OnePlus One (64GB) International Giveaway!

by: Derek ScottJuly 13, 2014

oneplus one unboxing (25 of 29)
Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, the place where we giveaway a cool Android or tech gadget each and every Sunday. Last week’s winner of the OnePlus One is: Blazej R.(Poland). Congratulations Blazej, enjoy your new OnePlus One!

Based on the turnout last week it’s quite clear everyone is looking to get their hands on the OnePlus One so this week we decided to give you all another chance. We have the phones on hand and will be shipping it out immediately to the winner.

OnePlus One

The OnePlus One is one of the most talked about smartphones of 2014. Dubbed the “2014 Flagship Killer” the OnePlus One offers top of the line specs at a very affordable price point coming in at $299 (16GB) and $349 (64GB). Not only has this phone disrupted the industry with its price point it also has created a ton of buzz and controversy with its invite system.

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  • The giveaway is an international giveaway (Except when we can not ship to your Country.)
    • If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
  • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
  • You must be age of majority in your Country of residence.
  • We are not responsible for any duties, import taxes that you may incur.
  • Only 1 entry per person, do not enter multiple email addresses. We will verify all winners and if we detect multiple email addresses by the same person you will not be eligible to win.
  • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.

Full terms & conditions and FAQ | Past giveaway winners

  • Abdurehman

    For once I’d like to win at something just so I can say “Hey! I Won!”

    • neki6169

      I just don’t beleave winning anything for FREE! This is not another scam. I entered the contest, but ….

      yes and I would like FOR ONCE in my life to win something!

      • Mary Vantil

        You have to enter to win and the more you enter the better the chance of winning something

        • Vince Luu

          you done say!

          • Dexter Belgrade

            he done goof’d

        • Faheem Ahmad Ansari

          No bro…. each entry is mutually exclusive…. so if u r not destined to win it …u will not win it….but if its written for u, it cant escape from u….(but we never give up) :)

      • Dian Anggara Prima

        If both of you are the winner, means i don’t get the phone! graahhhh….. :p

    • me 2.

      • Angad Singh

        Hope I win this. I always wanted a good phone with better specs. One plus one is the best phone till date. Being in India, we don’t get to see good phones like one plus one. Hope I win this! Phone It’ll be the best gift for my sister.

    • Maryam Wakili

      totally agree with you

    • luqman_98

      Same here…….

      Good luck everyone :)

    • Thor Jane

      Who wouldn’t…

    • Suraj Patel

      I just think if you don’t try then already put off the race but if you enter the contest then may be just may be you might win lol

    • epicman

      Same here

    • Sanjay Ea

      u say that but give me the device
      juz kidding….:p

    • robert

      i already won a 60″ TV from LG so no i dont think all these giveaways are prank.

      • xdanek

        Where did you win TV ?

      • rohith

        datz cool hope i do win sme day!!

  • rohith

    haha dats pretty cool people dying 4invites u ppl doin invites keep rocking!!!

  • ForgedMemories

    Another chance for OnePlus One!!! I really want that. :3

  • Cloaker

    Better than OnePlus One giveaway…..they literary had a giveaway for a single invite, it wasn’t even a phone -.-
    Anyway you guys rock…it’s very nice of you to keep giving away pretty expensive stuff for free for your fans.

  • Shaun Nicholson

    I’ve never won anything but it doesn’t stop me trying lol

  • edinnnKS

    Make me happy :)

  • Grail0375

    Good Luck! So say we all!

  • dreign

    hope i win

  • Al-Mothafar M. Al-Hasan

    OnePlus One, I hope that I’m The One who win This One :P

  • swapnil

    Why no Indian gets lucky? Plz send it once to India :)

  • Jayesh Kanodia

    Good luck peeps!!! Thank you ‘ATeam’

  • Rahul R

    I have been participating from the first giveaway.. Still no luck.. and No Indian too.. Please make an Indian win..

    • Saurabh Shrivastava

      Exactly! I have been trying since beginning too! No luck !

    • Kevin Antiquera Cosa

      Don’t lose hope. I just won a Note 3 from this Giveaway last December 2013. :)) And Im from Philippines.

      • Kevin Elestevy Jimenez

        I won an HTC one the week before that note n.n from mexico

      • Balvinder Makkar

        probability of this event is close to zero..:-P
        That’s why i never hope to win one
        U are very luck dude

  • Your newsletter link is broken :D

  • adrian

    Wanting this phone so badly. This is really a good phone. Thank you AA for giving us chance to win this phone though I haven’t win. Been entering for awhile now. Hope this phone would be a birthday present for me. Hope i can win this one.

  • Tomas Chua Jr

    I want this!!!

  • Harichandra Shirodkar

    Entered through rafflecopter widget…hoping to win it!!!

  • Revanth

    I need to win this at least. Got an invite not able to buy cos it does not ship to india.

    • manish

      give ur invite to me :P

    • MasterMuffin

      Sell it for $600+ on eBay, there are people who will buy it :)

      • Revanth

        holy shit really !!!!

        • MasterMuffin

          If I remember correctly someone bought one for $740 so yeah :D

          Edit. It seems the prices have come down due to more people selling it. You can still get a good amount of money though!

    • Subhan Mahmood

      Please send me the invite

  • Harkrishan Singh Matta


  • MasterMuffin

    This is my lucky day, I can feel it! Just ordered pizza and going to watch a movie, the awesome World Cup final is coming (Germany will win) and nothing can go wrong today :)

    • Jayfeather787

      Germany will win is what I think as well.

    • Anonymousfella

      Germany it’ll be! :D
      Although even I want Messi to score!

    • Amir

      i’m still following youuuuuu!

      • MasterMuffin

        And I’m still loving youuuu! (A song by scorpions :)

    • Kevin Elestevy Jimenez

      Oh shit it’s you!!! Lol

    • Juan A C

      Nope, the cup is Argentinian :D

      • Balvinder Makkar

        Exactly argentina deserves it…

      • MasterMuffin

        90 mins, still 0 – 0. Epic finale :)

        • Jayfeather787

          Germany scores.

          • MasterMuffin

            And wins!

      • Sergio Lujan

        They stole the cup

    • Follower

      Nope, the cup is Brazilian .. Oh wait!

    • Sas Luca

      Lol, me too, and Germany did won!

    • margaretjkoester

      My Uncle
      Riley got an almost new red GMC Canyon just by some parttime working online
      with a laptop. visit their website C­a­s­h­f­i­g­.­C­O­M­

  • Daniel Börresen

    Has a Swede ever won anything here? Will I be the first one?

    • MasterMuffin

      Swedes never win anything :)

      • Daniel Börresen

        Oh snap ;-)

  • neonoafs

    Never seen a South American winner, I want to be the first.

    • Francisco Enrique Perez Abreu

      Or Latin american…

  • JayLow666

    Come On Daddy Nedd A New Phone

  • sieeem

    asian winner?

  • Muamer Hajdarević

    good luck everyone :)

  • SoulRebel

    Has anyone from Asia won ever? Pick me! From Singapore.

  • Garland Wiersema

    Soooo, I really want this phone. Stupid invite system.

  • TiredSome

    Let me try my luck :D

  • Lucas Bullón

    I seriously want this phone!!!! It’s never going to come to argentina!

  • wat

    I have been participating from the first giveaway.. Still no luck.. and No English too.. Please make an English win..

  • I’m just trying to upgrade from my huawei u1000

  • Oto Rendon

    This never Will arrive to México, please give it to me

  • Angelo Blerpa Allegra

    Woot! I want this!

  • Anonymousfella

    This is probably the best chance to get my hands on this phone. Thanks, stupid invite system.

  • Ian Stringer

    Hope I win. Could use a shiny new toy.

  • Alex Fischer

    Another giveaway that I am not going to win !

  • Ayash

    A Nepalese Here. Never won From Nepal.

  • Abdulrhman Yousef

    i want to win this so hard

  • nese

    is the url that u share with friends the same one u get in your own confirmation email?

  • Wołodуmуr Koptaгenko

    Gratulacje Błażej ;D

  • Jayfeather787

    Let’s get this over with.

  • medel

    During the previous giveaway, I always open my eyes when joining this, now I close my eyes, hopefully my entry will be selected

  • adix1982

    Gratulacje Błażeju z Polski! (Congrats to the winner from my country – Poland :D )

  • Praja Calin

    Would sure like to be the first Romanian winner, but hey, with the amount of people gathering at these giveaways my chances are slim to none. Still it’s better than that stupid invite system. They should have called themselves OneMinus, because next to nobody can get their hands on one of these bad boys, unless they happen to be tech journalists. If you can somehow import it then it loses all of its appeal because by that time the price will have matched the likes of S5 & Co. Anyway good luck everybody! And the bragging rights go to…tune in next week :)

  • Philip Sempers

    Its my birthday today would be good a win of my favourite phone.

  • Marko Hologram

    Damn I want to win this phone so I can get rid of my old LG P500, my phone is dying slowly!

  • Orr.Penn.18

    Never seen an Indian win any giveaway! Let’s pin our hopes on this one! :D

  • Syed Sadman Hossain

    Yep, not winning this one either.

  • Give it to me, like always!

  • Job Koshy

    Never won a giveaway till now
    Like most of you guys
    It’s just awkward to go around with friends with a galaxy mini
    And One plus one’s not available in the UAE
    So hope to win
    At least once

  • Tinu Sharma

    i am crazy about this phone. there will be lots and tons of thanks if i ever win this phone. I just want this phone though i dont have money to buy this phone hehehe.. so giving a shot if i win this.OnePlus one damn good work on hardware, price and CM.. thanks again for introducing this phone to us. if i dont win this thing i am going to collect money in a jar until I hve enough money to buy it..

  • Chyan

    Damnit. Why ain’t I winning.

  • Chris Follette

    I enjoy entering these weekly draws every sunday gives me something to look forward to every weekend. Its engaging and fun to see ppl winning. What im yet to see is hear that someone from the caribbean win something for a change. Hopefully ill get lucky. Big up from Jamaica; keep up the great reviews

  • Jeffrey

    Never has anyone won from India! :( Hope, i ll be the 1st.. LOL #dreamscometrue! :P

  • nabin Bhandari

    dad – what are you doing?
    me – im trying to enter to win mobil?
    dad – haha you will never win it ?
    me – dad can you buy a new mobil for me so ?
    dad – no, i will never!!! YOU have mobil ?
    me – yeah, Nokia ? i want a new andriod phone, and you never buy for me ?
    dad – i dont have Money for buy new phone for you !!!
    me – okayyyyyy, soo dad can you just get the fuck out from my room so i can do this free enter to win a phone…
    HOPE <3

  • Basem Shams

    Sweet … entered! hopefully i win :D

  • priyanshu singh

    hey fnds pls help me to win this phn….i love this phn but don’t have a budget to buy this phn i got a golden chace to win this…….pls android authority if possible give this phn to me……..

    • You still couldn’t buy this phone even if you had a budget. Because its not open for public sale.

      • Vincent Emmanuel Lee

        Actually it is….

        • Yousef

          No it is not. There is an invite system. Use your head. I hate people like you.

          • Vincent Emmanuel Lee

            It is selling on oppomart.

      • priyanshu singh

        frnd i mean to say that i dont have a budget to buy any i really need this phn…pls anroid authry give this phn to me…….

      • priyanshu singh

        so what when it will be there in the market then also i will be unable to win it… make it a fun….and i really serious…i am trying to win…what is ur prblm??

    • Francisco Enrique Perez Abreu

      LOL is this a joke right? :pokerface:

      • priyanshu singh

        no it is not a joke i am serious…got it…!!

      • priyanshu singh

        no it is not a joke i am serious……i thing u r a joke frnd,,,,i want it badly… it!!

  • Sheleph

    Hey, why not?

    • Adon

      thats a nice sandwich

      • Sheleph

        Yes! Yes, it is my friend.

  • Gabriel Hwh

    Please let me win this awesome phone, that all I got to say! :D

  • Ashish Surin

    Hope so this tym I ll win . ;) I want one =P n one plus one is wat one need =P

  • nashit

    I think in the holy month of Ramadan… I will won

  • I wanna win this please because I don’t have enough money to buy new gadgets ;)))

  • German will win.. huhuh…

  • victoraps

    I don’t want it, INEED IT. Pick me.

  • Pulkit Jain

    Hope i become the first India to win this.
    Won’t stop trying :P

  • Jean Charles

    Cm’on Android Authority!!

  • Aurimas

    and again trying to win something

  • idontknow


  • Pollie Jayne Chua

    I don’t have a smartphone but I downloaded the Android Authority app on my mom’s smartphone ;)

  • Jon Kahl

    Win me!

  • Thomas Beaver

    if at first you don’t succeed try try again , good luck all and ME :)

  • peter

    Beggars stahp

  • Extra Waleed

    Did you ever choice a winner from the middle east?

  • Carlos Camilo

    c’mon xD

  • Woof

    Let me win, my dog can do backflips!

  • tklee

    Great phone!

  • D. Jackson

    Time to select a winner from maybe Europe, or Scandinavia? haven’t had any luck yet. ~I still believe~

  • UA

    i want this!

  • Bee

    This is so awesome you guys are doing it again thanks so much

  • luqman_98

    Malaysian! I want any Malaysian to win this!

  • yentrog31

    my phone is old

  • Fighter78

    i hope i’ll win it never won anything called “Giveaway” hope i do since i like that phone

  • A Zamari

    Is this something real for giveaway this phone?

  • Joey
  • falconer68

    I do not own an Android….how can I install something I don’t have…

  • Dan Katz

    Let’s give this another try.
    Want to win once and a one.
    Good luck.

  • Rohan J Singh

    has anyone from india ever won ?

  • raul rosas

    Hope to win and good luck to every body.

  • Carlos Jose Carvajal Alvarez

    Another one. Good luck everyone!

  • Hoping for the best! Especially after accidentally breaking my Nexus 7 :(

  • i won a loaf of bread once, this would be so much better.

  • Jobayer

    :) I know I won’t get it but just wanna try …

  • valentín

    I hope to win this time

  • Jasmeet singh

    Yoo…entered dn’t knw exactly how many time i enter in sunday giveaway..never won even a single time…but yea hope this time i get this in my hand..CHEERS…#OnePlusOne

  • Hitesh

    I hope i win :x

  • phlinuks

    I’m about to catch some pre-WC final sleep… but still found time for this! Oyasuminasai!!

  • Tushar Bhatt

    OMG!! Please, please choose me this time. i realy want this phone!

  • Nivedit Majumdar

    Please. Just this once. Let me succeed in winning something!

  • procoder

    give me one..plss :(

  • Gaynor Grant

    Great comp! Liked and Shared!

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    i have never seen anyone ever wrote “Hey I won”
    but please select me may i could be that first person

  • tony solinan

    Well here I go again for the Sunday giveaway,so I will have to do it every week like always, so maybe this week o might win!

  • tony solinan

    I get a bonus entry as I have the AA app,over a year and the newsletter, so I’ll have another go to win!

  • zion4887

    Make it happen

  • Noy

    Hope I’ll win this time.

  • Sergii

    Hope I’ll win this time [2]

  • Naji

    Derek, could I get an invite? I really want this phone.

  • Bryan

    I’ve been entering the giveaways for a year already and never won. And my chances aren’t getting any better the more people join.

  • Kostya Finchuk

    64 GB-super !

  • Vincent Goh

    When will it be mine? Participated in most of the giveaway. So far 0 luck. What about giving me a gift? Birthday coming soon!

  • homicidaLemur

    Błażej, ty draniu! :D

  • Aditya Thakker

    What a good day it is!
    One Plus One giveaway and Fifa World Cup.

  • Karl Berg

    Time to upgrade from my Gnex :)

  • Aditya Gupta

    Please let me win atleast this time! :/

  • KillEmAllx

    I want this phone so bad…

  • Lenka Halouzkova

    Ireland for change??

  • Beyar Asketchian

    Hey everyone best of luck for y’all and me :)

  • Nebico

    Those who have won, please comment here buddy. Give us hope, and your secret tips (importantly).

  • Fingers crossed.

  • philnolan3d

    I’m pretty happy with my Note 3 but my friend wants one of these so I’m hoping to win one for him.

  • Brandon Harhi

    I’d love the opportunity to get rid of my lg motion.

  • Chirag Jain

    meanwhile i was wondering what if i have the AA app already installed on my phone ?
    do i need to reinstall it?
    or only clicking the link and getting redirected is enough for registering the entry?

    7hrs and 26k entries
    *flips the table*

  • Dimitris Dafalias™

    Agreed Abdurehman!

  • Darius

    if i won a contest, i would be soooo happy.

  • Kendall Núñez

    my nokia 1112 is needing some vacations ones and for all!

  • abdessamad

    best giveawayyy untl nnow

  • Alex Joseph

    I have “Hope”

  • Slavik Davydov

    I want this phone!

  • Richard Darrington

    I’d love to work for the company . how about a tele interview with my new device

  • Rahul

    One Plus One please !

  • Adon

    Still Love this Phone,but it like a dream,you have to beg for it. oH WELL.

  • shlk7

    2/27396 (at time of entering)

    • Adon

      If you checked the 2500 invites to buy the phone. The Entries total came to 500762 entries. They arent exploiting their position at all.

  • George Mwawaza

    Wooohhh!!!! Nimeshinda..

  • David Foggia

    Would love this phone. Cheers guys

  • Abdulaziz

    I really hope I win. Ever since I joined I haven’t won a single thing.. But I would really like to win this one plus one.. I really like the phone.

  • Adon

    mee pleaseee

  • James

    Good luck everyone!

  • Mohammed Hakeem

    I hope I win this one :(

  • Jai

    I sure hope, that Android Authority gets a hold of the Nubia soon, would love a review on that, Oh, and id like to win the OnePlus too.

  • Maciek Olechowski

    Testing my luck :)

  • Luka Mihelič

    Here goes nothing..winning nothing.

  • Alex

    i can’t win

  • wezi427

    Bring it on!

  • Giupy 99

    404 luck not found, please Android Authority help me searching it :) Thanks anyway in advance :P

  • Lucas


  • Juan Alberto Gutiérrez Flores

    Hope win….regards

  • Malek Marican

    I love Android Authority for its reviews and also for its GIVEAWAYS! You guys are AWESOME!

  • manal

    i hope that i win this giveaway!

  • Edmond Leung

    Germany will win. . Thanks for
    the awesomeness, the contest, & generosity.

  • zaid fareeq

    :) maybe this time

  • PapaCabs Cabling

    Awesome. Nice phone… So elegant

  • Wytek

    maybe this time maybe this time maybe this time….

  • Umer Mughal

    I never win…=(

  • Arif Raza

    Joined, I never win :P wish to win something from #Android

  • Do we get an invite as well, in the event that we win?

  • angelique king

    i would love it if you chose me! my phone is really bad and it doesn’t let me call people, so it would be awesome if you chose me.

  • Albert

    I wish i could get it…haha…

  • rslh

    OPO for the win.

  • thepowerof

    I hope I win!

    Sent from my Oneplus One.

  • Mel.K

    Wish I could win.

  • izzulazim

    HOPE. Never give up.

  • Ayman Ezzat

    So good phone

  • wiz_kid


  • Yves

    i wold like have this phone.

  • tishabarr216

    Woo hoo! Another one plus giveaway!

  • mrjayviper

    I won a chromecast a fe months ago. biggest thing I won so far when it comes to tech gadgets :)


    I am game.

    Ian B

  • Craig Lawrence


  • Apocalypses Victor Oineza

    Thanks for a wonderful opportunity Android Authority

  • Chas Wilyum

    Thanks for the invite Android Authority, would definitely like to win so just send it over, take care!

  • Arya Aja

    yess i won .. #justkeepdreamingjustkeepdreaming

  • tardis 13

    It is the ONE….

  • manal

    OMG! there’s more than 36138 enteries how can i win :o

  • dcx126

    Good luck to everybody!

  • Ivan Carmann

    I would like to win for once. Anyway is really hard since the statistics don’t help at all. Best of luck for everyone. :)

  • Kalen Gmanny

    I would like to win this beaut for sure (though I have entered all the contests so far to no avail)

    • IsaacLHawk

      Google is paying 80$ per hour! Work for few hours>>CLICK NEXT TAB FOR MORE INFO AND HELP

  • Ralm Eldross

    I wish I can win. :D

  • Johnny Knocc Out Jackson

    I have been trying to get this phone the moment I heard of this amazing phone,but have had no luck. I have a Samsung galaxy s2,I know I’m behind its starting to give me problems ,so I would love to win this phone. Good luck to everyone.

  • aditya harindar


  • Shahzaib Iqbal

    Please guys..lemme win something first time in life…never won anything or prize in my life :(

  • RB Shah

    i want to hear “Oh shit it’s you!!! Lol

  • danny

    One plus one

  • Curly

    Good luck to everyone, probably won’t win when everyone’s spamming forums with their own share links.

  • TheSony/AppleFanatic

    This is my chance… Time to win big. Or medium big.

  • TheSony/AppleFanatic

    How does this giveaway ALREADY have 38k entries?! Omg. The odds. I can feel them lowering down my back.

  • tarun

    No one ever wins from India.

  • Robyn

    Wish me luck!

    • VickieFCameron

      Google is paying 80$ per hour! Work for few hoursand have more time with friends & family! On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover>>CLICK NEXT TAB FOR MORE INFO AND HELP</b

  • Fucckin blazej r

    Fuck that guy, blazej r. Amirite?

  • Navin

    WoW !! one plus one…

  • Yazdi Malu

    Keeping my fingers crossed !! This is an awesome gizmo. !!!

  • John Sousa

    Hi guys i’m brazil and like win this is concurse . im crazy for One plus onde .. !

  • Den D.

    pls pls pls….

  • Samjhana Dahal

    Germany, for sure!!

  • A Zamari

    Remember ok, Only 1 entry per person :)

  • Aleks

    this time will be mine 1+ 1 :P

  • Dark Moyan

    I just want this one so badly ;)

  • i’m-done-with-haters

    lol why is every body hating down in the chat?
    be happy you have a chance to win something… even when it’s a small thing!!!
    in holland we got a saying “een gegeven paard niet in de bek kijken” it simply means dont be dissapointed with anything you get!!!

  • Sam Nicko

    Totally NEED Flagship KILLER! This baby is badass! LOVE IT!

  • Slkie

    Let me just enter…. Maybe I’ll be the first Nigerian to win something here…. Maybe! Just maybe!

  • sead

    lets try again ;)

  • Daniel Sloan

    This phone rules, never stop giving these away.

  • persona

    Let’s try..

  • Aman Surana

    Why Indians never Win?

  • Anurag Thomson

    Hello android authority guys,

    Im back again
    Didnt win the last giveaway….hoping to get the flagship killer(1+1) this time and kill some flagships!!

    Oh please let me be the winner.plz plz

  • Ankiarah

    will be this time? ;)

  • Jenni Barreca

    I hope win :)

  • Rahul Ratan

    That’s the number of entries i got and total is
    I need god to be with me to win this giveaway ;)

  • OPOfan

    I keep trying but my guess is i’ll never be able to win one of these raffles lol

  • Shah Shah


  • swamy

    Man this is like ,(oh i lost the count), giveaway I’m entering. Hope i win this time.

  • Gaurang Lakshane

    For the record, the chances of winning one here is more than the probabllity of getting an invite

  • olearc

    Reason for entering: i hate my old Sony xperia mini, i vant even root it!

  • Jocelio Sousa

    Because I want to win? Because I can not stand being bullied because of my smartphone with Android 2.3 ginger!

  • Aniket Udare

    never seen an Indian winner
    Hope this time it is me and i from India

  • Really cool to always see you guys doing giveaways like this :)

  • Arvin Jhann

    Hope to be the next Winner of this awesome gadget! God Bless us all guys! God Bless AndroidAuthority :)

  • Con Farina

    I’ve been using my samsung galaxy y for almost 4 years
    I need this one badly :(

  • Martin Boyle

    64Gb O.O my god its beeautifullll…

  • Joewithafro

    I would download your app but you see I have no phone XD

  • Joseph Jagatic

    Hopefully a Win win for a one plus one!

  • International giveaway? Okay, I’m in! Take my entries!

  • swaroop

    Chances of winning Oneplus One here is higher than actually getting an invite to buy it.

  • Yagna sri Chivukula

    At least this time please !

  • Raj

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  • kalyan jyoti

    thr wll be only one winner of one plus…n rest of all r going to use in hindi “humey kya milla baba ji ka thullu” LOL no u will get one of the best site whic is givingway free smrtphnes :D share to ur fb account everywhere cause if u will share this site i think u will be able to win one day…. BEST of luck :D

  • Faheem Ahmad Ansari

    Amazing to see 50000 entries on 1st day for this phone…..looks like everybody wants it… so do I :)

  • Sachin

    Would be great to get my hands on this almost mythical device considering it’s the international version.

  • Harvie Boles

    Will you be mine? :/

  • The other day I found an UP band by Jawbone. I searched for the person to give it back to for three days and finally found her. It feels so good to do nice things for random people. :)

  • i will win something someday.
    and will never stop trying so that i can reach that day someday.

  • Levi Wakeford


  • Gomezgani Phiri

    cant an african win this for once :/

  • Chetzz Ramdewor

    i would love to own this device :D

  • Danny Casteen

    I shared on twitter and FB but did not get the credit in the entry

    • P.L.

      I think people have to actually enter the draw via your link before you get bonus entries.

      • Danny Casteen

        Oh didn’t know that, thanks

  • Rose

    would love to be the first one of my friends to have one of these

  • Gil Alexandel German Zorrilla

    I Love this site and the Android App is really good actually, I Didnt expect to use it as most i use now so… Thumbs Up!

  • Is Philippines included on your International Giveaway? Thanks!

    • luqman_98

      Yes, every country in the earth….

  • Guest

    i would love it if you chose me! my phone is really bad and it doesn’t let me call people, so it would be awesome if you chose me. my phone is also really slow and bearly usable, plus it has a really bad battery life.

    • angelique

      this guess user is me.

  • angelique

    i would love it if you chose me! my phone is really bad and it doesn’t let me call people, so it would be awesome if you chose me. my phone is also so slow its bearly usable, plus it has a very short battery life.

  • Dhaval.K

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  • Nawng Hkio

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  • peter


  • rm -rf /*

    I noticed that in the picture the phone is running Colour OS. Is this the Colour OS version or the CM11SCM11S version?

  • Ruvim

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    Don’t you think I deserve to win this time???? I used to count them but now I lost count :( I think 60 giveaway loses. At this point I wouldn’t mind winning a used Galaxy S3 rather than this brand new amazing flagship killer snapdragon 801 phablet. :( :( :(

  • cristina

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  • I hope i win this “one” and it’d be my first smart phone.

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  • “2014 Flagship Killer”…

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  • Solaris Emporium

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  • Bashar Saabi

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    Help me get a newer phone DX

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  • Good luck to everyone :)

  • disqus_SiaWkgGNMY

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    In need of a new phone since my iPhone’s home button is almost impossible to use. Have been wanting to make the jump to android for a while.

  • Ubayd’Allah A. Ansari

    I really hope i win this.. But im not sure even if i won it will u be able to send it to my country.. If by any chance i do win and i can’t receive my prize id like to be informed so that i could tell u about my whereabouts as im travelling just in a week to India.. Thanks alot!

    • Ubayd’Allah A. Ansari

      Sorry for all that!

  • Андрей МАЛАХОВ
  • rezwan

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  • Ahmad

    I always say I won’t enter any contest because I have never won anything for free but there is always something makes me participate.

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    I need this one and please FYI I am from Pakistan and I may be the first one to get this

  • UsedToWanted

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  • Dushyant_C

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  • AvalancheRyder

    If I ever got my hands on one of these, I would smash it in protest. I really have had enough of this company. The worst is how they make a big deal out of how they are cutting out the middleman, like distributors, retailers, etc. Take a quick look on eBay and you’ll see that many people are either selling a brand new unopened OnePlus One, or they are selling their invite, both at a hefty markup. If only OnePlus could build a system that cut out the price gougers too. I would have happily paid a bit more to get it through a retailer at a lower price than these price gougers are selling for. At this point, I’ve lost interest.

  • Nenad

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    I don’t care if this is a scam or not. but I have hope. that’s enough

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  • fyeahimawesome

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    want to have one

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    just want to be the winner please…

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    and if I’m lucky enough I’ll be the first Indian winner :)

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  • Fucking manolis x.


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