One X Wi-Fi issues appear to be caused by an HTC hardware oversight

by: Chris SmithJune 11, 2012
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In case you own an HTC One X and you’re constantly struggling to get a decent Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth connection, then you need to know you’re not the only one experiencing such issues. In fact, it appears that it’s HTC to blame for your faulty connection, and while there is a way of fixing it – by taking the handset apart – you’d probably be better off contacting HTC and have them repair or replace you device.

A forum user at xda-developers thoroughly detailed his personal experiences with the handset, and shared with other One X owners various picture tutorials that could help them fix the problem. So far, there are as many as 10 distinct unofficial ¨how-to´s¨ for this particular matter and it looks like even HTC is monitoring the issue. Moreover, the thread itself, started only a week ago, is well over 42 pages, which means that various One X users are affected by Wi-Fi malfunction issues. The following is listed in that thread as a means of quick diagnosis:

However this thread is specifically for the confirmed (by the community & unfortunately me) hardware fault of a loose connection on the WIFI antenna.

If you are suffering from a really bad WIFI connection and think you may have this hardware fault, there is a simple test you can do.

The squeeze test.

Gently squeeze the side back of your phone, between the camera lens and the volume buttons, if your WIFI signal strength improves only to drop back down when you stop squeezing then you have this seemingly common fault. [See the following to better understand the “squeeze” test.

According to the thread (available here), there’s a connectivity issue between the Wi-Fi antenna and certain contact points inside the phone. Sure, the One X is not the first smartphone in the world to experience such issues, whether they’re related to WIFI, Bluetooth or 3G/4G connectivity, but it appears that unlike similar problems, this one can be solved either by HTC, a certified handset repair shop or by you. No official word yet from HTC whether it will fix this manufacturing issue so it won’t affect new One X buyers.

In case you’re thinking it’s not a big deal, then you should consider the fact that this benign Wi-Fi issue also affects battery life and overall 3G/4G data consumption. Your phone will use more battery to try to connect to WIFI networks, and when that fails, it will use more carrier data instead.

Have you experienced any Wi-Fi issues with your One X handset? Interact with us in the comments and tell us your story.

  • Pink

    I did squeeze test and my wifi went from one bar wifi to full bar and when I let go it went back to one bar

    • MasterMuffin

      And that’s why I bought sg3, no big lags or bugs. When I searched “htc one x lags and bugs” from google, I found over 10 different BIG problems :O
      I searched “sgs3 lags and bugs”, I found only one and it was a small lag that some people had and it could be fixed in settings.

      And some people say that “sgs3 screen sucks because it’s pentile”, well……
      I am from Nouvoyance, the developers of PenTile technology, so I occasional try to make small corrections I see in blogs. Just one small correction— the PenTile display in the Super AMOLED has just as many pixels as the legacy RGB stripe display, but it has fewer subpixels. Thanks to the PenTile software associated with subpixel rendering and the image processing algorithms that are used it is possible to write as many black and white line pairs as an RGB stripe display, which is why it is possible to say it has the same resolution. It is modulation contrast that your eyes see, not the pixels themselves, given that the display has enough resolution for the distance where it is viewed.So you may ask, “If there are fewer subpixels, won’t it be less sharp?” The answer is, not necessarily. We have identical luminance resolution. The human vision system cannot resolve the location of color nearly as well as black and white luminance so fewer color dots is not of so much consequence. The most difficult color to locate in position is blue, but even red and green subpixel positioning is far more difficult to see than simple brightness/luminance.Don’t just read such blogs that say that PenTile displays look fuzzy. Go look for yourself. Sure, if you are able to look at a PenTile display from 2 inches away then you will see a pattern that looks a little different than what you see on your notebook PC, but it is not so visible from conventional viewing distance. Now that phone makers are selling phones and phablets with 300 ppi displays, very few amongst us can actually see the pattern of PenTile displays or any adverse artifacts, though some people can and others like to claim that they do.The reason for using PenTile OLED is to attain the brightness we want without suffering lifetime degradation. It is the engineering tradeoff for doing things a little different. If you enjoy the benefits of OLED: thin, highly saturated color, wide viewing angle, and speed but do not want to give up resolution then PenTile is the only solution the industry has found for high resolution OLED.


      • Jay

        Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t this page supposed to be about Wi-Fi issues with the ONE X not your SGS3 and your post has no relevance even to the post in which you replied to. Also no-one mentioned PenTile or OLED screens. I’m not trying to be rude I just see no reasoning for this.

        • MasterMuffin

          Yea sorry, I was just feeling angry back then (I don’t remember about what) and you should never write anything when you’re angry, I suddenly felt that I must brag about how the sgs3 is better and that’s just stupid because it doesn’t matter what phone you buy unless it’s iphone, because buying iphone is just stupidness :D

  • Halcyon Quidnunc

    i have no wifi problem on my HTC one X !

    • I have some issues walking around outside with my BT headset, but turning off WIFI takes care of that issue (same problem happened on my Nexus S, but not my Xperia Play)

  • Pmj Smeets

    I have troubles with nu wifi from the moment I got my phone. while browsing the internet, within 5 minutes my browser stops loading pages. The inkt wat to go ahead is to disconect wifi and reconnect.

  • hot and bothered

    Got HTC one x yesterday as replacement for failed desire. WiFi keeps disconnecting.

    • HTC all the way

      Just got my one x, decided over the s3
      Played with both and must admit there pretty much the same really , just I prefer sense and the camera is better on one x. sad to say though two things let me down. I cannot get drivers for USB which iv got round by installing a WiFi file transfer app so its better anyway but also had the WiFi connection fault
      Not anymore, came to the thinking of iv just set up my phone and put everything on it from last phone do I really want to send it off start again will they fix won’t they stuff. so bit the bullet and thought I’d just see if I could gently open it without marking the case in any way, well I did it just slips off at the bottom and used a thin piece of plastic to break the side clip connections and it just pulls away, the are two tiny prongs that touch the Ariel plate , they just happen to be pushed in too far, I just eased them out very gently so when the housing is pushed back together they press and make a strong connection again, rubbish design that part but now I have full strong signal everywhere in my house.

  • kobe8ph

    Well if it ain’t dust under screen…’s hardware problem which is worse. HTC can’t make a right phone. All phones have issues but theirs are very annoying. They made a phone that has built in everything…no need to take it apart….if it’s not BROKEN. Inferior battery, inferior memory, inferior almost everything. I’m just glad I didn’t choose One X.

  • Bilal

    I got it about one month before and found it yesterday that the wifi is not working properly. Have done the squeeze test which proved to be positive. I am now down with hTC. I was a very strong supporter of this ONE X during my arguments with S3 and 4G.but this has really let me down and maybe next time I will be careful with HTC’s

  • Dave

    I’ve had a One X with custom ROM since released it seemed to work fine with WiFi and Bluetooth for a while. Then lately noticed Bluetooth in the car has been shocking crackles and drops out disconecting all the time, and WiFi is bad also will only get a connection if in the same room as the access point. Is really annoying.
    As the phone is rooted don’t want to send it away to get fixed might take it to a phone repair shop and see if they can do anything.

  • i thing i don’t understood well, do i have to connect these two wire together?

  • ..

    It’s simple to fix for anyone with atleast some experience in hardware.. Open phone… Bend the connectors that should make the connection between the backplate-antenna and the pcb-connectors… about 0.2-0.4mm should be enough… reassemble and fixed… Not for the faint of harted or the ones that want to keep their warranty, but easy fix for those that just dont want to send the phone for repair and be without one for a few weeks.