One X vs Galaxy S3: HTC explains why its smartphone is better

by: Chris SmithJune 7, 2012

The recently announced Galaxy S3 has only one worthy Android rival out there, the One X, although from what we’ve seen so far, it’s Samsung’s phone that’s generating more pre-orders and sales than HTC’s handset.

Obviously, HTC isn’t too happy about it. In fact, the Taiwanese Android device maker decided to lower its Q2 outlook after taking into consideration the low European demand and the HTC EVO 4G LTE and One X delays caused by the U.S. Customs across the pond.

To counter the negative effects on sales the Galaxy S3 may have, HTC apparently created some “special packs” for  HTC sales teams, which explain why the HTC One X is better than the Samsung flagship device. The documents, available in the gallery bellow, show how HTC defends some of the “flaws” of the One X as follows:

  • While the Galaxy S3 is slimmer, the HTC One X is just 0.3mm bigger, but it’s “lighter, feels slimmer and looks way better.”
  • The Galaxy S3 has a removable battery, but the HTC One X’s battery can “easily” last a full day. The HTC One X non-removable battery design “allows implementation of unibody design which is more resistant to dust and water.” Furthermore, the Galaxy S3’s removable battery means that users will need a separate battery charger, “often impractical, especially when traveling.” When changing batteries, the Galaxy S3 would have to be turned off to make the change.
  • While the Galaxy S3 has a micro SD card slot that lets users bump their total memory, the One X comes with 32GB internal memory and 25GB of Dropbox cloud storage.
  • The Galaxy S3 has a bigger display, but it’s “less bright and blush especially from an angle and is lower density.” Moreover, the PenTile technology used by the Galaxy S3 display is “commonly known as being inferior compare [sic] to true HD LCD display.” HTC goes to great lengths to compare the two display technologies by showing the differences between AMOLED and SLCD2 displays and between PenTile and regular RGB-RGB panels.

When it comes to certain specs and features the One X is better than the Galaxy S3, the documentation suggests. It has a:

  • Better speed/faster – Quad-core 1.5GHz vs Quad-core 1.4
  • Better camera – 70% better quality with f2.0, Faster: 4fps/99 shot, Faster startup: 0.7s vs Poor low light with f2.6, Slower: 3fps/20shots, Slower startup: 0.99sec.
  • Better sound – Beats Audio vs “none”
  • Better screen – Brighter & cleaner, higher density vs “Dull Bluish,” lower density
  • Better durability – Polycarbonate vs Plastic
  • Better design – “World acclaimed” vs “Disappointing”

Some of HTC’s claims are rather silly, and can be easily debunked but you can’t blame HTC for trying. At the same time, some of the “flaws” it tries to defend aren’t necessarily flaws. Nevertheless, the One X is definitely a great handset, and alongside the Galaxy S3, they are the best Android smartphones made to date. But as it often is the case in the Android mobile ecosystem, a better high-end smartphone is almost certainly down the road.

At the end of the day, it’s up to buyers to choose between the Galaxy S3 and the One X, and if they end up buying the first one, it’s not necessarily because the Samsung phone is the better choice. There are other factors that could influence that decision. The Galaxy S3’s late announcement, the almost simultaneous launch in several markets including the U.S., Samsung’s marketing efforts and the increased hype around the third device in a family of illustrious predecessors, are all factors that will eventually help the Galaxy S3 beat the One X when it comes to overall sales.

What HTC seems to lack is a strong smartphone brand name – Samsung has a strong “Galaxy S” family of high-end smartphones – although the company has corrected that this year, by launching its “One” line. Hopefully in time, the “One” line would become equally popular.

What smartphone are you buying between the two? We have a Galaxy S3 vs One X video review to help you decide.

  • Ayman Kouzayha

    this is the most desperate move I’ve seen in my life, more than Apple lawsuits

  • well, this is only okay, since it’s an inner sheet for salesmen. but still, it’s just silly, i don’t like when brands try to convince someone like this. and i say this while i picked the one x and i’d do it again.

    • I’ve been a loyal HTC user for two and a half years. Firstly the HTC Hero (my first Android Handset) then the HTC Desire HD (Brilliant phone) But I hate to say it, HTC’s One X has Quietly Dissapointed me. I bought extra batteries for both handsets as on average I would take them off charge at 7am and they would be flat by 4pm without any charging. I wouldnt even say I was a heavy user as I’m at work all day, but an extra battery in my pocket was a must for me. Also the ability to get extra memory is option I dont see in the flawed Iphone. I don’t want to pay extra money for a new phone because I want more memory! I want the ability to upgrade it cheap and easily. In my mind HTC has taken a route down the Iphone side of business, taking away the main backbone eliment of Android (expandibility and freedom) and done something that I despise in Apple. Unless HTC wants my custom again in 18months, it needs to rethink it’s strategy and stop taking away something that is a benefit, not a hinderance to customers at the core level. So that’s why this time it’s goodbye to HTC and hello to the Samsung Galaxy S3 for me.

      • i feel you. but since i can remember i never ever had a spare battery, so having an interchangable battery sounds nice, but for me it wasn’t a mandatory. the sd card is cool, but i had a desire with 16gb memcard, now i have a 32gb One X. for me that is enough. so i stick to my htc :)

  • Abhisshek Das

    logic about battery and sd card is extremely moronic . would agree other point . battery and sd card is the first thing i look for (beside screen type and size) looks does not matters

    • Cole Raney

      I agree with this. I also look at performance of the hardware, which again, Samsung has the upper hand. HTC may have the upper hand in build quality, and display, but I don’t care as much about those. I can get a case and the display on both phones are good.

  • Arie2412

    Well if HTC says their phone is better, it must be true!

    • J Rush

      So apparently every manufacturer has the best phone, as they all mist be true…

      • J Rush


  • Sounds desperate and sometimes far reaching. I was leaning towards Evo LTE/One X and this actually persuaded me to think SGIII. It has backfired.

  • Elsworth1983

    I have the one x I love it am not bothered about a removable battery way does it matter??/ who seriously fills 32gb I never have on any mobile or smartphone with a sd card then plus 25gb dropbox space.

    • its not a question of who does it,its a question of choice, which is sadly in favor of Samsung. Thats a pity cos the One X is a beautiful device. Remember that all said and done u ultimately get only 25 GB of usable on phone space, and that drop box thingy is nearly useless in these days of limited tiered plans, unless u wanna keep Ur phone at home using only WiFi.

    • Sky_Guy

      There’s a large market for people replacing their mp3 players. The extra space option is perfect for them. Same with people who travel a lot and put videos on their phone. Both those take up a lot of space so they would most definitely look for the extra storage option..

    • Litlprince2

      These other guys are right. People like me fill it up easy. My phone is my mp3 player.. Actually its a media player.. i keep lots of music and shows/ movies on it. I also use it like a flash drive for work or whatever. I spend alot of time on the go and on aircraft and its a convenience to have an all in one device. Even so i have 390gigs of mp3 music so its hard trying to get a taste of every genre on it.. I mean i never know what i might feel like listening to.

  • Waaah!

  • LoL, what a joke HTC’s doing they’re trying to degrade GS3, GS3 has Polycarbonate not only Plastic geez and many more false descriptions, They’re Just Jealous Because They Got Good Sales In a Small Amount of Time!!! First Apple, Now HTC! Wow :)

    • Enemy

      HTC One X > Crapsung GS3

      • Gamer

        Htc fanboys future isheeps? Decide urself

  • Funny how when it comes to htc its polycarbonate, but when they talk about samsung its “plastic” when in fact it is ALSO Polycarbonate!

    Pretty tragic stuff on those papers. The s3 also has better sound with its dedicated Wolfson DAC, and faster CPU in almost all tests. The camera is also better in most tests. HTC is really grasping for straws here.

  • Igal Neshto

    That is one desperate and shitty move, if I’d ever seen one…
    I’m very disappointed!!! Very! And this is coming from a household of 3 HTCs and 4 Galaxies…

    Very Apple(ish) move…Almost the same class as Apple suing everyone around(Cause they suck ass). I thought better of HTC.
    This, saddens me.

  • jhn005

    S3 has 50GB storage space in Dropbox, right?? So 32GB internal (Don’t consider 64.. :D) plus 64 external, plus 50GB dropbox = 146GB, right??? :)

  • The weirdest thing ever!
    Most of these things listed are damn wrong!
    (First Picture)
    1. GS3 is slimmer.
    a) It’s alright for that, I mean, your not really gonna actually feel the difference with it.

    b) Same with it’s weight and size. Your not gonna feel any difference. But the design, I agree on that.

    2. GS3 has a removable battery.
    a) They said, “HTC One X’s battery can “easily” last a full day.”
    Out of 10 reviews that I’ve seen, 9 said that the battery life is terrible and usually have to charge at least 3 or more times a day! Look at those odds!

    b) They said, ” Furthermore, the Galaxy S3’s removable battery means that users will need a separate battery charger, often impractical, especially when traveling.”
    That is hella wrong! You can totally charge the phone with the USB provided.

    c) They said, “The phone must be turned off in order to charge it.”
    Wrong again! Tell me, all their other phone models have removable batteries, meaning they also need to turn it off? They don’t even do that!

    3. GS3 has a SD card slot.
    a) They said, ” The One X comes with 32GB internal memory and 25GB of Dropbox cloud storage. Total of 57gb storage”
    Weird of them saying that!?! GS3 comes with either 16, 32 or 64 gb model + 50gb of Drop Box storage. Giving a maximum of 66, 82 or 114gb of storage. Also it has a SD card slot adding to that maximum, making largest capable storage of 178 gb. Take that HTC!

    4. GS3 has a bigger display.
    Has a bigger display, but lower in density? You can’t even tell the difference that much unless you totally focus your eye on it. But true facts about the brighter things and stuff.

    (Second Picture)
    1. GS3 = 1.4 ghz quad | One X = 1.5 ghz quad. ‘According’ to HTC, it has a faster Processor, but is totally wrong at that point, all benchmarks about their processor shows that the GS3 is 100% better than the One X.

    2. Camera = Just read this,

    3. Audio Quality & Screen
    I don’t know, I didn’t try it yet.

    4. Durability
    Dumb HTC, both are Poly carbonate, the S3 just has a Glossy finish, while the One X has a Matte finish.

    5. Design, “World acclaimed” vs “Disappointing”
    I don’t know. HTC’s one x wasn’t that much of a hype, so I don’t know if people were amazed of disappointing.

    • Sean

      They didn’t say you need to turn the phone off to charge it. They said you would have to turn the phone off to CHANGE the battery. Which is obvious. Of course they know you can charge the phone while it’s on…

      • Litlprince2

        you dont have to if you plug it in first.

        • Youre on drugs, why would you be changing the battery if you had a charger available?

          • Astronaut

            You may need to charge the other battery if you have a long trip and you are not sure that your battery will last for this trip, so you plug the charger, then charge the other battery after you charge the phone’s battery, so that way you will have to batteries fully charged for the trip or what ever, so the only reason you put the charger is to charge the second battery and keep it as spare.

          • Terrence Greene

            Cause its takes a good while to charge the battery vs changing it. I dont feel like being tied to a wall all day.. out and about or at work..

            Even more so everything around me is maybe a 30 min drive tops.. Not really long enough to fully recharge a phone.

    • bayo

      I have a great battery life with One X – almost 2 days.

      • sunny

        at first my One X battery was a hell, but after some usage and re-charging it can now easily run for 1 full day i.e 8am till 10pm

    • Bob Burgess

      2.b) The point is referring to the idea that a major reason a removable battery is preferable is it means that you can have two batteries. Therefore if you want to be able to charge both at the same time then yes, you need a separate charger. Otherwise you are stuck charging one battery in the phone, then swapping it out, then charging the next battery with the phone.

      2. c) You try and change a phones battery without turning it off. Therefore if you want to take advantage of interchangable batteries, yeah you have to turn it off.

      3.a) HTC aren’t in any way trying to argue that the One X has more storage, they are simply trying to argue that 32GB is enough and doesn’t have to be complemented by an SD card. That’s certainly an argueable point, but it’s not like the days of old where phones had only 1GB of storage and so really had to have an SD card slot.

      4. Since density = pixels/screen size, then yes, simple maths would imply that a bigger screen and the same resolution means lower density. Sure you could argue that it’s not enough to make a difference, but then again if the change in density isn’t enough to notice, that likely implies that the difference in screen size isn’t enough to notice.

      Don’t twist the arguments just because you have a personal preference.

      • Litlprince2

        2.b well not so much a separate charger but a dock that can charge the phone and a spare batter at the same time..

        2.c what the person means is you can plug it in.. then remove and change the battery and then unplug it. So no you dont have to turn it off.

        3.a i think your right its arguable but in all fairness i consider it an advantage giving the user the option for integrated expansion rather external services.

        4. We all know the oneX has a better screen but till i see it for myself all i know is that the differences aren’t extreme but definitively favorable or noticeable up close and side by side. And your right the 0.1 difference is miniscule at most.

      • Cyz

        This is a buyers review! I’ve tested the battery life of S3 n 1x . S3 kicks 1x’s ass in this!

        • Bob Burgess

          I have absolutely no idea what that has to do with anything I’ve said, but good for you.

      • techy dude

        Bob, your point 2.b) is pointless, you’re now comparing the difficulty of trying to charge 2 batteries simultaneously on the SG3 vs. charging one batter on the HTC OX….lame. The preference of having a removable batter ISN’T TO CHARGE BOTH AT THE SAME TIME, OH MY GOD, it’s to have another one charged and ready to switch, or being able to replace a battery if one fails, who are you and where do you get your thoughts? You’re totally twisting the argument by comparing two dissimilar scenarios that no one intends for. Wow, just wow. Then your point 3.a, i don’t understand why you make that point, I think it’s obvious to everyone, but the previous commenter was just pointing out which ‘wins’ the storage argument. Common sense dude.

    • I didn’t read all of your points, but as for 2c, the review said in order to change (not charge) batteries, phone must be turned off; however, I can see that this review is a lil biased.

  • Raj

    I don’t think it’s silly. It is important that they highlight differences for the consumer. I am going to get the EVO 4G LTE, which is a different animal form the One X.
    However, if you like Samsung, you will probably go with Samsung, or not, depending on your own experience.
    Unfortunately for HTC, is that, they have another winner, whose launch was spoiled by Apple, and caused it now to conflict with the S3 launch. The 4G LTE is sold out The my Best Buy, so I don’t think they will be hurting for long.

    • GBGamer

      The only reason I would buy an HTC phone, is if they released a TRUE G3. No G2X crap, just a nice, stock android, phone with a keyboard.

  • TommyNYC

    As I don’t have either of them I can’t comment on the screen quality, speed.. etc.
    What I can comment about is 2 first things I look at when getting a new phone:
    1. SD slot.
    2. Removable battery.

    Trying to claim in ANY WAY that non removable battery is better than a removable one is just plain out dumb and desperate.
    Same goes for no SD slot, most likely I will not fill the 32gb, but I still want to option to add more.

    These 2 points alone make the rest look like a joke, even if some of it is true.

    • The funny thing is that they claim removable batteries have to be charged by a separate device. I have a HTC Desire S with a removable battery and it charges fine inside the phone lol.

      • Litlprince2

        its not that you need one but to benefit from it there should be a separate charger or at least a duel charging dock.

  • Frozen_flames

    Well Samsung did say that the pentile display is only inferior in low resolutions.

  • eddie cooper

    25GB Dropbox is only any use for regular daily use if you have good data connectivity everywhere you need access to it & plenty of battery backup!!

    I have an HD2 with 32GB microSD & with my music library I only have about 6GB left. I am not going to sign up for 2 years on contract unless I have a bunch more storage available locally. Living in rural England I don’t have great signal without gaping drop-outs, so cloud storage is out of the question.

    Samsung/Google could’ve got me on the Galaxy Nexus if that had microSD or 64GB internal. HTC excluded my storage needs on 2/3 of the One line-up; the irony is that I could’ve only got more local storage than I have now by opting for the bottom of the line OneV, as the only model with microSD.

    The S3 looks to provide for my needs. HTC could’ve sold me my next phone but they compromised on microSD. So for me it’s Blue S3 (when it gets sorted out) unless Moto can get their RAZR Maxx HD out in time to catch my eye, or the Huawei Quad, or the LG Optimus 4X… but something tells me the S3 will still be top of the heap & plenty good enough to see me through the next 2 years. :)

    • You can’t run applications directly from Dropbox like you can with an SDCARD. They are completely different entities.

  • Desperate, but largely true.

  • lets face facts this is what companys do but in my eyes HTC One X is a better phone, mainly it doesn’t feel like a fisher price toy. I have not held a phone this well built since the original Nexus One. I have owned almost every Samsung Phone GS1, GS2, Galxy Nexus, Galaxy Note and at some point will probably own the GS3 but for now if you hold both phones in your hand you will notice how much quality shines out of the HTC One X.

  • Halcyon

    The one thing that doesnt need any explanation…..

    im loyal fan of HTC phones : )

  • Jaysann22

    As a Verizon customer, I would say I DONT GIVE A F*CK….

  • HTC what on earth were u thinking dumping the sd card slot? !?!? add that and all the remaining complaints about the micro sim, the nonremovable battery etc etc will disappear, and it will make the One X an easy choice against Galaxy S3.

    • lol the SGIII has a micro SIM aswell.

    • Litlprince2

      your absolutely right. especially here in the US on ATT.

  • Calvin

    Don’t know how HTC can claim their phone us better when it is the only android phone on the market with no multitasking ability?!?! I don’t even consider their 4.0 phones android phones.

  • I love HTC and Sammy, but that is so shockingly silly that it’s funny.

  • Sky_Guy

    The whole SD card part was a very good attempt. No doubt someone will fall for it. -_-

  • Sky_Guy

    oh, also. Sorry HTC I’m at Verizon.

  • Today I was on the plane. I switched off the phone (Desire HD) to swap out the sim cards. In the middle of the air, I accidentally touched the power button which started up the phone. I quickly pulled out the battery and stopped the phone, phew …
    I wonder how I am going to do that on a OneX or a 4S. Does pressing hard on the power button stops the start up of the phone?

    • Cole Raney

      No, but you don’t need your phone off to switch out sim cards. At least, none of the phones I have ever owned have require me to do that. I have owned dumb phones and an iPhone 4.

      • I tried with my phone before. Basically it didn’t recognize a sim was inserted no matter how long I waited. Could be a sense thing.

        • Cole Raney

          Or maybe it’s an android thing. I’m not sure. I haven’t owned an android phone yet. The galaxy s3 will be my first one.

    • although i admire your respect for the rules, a minute of “accidental” phone use will not do any harm to the plane. No need to worry THAT much

  • wonshikee

    LOL I feel sorry for the poor sob that some HTC executive forced to come up with a list of reasons why One X is “better”

    Talk about grasping as non existent straws. That just screams desperation. I do hate to see HTC fall though, they make great phones and would be sad if the Android market becomes a monopoly for Samsung.

    • Cole Raney

      Even if HTC didn’t make android smartphones, it would be far from a monopoly for Samsung. There are so many other android handset makers. Sony, Huwai, ZTE, probably many more. Then you have android tablet manufacturers including asus among others.

    • SamsaraGuru

      I couldn’t agree with you more wonshikee.

      The phrase “Me thinks thou doth protest too much.” springs to mind.

      What they did – whomever the poor designers behind the HTC One were – was create a plethora of counter intuitive and cumulative negatives that militate against making it easy for someone to decide to buy one.

      No one mentioned, so I will, the fact that they have the memory on the HTC One X managed so that it doesn’t allow you to multi-task – most likely a nod to their realizing that their battery is only marginally able (according to the 9 out 10 reviews that caution about it) to keep going. If you don’t let multiple apps run it should, I suppose, extend battery life. Why someone didn’t think to put in a bigger battery and/or make it so you could use an extended life battery with a special back when designing a “powerhouse” is only one more of the negatives one could list.

      All one can say in response to this “excuse list” is; before you make your next phone HTC, hire someone who possesses a bit of forethought and you won’t have to make excuses after its in production and nothing can be done to change it.

  • A Ce 11

    But the htc is lag and a piece of shit

  • shadowdude777

    I can’t tell which lie pissed me off the most. Trying to pass off Beats Audio crap as being better than the Galaxy S3’s amazing Wolfson DAC, trying to make a removable battery sound like a con, trying to factor their 25GB Dropbox into storage space while ignoring Samsung’s 50GB Dropbox, or (I think this is the worst) claiming 1.5GHz Tegra 3 is better than 1.4GHz Exynos quad-core.

    • “Exynos 4412 does NOT outperform Tegra 3. Anyone who claims that does not understand hardware. It is better to say that the S3 brings better performance in terms of Java applet presentations and that sort of things, compared to the One X. As long as it is software, you can maneuver the device the way you want it to go though you should consider the price tag in terms of warranty and battery consumption. Do remember that the One X has the sense UI running on top of the Android ICS suit, which is a heavy burden, but is a very user friendly – and runs some background processes in addition.
      BUT… if you try to match gaming strength… You may have a clear winner there… The Tegra 3.
      Add to this the ability of getting Tegra 3 tailored games through the Tegra Zone web site, the constant investments in research and development in improving consumers devices currently holding their CPU and GPU – well… No device can beat that to-date.
      The One X is also better quality built though the design medal of honor goes to the S3.

      My choice is the One X and just because nVidia was planning the device’s architecture. And in data architecture (<>)… they are far ahead of any CPU/GPU maker out there today.

      If you want a living proof – just checkout the XBOX (the old one – by nVidia, compared to the 365 – by ATI).

      Point taken when it comes to the restrictions of adding storage or replacing battery. This is, in some way, takes out the fun of freedom… the freedom to choose. BUT, if you take a good look closer, you will notice that the freedom to choose is between what alternatives? 16 to 32 to 48GB? (64GB price tag is unjustified in my opinion, so its out of the ‘game’)? If you purchase the One X, you will get a Dropbox account which collaborates wonderfully with the UI. So, its 41GB (US version) vs 64GB tops…. OR 57GB vs 64GB tops… hmmmmm….

      One X is a bit warmer than the S3 in terms of color. Size difference is almost unnoticed. Though I love, personally, more reds and yellows… it is really up to you to choose (the S3 is more tending towards black and blueish colors). The One thing I didn’t love in the One X is that the on screen menu button is taking space. I would take that full black stripe on the bottom and make it a bit transparent.

      To sum things up…
      When it comes to the final conclusion, please note the price tag… and what you get for it (in terms of YOUR PERSONAL preferences).
      The One X is stronger pack when it comes to Multimedia. The S3 is more built for net performance. This is why in my personal view, the One X is more suitable for me.

      They are both wonderful devices. If you pick one up, you wont be sorry for letting the other go.”

      • shadowdude777

        We can argue semantics if you want, but the Exynos 4412 simply brings higher performance in Android than the Tegra 3. Though this is admittedly by a small, probably insignificant margin. Mobile CPUs are finally reaching the point where, like desktop CPUs, they are years ahead of their time and are bottlenecked by every other component in the system.

        The One X is particularly good for multimedia because T3 was built with that in mind. It’s optimized to prolong battery life when playing back 1080p video, and the companion core is very handy for preserving battery life during non-intensive tasks.

        They are similar devices. What makes the Galaxy S3 win out to me is the superior audio quality, the better capacitive+hardware keys (the One X, as you said, puts the menu button on-screen), the removable battery, and the fact that I actually think Touchwiz is alright, while I can’t stand Sense.

        Both devices are very nice. It’s just a damn shame to see HTC spreading marketing lies like this.

      • Karim Rashad

        please >>can u tell me about the battery life ?? and for how long it lasts for a hard work day using ” Net < Music < videos < calls &maybe games :) "

    • techy dude

      yeah, Beats Audio is actually crap for anything but bass, and i don’t think you’re going to get much bass out of a thin phone. If you’re buying headphones, save about $70 and get a better headphones by NOT getting Beats headphones. Beats are not for audiophiles that know sound, just for those that want people to think you’re cool because you have the headphones from the commercials with Dr. Dre.

  • chutiyapa.

  • To be honest, both of them sucks with Sense and TouchWize! Samsung Galaxy Nexus rocks with 100% Ice Cream Sandwich! Who need interface while Google is giving us so beautiful operative system?

    • Hello

      im pretty sure gs3 with an aokp build would easily beat the nexus

      • GBGamer

        My GS2 (Hercules) could beat a galaxy nexus (when I’m on AOKP), on the sole reason of the SD card.
        Though I personally prefer TW for all the extra features.

  • Third_Eye

    HTC Please STFU.
    I agree that OneX looks better than GS3 but
    a) QC Tegra3 is no match for QC Exynos
    b) Samsung had taken the right choice.
    Removable battery.
    Expandable micro SD(uSD) storage.
    And with those two able to provide a slimmer profile that HTC

    If HTC feels so much about uSD, why the f**k did it modify the Sprint OneX LTE to include uSD storage expansion. After all Sprint runs a “truly unlimited” network for the 25GB dropbox storage :D

    Why would I want to put my personal stuff into the internet and waste the network bandwidth to go around the stupid design choice that HTC did?

    The non-removable battery excuse is so downward lame & pathetic. I have a HTC Amaze 4G and there has been more than 1 occasion (though thankfully not frequent) where it basically hung on me and did not respond to the reset/button or any screen controls. In that scenario I had to open the case and remove my battery and put it back and do a hard reboot. And in most cases it was a “Sense Error”. Once I rebooted a Dialog box will open saying “Sense crashed for unknown reason. Do you want to send a report to HTC about it?”. So unless they have magically fixed all these problems, the lack of removable battery is felt.

    c) The whole BEATS crap. If it really were so great why don’t u bundle the beats headphone for free (like u do with the Rezound) so that we can really hear how music is meant to be heard. You do not even provide a pair of stereo headphones with your fones for god sake!

    Sorry HTC, u might look prettier, have a better camera, on average a more pleasing display., even better support than Samsung, but you have to stick with your poor choices which Samsung did not thankfully take…

  • Jaranjames

    Well i cant speak for htc one x but EVO 4G LTE is my my choice it has sd storage cloud storage hell of a camera screen is beautiful feels good in my hand runs way better than my OGEVO yesterday unplugged at 9am after running all the way down till it told me to connect charger and did not have to charge until 6am the following day. It had 16% battery life left. And that was with moderate to almost heavy use. I love taking pictures with the burst option at my sons soccer games now i can actually get pics of him kicking and scoring. In rehards to the extra storage i never used up all the storage in my phone. So that doesnt bother me.

  • leoingle

    As i post from my Thunderbolt. I am embarrassed for HTC for coming up with this. Wow…..

  • X_civic

    yeah htc u silly,u talk about screen?? when your screen amoled is made by samsung ….u make me laugh so hard…..but we all know bigger is better right? who care about the brightness,

  • Rusell Torres

    You don’t need to charge the one x 3 times a day. I have this phone and it is true that it can “easily last a day”, and is a truly awesome phone. I honestly think that it is up to the person at the end of the day and both of these phones are good.

  • Aasim Refai

    is that why the HTC One X deflates after just over 4 hrs of web browsing, compared to well over 5 OR maybe HTC are thinking 23 frames per sec actually mean 30 frames per sec on recording. One X – very good phone, yes. But not better than the s3

  • Allanw

    HTC one X far better than S3 . Much faster response , better graphics and INDEED better battery that S3. I got S3 against HTC one X and now I repend for that. The batttery is in hours ( 40 mins gaiming ) my battery is down from fully charged maybe due to the screen size

  • Newera20916

    So the One X has better specs but the S3 has more intuitive features. Plus the US versions have different processors. I personaly want the S3.

  • Jessekwik

    Samsung …. well i hate the name, i hate the software …. and the phone does not look nice … while HTC one X it do have an imperial touch and look

  • I have both and while this all hype and bullshit the SG 3 just is not the superphone i was hoping for

  • Wilky1990

    theres a few video reviews and the compared the start up time and the galaxy s3 was hell of a lot fast also htx one is only for micro sim the front camera on the galaxy s3 is better

  • sdafsdfdsfsdf

    Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

  • Max

    i’m such a greedy bitch that i bought both of them…. lol

  • Hasan Zaidi

    Blah Blah BlaH…!! HTC one X is better in its side..
    Nd GS3 is better in its side..
    But.. HTC One X wins :P

  • jtv

    This was kind of funny. Hahaha. I am rooting for One X but some comparison made here were a bit exaggerated. You dont need to turn off the SGS3 to charge. Also, they are both polycarbonate, its just that Samsung looks utterly cheap and plasticky and you wont feel like holding a high-end device by holding it. About camera, don’t really care about the start-up time but def the aperture f2.0 of HTC is the reason i think its suited better for me. I most of the time shoot in-doors, and that means low lighting. About the screen, def correct, super HD LCD2 is much much better than AMOLED. AMOLED seems to make things look fake and deep which i dont like. And on sunlight HD LCD2 is much better. About sound quality, call quality is better with HTC but music quality is better with SGS3 and im not planning on using my phone as a player to drain down the battery, the reason i have an iPod. Phones are just not meant to play music, iPods and MP3 players are. Lasty, about the design, you bet!

  • I’ve been a loyal HTC user for two and a half years. Firstly the HTC Hero (my first Android Handset) then the HTC Desire HD (Brilliant phone) But I hate to say it, HTC’s One X has Quietly Dissapointed me. I bought extra batteries for both handsets as on average I would take them off charge at 7am and they would be flat by 4pm without any charging. I wouldnt even say I was a heavy user as I’m at work all day, but an extra battery in my pocket was a must for me. Also the ability to get extra memory is option I dont see in the flawed Iphone. I don’t want to pay extra money for a new phone because I want more memory! I want the ability to upgrade it cheap and easily. In my mind HTC has taken a route down the Iphone side of business, taking away the main backbone eliment of Android (expandibility and freedom) and done something that I despise in Apple. Unless HTC wants my custom again in 18months, it needs to rethink it’s strategy and stop taking away something that is a benefit, not a hinderance to customers at the core level. So that’s why this time it’s goodbye to HTC and hello to the Samsung Galaxy S3 for me.

  • Cyz

    Btw HTC has serious quality control problems. I had 2 switch 2 S3 because my EVO 3D had QC problems!

  • gadget guru

    Give a review when you really use the device and stop feeling much for samsung, before 2years no one used to thing to buy a smart phone in samsung but htc always gave the best from the start till now.

    ONE X
    .GS3 is slimmer and lighter but not as much as one x.

    .GS3 has a removable battery so do any one carries extra battery always with them for more charging then thats wrong I agree that 2100mah gives more life than 1800mah than why any one need more life .ONE X easily gives 1days with limited brightness at a normal usage.but when u try to play games then it definitely need power.

    .what so matter in comparing with memory both phones has good memory onex has 32gb+25gb is not enough for any one? which phone except gs3 and iphone got more that 32gb till that should make any one sense that no need for further slot.

    .GS3 has bigger display with lots of difference of 1inch more and its already proved that super IPS LCD2 display is better that AMOLED what more u need.

    .Camera i think this gives u lot of options with a very good picture clarity compared to other smartphones in the market,

    .Do any one be soo blind to believe that speed of gs3 is 100% better than onex if the both companies provide almost same processor ,have to notice that onex comes with NVIDIA TEGRA 3 CHIPSET.
    .beats audio its simply awesome it gives maximum boost to any headphones or earphones and makes you feel happy.

    .HTC ONEX comes with poly carbonate uni body which look amazing in your hands and feel never to keep far .gs3 comes with same old cheep plastic

    .The only place HTC one x get cheap is at price tag and i think worth keeping for a amazing phone rather than going for gs3…

    Think once before buying a gs3 rather that one x because is it worth keeping soo much and gives you a feel that your carrying a china mobile look with cheap plastic from far end,,

    .this one phone has all the features up to date and great design all am sure that one who buys it will never regrets it…if u think their is a minor fixes in software than they will get fixed with future software updates by HTC.

  • Candyer09

    Here is an article discussing about HTC One X vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 4S,which one would you choose on enolsoft’blog.

  • stonesavage

    compared to the one x, the usa sprint one evo lte has a much more practical recessed camera lens and a very practical kickstand that works three ways and an SD card slot and beats audio and HD call audio and should be the iphone, samsung killer if htc would just standardize it for worldwide distribution as an unlocked world phone…

  • Andypin

    HTC is getting worse n worse nows aday….first time when i use htc d810, it was great phone,
    good quality, good speaker. since then when they produce so call iphone killler , htc diamond, I bought it but htc diamond definately is worse ever, short battery life, worse speaker volume, from there on , HTC DESIRE HD, with 1200m battery?? HTC r u kidding me? smartphone with 1200m battery? Its definately cheat money phone….from there on , i never think back to use htc.

  • SaveUrSelves

    As a businessman, I regularly change my Smartphone every 5-8 months which coincides with the change of No.1 smartphone top rankings. So as you can imagine, ive owned an iphone 4, iphone4s, SamsungGS2, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and last month I bought the one x. On average, I use about 15-25gb of phone memory before switching phones. In terms of battery, I take it of the charger and when i leave for work at 8.30am and get home 6.00pm . So far, my one x has been able to deliver on my requirements and more. I wont need to replace it until Htc or apple release their respective later models later this year. The Samsung Gs3 was released a little too late for me, but it offers nothing important to me that my one x doesnt offer so I dont need it. My point is, think practical! Get what you need. Sometimes what you need is NOT the best and most expensive phone. I have a TV and a 2TB external hardrive for storage. Do I really need to pay more for 32gb on a phone that will be obsolete in 5months? no. But you may. Who knows.

  • mike

    HTC one x just because I can’t stand the cheap build quality of Samsung phones

  • Mark R

    HTC is getting pretty desperate, resorting to outright misinformation. I guess if you know your product is worse you gotta try every trick in the book to get back at the competition.
    Plastic cover on the S3 and polycarbonate on the one x? But polycarbonate IS plastic!
    Trust me, I’ve tried out both and the S3 is markedly superior.
    Nice try HTC, but you won’t fool me ;)

  • Dr Android

    Both devices are incredible machines and really go hand by hand. For me, the main issue here is the battery life (not size), the rest is a matter of what you like. Has anyone actually grabbed both phones and surf the web and execute the same commands and see which phone dies first?

  • sunny

    Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X …. my opinion is that they are both better than the iPhone!

  • sdotfitz

    I went with the one x from a gs1 the differences were too small to make it worth it to wait the extra month for a more expensive version of the same phone. I’m in the us and when I found out they would have the same CPU there was no point to wait also the extra ram seems meaningless to me since I never use even close to my full 1gb and I never lag. As far as the battery I average 14-16 hours between charges but only get about 6-8 hours of screen time unless playing a gfx heavy game which can knock it down to 4-6 hrs. Using it as just a phone and internet device would easily get 2 days outta it which I routinely get the s4 takes about 1% battery every 12 hours on idle so that’s awesome I expect the gs3 to get very similar results

  • zam77888

    one x is the king this time

  • Jasons going to cut your lunch

    Haha get an iphone homos

  • Saad

    HTC one x is the phone I would buy – hands down!

    • I would buy it too, but what about low fps on camera ?? how can i fix it ?

  • youthfrenzy

    Why is bigger screen considered as better? you can have tablet rather if you want large screens. I mean phones are supposed to be smaller aren’t they?

  • abhishek

    s3 is a safe and best choice.

  • HTC need to fire their marketing agency and hire a better one. If Apple had released the One X it would sell like hot cakes.

  • The One X is sexy, and the s3 feels like cheap tat. The blue tinge on the screen only amplifies the cheap feel of the handset. And if you grip the s3 tight you can hear and feel the chassis creaking. I don’t care about a hair’s breadth difference in a benchmark test. I care about a 500 quid phone that doesn’t feel and look like it’s held together with sellotape and been dropped in water.

  • Christopher John

    In terms of audio, I’d rather have the proper Wolfson DAC that the S3 has than a gimmicky software (Beats) in the One X. The S3 also even supports external USB DACs (like the Fiio E7) for even better quality sound. HTC is REALLY desperate in this.

  • DarthStrawberry

    Zero stars, avoid HTC biased liars! This bias is ridiculous, they MADE the one x win by emphasizing it’s features while trashing the s3’s. The one x is good enough on its own without this nonsense, although, personally I will be getting the s3 for its 64gb memory, 2gb ram, and removable battery. How is a 1800 mAh battery better than a 2,100 mAh battery, and heck let’s add a spare 4,200 mAh battery that comes WITH a free charger. Hahaha this review is a joke! The ONLY features the one x has over the s3 were not even focused on in it: the camera, the display and the design. All of which can be fixed. 1.) buy a case 2.) download an Android JB kernel 3.) delete Touchwiz and get sense UI 4.) for fun overclock your processor to 1.8 ghz. HTC one x: 57 gb maximum with Dropbox, no replaceable battery or Sd. S3 178gb maximum with Dropbox (50 gb) and 64gb sd, removable battery and Sd. Who wins?

  • Rauf Ilyas

    Well, I had used both phones, but personally i like HTC One X due to processing speed, design (which is handy), scree presentation as compare to S III.

  • htc sucks

    The s3 has a bigger n better processor sorry HTC s3 wins #FACT

  • HCC27

    Most of these are knee-jerk reactions to a better competitor product. Can’t believe how they spin the absence of an SD card slot or removable battery (do you really need to take it out of the phone to charge!!) as a positive. I have a 4300mAh battery from China in my S3, sure it adds to the bulk but I can go 3 days without charging, 6 hours of continuous video if I want – and it cost GBP6 delivered!
    As for the sound, I do know at least the Eurpopean S3’s come with a Wolfson DAC chip on board, pretty much the best ‘audiophile’ quality out there for phones and honestly with my Klipsch earbuds the quality is easily as good as my iPod’s if not better!

  • Glen

    I would just get the One X+ instead. Its 1.7 ghz still with quad core. It also has a slightly higher ppi than the one x and sg3 and it has a much, much improved battery life compared to the original. All this comes with almost no difference in price compared to the original one x.