country are selling it way too expensive. Damn, how can I buy this phone???

    • Kenrick Fernandes

      how much is the scalper selling it @

  • sai prithvi raj


  • Arun maurya

    this is 3rd oneplus one giveway i hope i win this time

  • Dan George

    itd be nice to win this cause i havent had a phone in two years :O or an xperia z2 :D

  • Ashwin Francis

    wanna win cuz i dont have a smartphone

  • Dan George

    itd be awesome to win this ^_^ i havent had a phone in two years :O i wouldnt mind an xperia z2 either XD

  • ashlee 1997

    who won the last one?1

  • Kezn Teh

    just drop my galaxy nexus and screen cracked 4 days ago… using an old school Song Ericson K510i now… hopefully lucky enough to win this as a new replacement phone good luck everyone :)

  • bimal cb

    want to win this flagship killer

  • Vladimir Bejat

    I hope to win….Because my Huawei y 300 is terrible…

  • Christian Turchetti

    good luck

  • Arnold Abando

    Try and try. Never give up! :D
    Thumbs up AA! :)

  • fordcom

    My Galaxy S2 is too old for my liking… lol

  • izzulazim

    never lose hope, seriously.

  • Deborah Petrillo

    partecipo ^^

  • Kritin Agarwal

    i need one badly :o

  • Job Koshy

    Guess i will never win an online Giveaway

    • Keshav Nayak

      me too

    • Deon

      I don’t think I will either

    • goutham

      join the club

    • Same here..

    • Atheist

      ‘Tech Reviewers’ seem to have MUCH better ‘Luck’ than us REAL people, for some strange reason. [>:-

      • Arif Raza

        Same here I’m with you guys :P

    • Job Koshy

      Welcome to the club People.

    • Gustavo Sla

      you’ll do

  • maybe this time…?

  • Amila Kapukotuwa

    People be like ‘I’m bored with my iPhone 5s/ my note 3 is too big for my liking and hope i win this time’. Sigh.

    • Ognjen

      That’s my case, I was bored with my iPhone 5s, and then I got Note 3 and it is too big, so I want some other phone, but I don’t know what to get :(

      • Amila Kapukotuwa

        Awesome. me too (y)

    • Ognjen

      And the worst thing is that 1 day ago I broke my s-pen :((((

  • John Lee

    3rd time lucky? ;)

  • mckenzhie

    Hope i can win… ^-^

  • mckenzhie

    Hope i can win because I can’t buy my own cellphone hehehe… because I’m just a ki… only 13 yeara old…. :p .. hahah I’m one of the most fan of ANDROID AUTHORITHY…. ^-^

  • mckenzhie

    Because I’m just a kid….. only 13 years old… ^-^..
    Sorry for the mistakes…

  • Gashian Cotton

    pretty awesome phone

  • Marzuki A

    Let me win!!! Please!!!

  • Ran

    i have a broken galaxy note 2 ineed the one plus one

  • Ibrahim

    please android authority …
    lemme win this phone ..

  • Samith Ravishana

    need more luck

  • Aleks

    Let the chaos begin

  • Ramtin Mesgari

    Phone of the year!

  • RP

    It was nice if I could retire my Samsung omnia II (it doesn´t want to die!!)

  • Matteysan

    Good luck everyone!

  • Jai

    Great phone, really like it, just hope for the nubia to be reviewed soon, as it also deserves it.

  • Рахымжан

    Will I have a chance to win without inviting anybody?

  • Major

    There is a fact that says if you say you don’t win you actually might win.

  • ImAnurag

    Good luck to me and all :)

  • Ahmad

    Just another trial :(

  • Prabhath Teja

    hope that i win this time …

  • Marko Hologram Antolić

    Wow 3rd OPO giveaway, I guess the demand for this phone is really high. I hope I win, I still use LG P500 I need to upgrade.

  • wrathy

    Hope some one receives it, or it might be out of stock!

  • Lentrail Smooth

    I never win

  • Kalen G

    Hope I win this beauty! Truly a revolutionary device!

  • cristina

    stunning liked and shared

  • Kamil

    And this 1 + one goes to… Lithuania!

  • Thomas Beaver

    cool phone good luck and me :)

  • blaggins

    I’m 100% sure that people use bots to join these contests in large numbers, of course that will always be a problem with these things. But I’m still joining, at least for that one in a million chance. :)

  • jariwala hiren


  • IcedRainbow

    Good Luck!!!

  • romahnae

    where do i enter?

  • carltodasco


  • Kelvin Xin

    #AndroidAuthority #OnePlusOne #International #Giveaway #Immagonnawin

  • Mustafa Haider

    I am badly in need of this phone. Please give me one.

  • Izwanhyde

    I hope i win this awesome giveaway, :-)

  • Cogito Ergosum

    thanks for chance!!!

  • Edgar Yuji Egawa

    This one is mine

  • loop6719

    i never know if my entries go in.
    I click ‘enter to win’ and all I see is that I have 2 entries, but nothing confirms to my eyes that I have entered. I just keep clicking and nothing happens. What gives? I use my email address, and not f-book. I do have ABP, which may have something to do with it?

  • Ivan Carmann

    Good luck everyone!

  • cs

    cant make and entry

  • nabin Bhandari

    big hope this time…
    really need

  • dayana lopes


  • Aman Surana

    Why do Indian’s never win?

    • Nikhil Jain

      Kismat padyishi kharab h………… cant help dat :p

  • Ricky Singh

    Hope hope and just hope that i will win this thing ever

  • Jasmeet singh

    jst hope is not enough there should be luck to win this thing….coz it never settle..lolz

  • Guest

    I don’t know if this normal or not. But it seems like I can’t find the input box for email to enter like the past giveaways does. Any help, please? :)

  • Daffa Alif Pratama

    I don’t know if this normal or not. But it seems like I can’t find the input box for email to enter like the past giveaways does. Any idea? :)

  • Richie

    never won anything…

  • Matthew Burr

    I’ll win eventually, right?

  • aashish

    how come i never win..dayummm

  • Dutchy

    #fingerscrossed!! :D

  • Ismail Ullah

    atleast may win this time

  • David Foggia

    I want this phone so bad. I’m praying that I win

  • xperia zr

    I want this phone.I desperately need this beast

  • Lance Ty Jose

    come on guys give this to me :(

  • Nikhil Narkhede

    This time . Please GOD Please :-)

  • Abraham

    When I can win one?

  • Grail0375

    Hopefully third time’s a charm. Good Luck! :)

  • Ja’Nae

    I want to win….pick me pick me

  • rabah baby

    we can do this the easy way or the hard way
    the easy way is you
    giving me this phone 0_o , The hard way would be you not giving
    it to me witch will result in me crying my eyes out T_T and we both know
    that we dont want to deal with the hard way …. just saying
    ………… no pressure

  • Song Cheng

    good luck to everyone :D

  • Nebico

    Can I get one “+1” for my comment here? (pun intended) :P

  • Magda


  • Gabriel Ortiz

    I never win…smh

  • Orion

    Pls OnePlusOne!my galaxy s2 is very old.don’t have money to buy new..

    • Atheist

      Same here, bud. That’s what I have the Samsung Galaxy S2. The OnePlus would definitely be a nice upgrade. =D

      Good luck to you too, my brother! =)

      • Facundo

        Ha! noobs, i have a Samsung Galaxy Fame. I wish i get the OnePlus One.

        Good luck to you two!

        • Atheist

          Thanx so much, bro. Good luck to you, also. :-)

  • Muamer Hajdarević


  • give a Malaysian people chance to win this amazing phone “

  • Whats_all_this_then

    Come on Joe Hindi, you know you want to give the phone to me ;)

  • vatsal

    Wanna win that

  • Angelo Blerpa Allegra

    Woot! I want it!

  • T

    Your chance is net even a half percent to win this thing! And there are 5 days left… Good luck!

  • JustSteve

    Randomly browses the net, finds OnePlus One giveaway on Friday.
    Thinks: ‘Giveaway every Sunday? Cool! I’ll try next Sunday!
    Next Sunday: OnePlus One giveaway. No harm in trying! (Tries and fails)
    Better luck next time :(
    Next Sunday: OnePlus One giveaway

  • Varun Kumar

    I wish its me please and best of luck to all u people too

  • king Smoke


  • Alain Lafond

    Here, here…

  • romahnae


  • Jaren Thrash

    Hope I win, I have no phone right now

  • People seem to be bored of their relatively new devices and want this one. I’m here staying up to date by reading technology and rocking an SII with Cyanogen :/ they serious?

  • Jose Maraj

    good luck y’all:)

  • Fernando Garcia

    Hi Android Authority team look I am having a hard time getting a phone with the money and all it’s a lot of work and stress you know so I have entered a lot of your giveaways fo the phone and also other sites for an invite and I even joined the OnePlus One Forums and a lot of other things just to get this phone and it’s pretty hard on you know I have joined alll your phone giveaways but I haven’t won I even share it with my friends with the link ,so am really hoping that you guys read this and can halp me out or at least thing about it guys please and by the way your reviews and everything are awesome soo…….keep up the good work guys and again I hope you can read this and help me out.

  • my chance to win 1:40284 im sure im gonna get it huehuehuehuehue

  • Jens Bergsma

    Actually i just want to get rid of my s3 for a proper phone… guess it will never happen… 8,(

  • Alvaro Hinojosa


  • Y

    Lololol 0.004% chance of winning good luck fools and yea writing an essay comment will def help the random generator choose u.

  • K. Saif

    New here! :D
    So far this is the first giveaway ive entered.
    Love Android Authority :)

    • K. Saif

      Also have both entries earned :D
      Trying to share to as many friends as possible :)

  • Nishant

    Has anyone from South East Asia ever won a giveaway?

  • Arif Raza

    Hell Yeah I Never Win :D aaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh

  • antwan

    Hope to win dont care if color os or cyn. Model

  • mohammad

    Me …. :D

  • jak


  • Ariel Abella

    dreaming for this phone, wish wish it could be mine

  • Jinyoung Lee

    Wow good luck

  • Amal Ranjan

    I badly need a smartphone right now… :'(

  • hector

    Please choose me, that phone is an excellent option to buy or to give to anyone. It can’t be the best on the market but for me it is.

  • procoder

    give me one one plus one or an invite…pls

  • Elblaze Colon

    One Plus one :) good luck ppl…

  • Chirag Tandon

    i really want to win this awesome phone……

  • fordcom

    Hope I wins this PHONE… oops

  • Dor Fogel

    Need 1+ invite please.

  • Ilham Prabaswara

    Is the maximal entries only 2?

  • Abhinandan Shetty

    all the best to me XD

  • Shah Shah

    i want it

  • lakshay

    Guys ,i think its mater of luck for all of us out of 43000 we have just a hope to win. But realy guys this is an great phone .best of luck to all my fellow beings ………

  • Geo I

    Third time I’m trying to win OnePlus One. I want it just cause it’s new and have a nice package:) In fact, my SGS4 is enough for me.
    Good luck for everyone!

  • George Kargbo

    I would so love to win the new One Plus One phone.

  • Chirag Tandon

    gud luck everyone

  • Piyush B. Joshi

    Man I cant wait for the results :D I want this phone baaaadly!!!! I am in love with it<3 :P

  • Abhinav s. patil

    one plus one plus one ts three now

  • Girly Droid

    OK, this is actually cool. Instead of an invite, you can get the actual phone. Thanks, guys!

  • Robobobot

    Still using xperia X8 on android 1.6 (downgrade), hopping i will get the oneplus one as replacement :P

  • Nikesh Parmar

    Winning this would make my day :)

  • Mohamed Ismail


  • Shamant B Naik

    Its a giveaway for invite or giveaway of phone??

  • Den D.

    how about a no? haha >:)

  • Sam

    If you think about it it’s kind of a ripoff to share the post for 10 extra tickets. If 10 people join the entry they have a chance to enter twice (just like you) so that’s 20 more competing entries against your own. You get 10 entries in exchange for 20 competing ones. And that’s not including anyone else who clicks on your link and enters that you don’t get compensation for. No thanks. I’d rather be greedy and have my 2 entries =P fingers crossed. Lol

  • Tye Obiks

    please please please

  • Guest

    This phone is awesome

  • Said Marques

    I realy need a phone. I can’t. Eford a phone plz I realty need to win.

  • Nicholas Yan

    Pick me

  • 山月 シン

    just comment :)

  • Dan George

    i was wondering if i won would people be able to reach me on disqus?

  • Piyush B. Joshi

    Anyone knows when the results will be out?

    • Jack

      In 3 Days

  • Jeraldine Magat

    how would you know if how many entries youve earned???

  • George Economou

    a re tixere manoli :P

  • Mark Nambatac

    64Gb :O

  • JohnyNightcore

    My actual phone is samsung gt c3530 x_x so I really want a smartphone.

  • Varun Rathod

    lets see who win the giveaway….

  • Ruchir Agashe

    plzz..still waiting for Lg OB replacement :(

  • nauman

    atleast this one

  • Tushar Bhatt

    I don’t have a phone yet, I really want this

    Please choose me

  • lakshay

    Hope i won this phone

  • Chirag Tandon

    this is a really awesome phone and i desperately want to win it.

  • jishnu

    please let me have a phone i dont have a phone

  • Destiny

    Well It Would Be Nice To Win . Some people Cant Afford For A Nice Phone Like The 1+ . A Lot Of People Enter For This Limited Offer It Would Be Nice To Have More Than One Winner .

  • Yvena Roses


  • Edmond Leung

    I subscribed & downloaded. . SOS. Help. Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!! Show me the money!!!
    It would be a dream come true & means more to me than anyone else to win. I
    don’t have much in life. No money, girlfriend, friends, house, life, job,
    career, hope, future, etc. If I miss this one, I will never get a chance
    in my lifetime to get a fine, fine, fancy , new oneplus-one-64gb- :(
    Starving artist here desperately needs the oneplus-one-64gb- to work
    & eat again. Winner, winnner. Chicken dinner. A life changing experience.
    Top of my bucket list. Thanks for the awesomeness, the contest, &
    generosity. Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this

  • Ibad Kn

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  • akeem

    Wish me luck :)

  • Andra Black

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  • Hardik

    commenting daily…
    hoping to be the lucky one to win the contest..

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  • Good luck to everyone!

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  • Magnolia Stalpert

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  • Jenni Barreca

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  • Joana-ann Perea

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  • Javier Lim Jun

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  • zoar

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    Damn really want to get this phone

  • sachin

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  • Faizal Shaikh

    I want to have ths killer flagship to make the others go stand byyeee………Want it !!!!!

  • Aniket Udare

    i guess at least this time i win

  • Tony Stark

    Fingers Crossed !

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    Would really love to win one of these great prizes, I’ll keep entering maybe one day!! Good luck to everyone entering!!

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    My birthday is on Sunday, hopefully I win hehe…

  • A Zamari

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  • Whats_all_this_then

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    till now 75000 entries were entered a bit of chance to win

  • Chirag Tandon

    Still waiting for the winner announcement..

  • Llewen C. Garcia

    I really hope they can send this to the Philippines, because Joshua is Filipino. I can’t afford a phone that is more than $110.

  • kalyan jyoti

    Kash mai jeet jau (hope i will win this giveaway) lakin kabhi aisa hota nahi hai (bt this never happns) Hindi to english

  • kahlilalexis

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    Good luck everybody!

  • Roberto Valle

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  • Andre Mac Ka Back

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    and that amazing price

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    i really want to try this phone. please give me an invitation code if i cannot win this phone :)

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  • Atheist

    Good luck to everyone here! I’d be extremely proud of whomever the winner may turn out to be! :-D

  • DynamicAdrenaline

    Good Luck Everyone!
    Thanks to Android Authority for these great giveaways!

  • Ish joisher

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  • luka

    whell im stuck with a broken lumia 820 and dont have the cash for a new phone so yeah…but i have been eyeballing this phone for like 2 months now. just slobbering over it on youtube reviews -.-

  • Good luck to everyone :D

  • Oscar Parada

    Ok about an hour remaining who will win!?

  • arpit

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  • Gowri Shankar

    My goodness 172,054 entries.. I guess the largest entries for android authority Sunday giveaway.. No other android authority’s giveaway caught so much attention except for giving away one plus one and more and two and a half times the previous week’s participation.. Truly it is the MOST WANTED device on this planet.. Indeed an amazing device.. Probably would take them couple of days to verify and pick up a winner anyway all the best to all the participants.. :)

  • Rasheeq Islam

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  • Gustavo Sla

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  • rahul Vijay

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    hope at least this time it is me
    i have entered almost all the androidauthority giveaways
    wish me luck

  • Risvegliare R

    dang it another lost, oh well…. just have to buy the moto G then.

  • Andre McCormack

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  • Andre McCormack

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  • Lucy Pin

    how do u know if u r the winner

    • Lucy Pin

      lk do they email u?

  • Andre McCormack

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  • Lucy Pin

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  • Andre McCormack

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  • Andre McCormack

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  • Andre McCormack

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