OnePlus teases One CyanogenMod phone with 2014 flagship specs

by: Shawn IngramJanuary 22, 2014


OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone company founded by a former Oppo executive, promises that it’s first CyanogenMod smartphone will have only the best specs and components.

In a recent Facebook update the company said the OnePlus One, it’s first-ever smartphone will “be built using only the best components and 2014 flagship specs, both inside and outside.” There’s no hint as to what that means, but it leaves plenty of room to speculate.

The OnePlus One will probably come out sometime in the second quarter of 2014, so it’s reasonable to say that it will have specs similar to other rumored smartphones coming in the next few months. That may include a Quad HD 1440 x 2560 display like the rumored Samsung Galaxy S5, likely with a massive pixel density, though without a screen size its hard to say just how many pixels it will have per inch. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor seems like an obvious choice as well.

OnePlus One specsPreviously, OnePlus said the One is “more attractive than just about any phone on the market, with the exception of maybe the iPhone.” That’s a pretty hard statement to live up to, but not impossible. It all depends on what you consider attractive, and what build materials you consider worthy of a flagship phone. Personally, if OnePlus can make a CyanogenMod phone that looks and feels as great a Nokia Lumia 920 or Lumia 925 it will have succeeded in that goal. As long as it doesn’t use glossy, cheap plastic like the Samsung Galaxy S4 it should be fine, though.

There’s no word on if the OnePlus One will ever make it outside of China when it launches. Given that that company is releasing teases on Facebook in English instead of on Sina Weibo in Chinese, however, a wider release doesn’t seem our of the question.

OnePlus’ most recent Facebook post lists the LTE bands the OnePlus One will support, which includes bands used by both AT&T and T-Mobile in the U.S. So even if the phone only comes out as an unlocked device, it will at least work on U.S. LTE networks. The Oppo N1, the only other CyanogenMod phone on the market, doesn’t support LTE in any country.

If the OnePlus One is as great as the company is teasing it will be would you buy one at full price (whatever that is)?

  • RiverdALIEN

    You’re asking me…. Will i buy a phone that there are no pictures of or official specs for? What kind of question is that

    • jeff


  • asdf

    REALLY?!?!? A SAMSUNG HATE JOKE BY THE WRITER?!?!? I really don’t get why so many people hate them, especially on an Android site like this…Just in case anyone forgot, the majority of Android’s success the past few years has been because of Samsung

    • T.J.

      Because they use glossy, church plastic like the article says. It’s really not that hard to use a better feeling/looking plastic. Motorola does it. Nokia does it. Even Apple does it. Why can’t Samsung?

      P.S. Touchwiz sucks.

    • cycad

      Because Samsung is a corrupt company with a history of bribery, monopolistic behavior, and false marketing. Oh yeah, they’re readying a new OS that they want to replace Android and Google. Still love them?! The question really should be why do you support them?

      • Paul Taylor

        He already answered that. Up until now they’ve promoted Android heavily and successfully against its competitors, so he feels it’s odd for an Android site to attack them. Perhaps it takes a company as ruthless as Apple to compete against Apple – perhaps we’ll find that out when they’ve left us high and dry. :-(

    • RanRu

      It’s hardly a Samsung hate joke. He’s just saying that their choice of plastics isn’t aesthetically appealing. Which it isn’t.

      That’s like confusing “I don’t like your hat” with “I despise you as a human being”.

  • Nexususer123

    Looking forward to this phone.

  • MadCowOnAStick

    “more attractive than just about any phone on the market, with the exception of maybe the iPhone.”

    as far as I know iPhones aren’t phones, they’re just a hunk of metal ;)

    • Jayfeather787

      Even a crappy paper weight. Can’t get anything right.

  • Jaun Lombard

    “feels as great a Nokia Lumia 920 or Lumia 925 it will have succeeded in that goal. As long as it doesn’t use glossy, cheap plastic like the Samsung Galaxy S4 it should be fine, though.”

    As far as I know the plastic of the Nokia and Samsung is the same….thus your its not cheaper plastic, but cheaper-looking plastic which Samsung use!

    Please amend your article!

    • Kash Gummaraju

      He may be referring to the way the plastic is used. On the galaxy series it’s flimsy and cheap feeling, but on the lumias it’s solid and durable and feels pretty good.

  • Hoggles

    So they are giving it an identical name to a rival manufacturer’s flagship phone….??

    Ummm…way to be creative guys.

  • dunhill225

    Do you keep your phone in some kind of case like 99.9877% of people do? Then who cares about what plastic is used? Idiotic.

    • WestFiasco

      I use cases, if I have to choose between two phones which are the same price or similar in price. All else being the same, the one with the more premium design will be bought. My reasoning would be, why does this cheap looking device cost this much compared to the premium looking one. It’s a rip off and they will not get my hard earned money.

    • T.J.

      I use my Moto X without a case. I will admit I ordered a leather sleeve to protect it when I’m not using it. I still get to look at/feel its beauty every time I use it though.

  • Paul Taylor

    The iPhone is attractive?

    • Jayfeather787

      No, not really. Like a said on another post, the HTC one…now that is a sexy phone. :)

  • apianist16

    What’s with naming it “The One”? Ummm, won’t that be just a little confusing? With HTC having already released a phone with that branding and possibly ready to release another “One”?

  • Android Developer

    Why do companies keep making weird phone names?
    OnePlus One?
    How would they call the next model after this device ?
    “OnePlus One 2” ? “OnePlus Two”?