One rotten Apple spoils the smartphone market

by: Simon HillAugust 30, 2012

It has been a good few weeks for Apple. In fact it has been a good few years. We all heard the news that Apple had become the most valuable company in the world ever. That’s based on share price and it doesn’t take inflation into account. But with a market cap of $631 billion as I write this, Apple is clearly incredibly successful. We also saw the news that America’s top company had trounced their biggest competitor, South Korean manufacturer Samsung, in a US courtroom. On top of the $1.05 billion damages award Apple is seeking a sales ban on a number of Samsung devices.

Apple has well over $100 billion in the bank. The company has sold over 85 million iPhones and 34 million iPads in the US alone. Worldwide, Apple has shipped more than 365 million iOS devices. Some analysts are predicting that the iPhone 5 will sell more than 200 million units. The sales figures are impressive, but it’s the profit that Apple makes on every device that has catapulted the company into such a commanding position.

Is Apple a bully?

Now, you might have expected that such a high level of success and huge cash reserves would satisfy Apple management and drive the company on to innovate and improve its device line-up. While an announcement on the new iPhone — and possibly an iPad mini — is expected any day now, Apple has also been employing another tactic. Through a carefully assembled patent portfolio Apple has been taking on its competitors in the courts and seeking bans of devices it feels infringe on those patents.

This approach has led to countersuits and sparked a worldwide patent war the likes of which has rarely, if ever, been seen. Apple is targeting competing companies that are much smaller than itself and, instead of offering acceptable licensing deals (as Microsoft has done with Android manufacturers), it is pursuing damages and sales bans. Apple is trying to get the competition banned from sale.

There’s something disconcerting about a company that is so successful, suing other companies for damages. It’s also revealing that Apple’s big win came in a US courtroom.

But Apple is only defending its innovations

Perhaps you believe the Apple complaint that everyone is ripping it off? Perhaps you feel it is reasonable for the company to pursue patent infringement to protect its innovations? Allow me to try and persuade you otherwise.

Even if we ignore the fact that patents are rarely employed this way in other industries because there’s a common understanding that it would become impossible to build upon and improve popular products and services, you still have to consider the fact that many of Apple’s patents should never have been granted in the first place. Watch this Apple Patent Insanity Rant for a clear breakdown on the ridiculous nature of some of Apple’s patents.

Universal search already existed when Apple was granted a patent on it, as did autocorrect and word recommendations. The slide to unlock gesture is such an obvious way to allow users to unlock their device with a touchscreen that Apple should never have been granted a patent on it. To make matters worse it was already in use as a method on other devices before Apple even filed the patent. How can you patent multi-touch gestures?

Many of the software patents should never have been granted because they were built upon earlier developments or they are simply too broad to award one company the exclusive right to them. The design patents are even worse. How many people honestly bought a Samsung phone thinking that it was an iPhone? No one in the history of the world ever has done this. So how is Apple losing profit because of Samsung devices? We’re not talking about cheap knock-offs here with a fake Apple logo, we’re talking about distinct devices with a completely different operating system.

Apple is using a broken patent system to try and block competitors from the market so it can make even more money. The state of software patents in particular has gotten so out of hand now that the system is doing the opposite of what it was designed to do. The idea was to encourage innovation. All it actually does is allow big companies to bar entry to their markets. Startups with a new idea are horribly prone to patent litigation and there’s no easy way to check if your idea actually infringes an existing patent, so it’s not like they are willfully treading on toes.

Rampant hypocrisy

Let’s look back at that infamous Steve Jobs interview where he quotes Picasso.

Good artists copy, great artists steal. And we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.

He’s talking about taking concepts and building upon them. Now there is a line between that and flat out copying. There are some areas where Samsung crossed the line, but the point is that Apple has now crossed the line, too. Many of the patent infringements they are suing over are incidences where another company is building on a concept, not directly copying.

Apple did not come up with a new design or new ideas in a vacuum. Apple products would not exist without concepts that came before. It is wrong to try and deny other companies that same opportunity and it’s sad that Apple isn’t content to try and take them on and win in the open marketplace because its products are superior. If Apple management truly believes that, then let the consumers decide.

Capitalist poster boy

Apple is the most valuable company in the world and it’s like a poster boy for the capitalist system. It is an American company, with a reputation for quality products, which rakes in unbelievable mountains of cash. The trouble is that there’s no place for morals or ethics in business anymore.

Apple has its components manufactured abroad because the labor is cheap. It charges a premium for its products because people are willing to pay. It spends far more on marketing than it does on research and development (Samsung, Google, and Microsoft all spend more on R&D than Apple, despite having less to spend). The pursuit of profit knows no bounds and patent litigation is just another way to make more money, both directly in damages, but also, more importantly, indirectly by hurting competitors. Apple pays a ridiculously low rate of tax on the gargantuan profits it makes. In the UK in 2010, Apple earned £6 billion and paid just over £10 million in tax.

All of this take, take, take is going to catch up with them sometime. There’s nothing unusual about the greed (or business sense) the company displays, it is simply the biggest (or greediest) company around right now.

The Emperor’s new clothes

Apple does make great products. I think it would be churlish to say otherwise, but they are overpriced. Much of the company’s success is based on building a stylish brand and pouring massive resources into marketing. Apple fans perceive the products as special and they are willing to pay a premium for that Apple logo. Many people have been puzzled about the company’s popularity for a long time now, but that perplexity over its tremendous success is turning into disgust and even hatred as Apple bullies its competitors.

No company can stay at the top forever. How can the richest and most successful company possibly sustain that hunger to produce the best products on the market? How can a company with so much money maintain the goodwill of consumers? Everyone loves the underdog and Apple has not won any new fans with its bullying tactics. Will it stop the iPhone 5 from being a huge success? Probably not, but one thing we can guarantee is that Apple will fall eventually, like Microsoft before it, and many people will be happy when it does.

  • Clayton Ljungberg

    A very good read.

    • Emma Dimike

      What puzzles me most is how happy and proud some apple products owners are that apple is making So much profit. If they are shareholders, fine. But if not, where do they think the disproportionate profit is coming from.

  • mb

    Good article. U.s. is corrupt in the sense they just try time give take care if their own company instead of looking at the couldn’t do much in rest of the world. To bad for u.s. users as it could mean limited products in u.s. with apple gaining a more monopoly. While rest of the world can enjoy inovation.

  • rob

    Here here

  • Mathieu

    Actually not biased.

    The sad truth is that no one from the #teamApple will even come to this website to read this article.

  • MasterMuffin

    Really great article! I just wish that everybody would read this and get their eyes opened.

  • Simon you echo thoughts of many of us. Apple is a real bully, but the fact that Samsung has already showed it can ship more numbers and is still innovating and bringing more great products to the market means it can be ousted from that comfort zone.

  • Edward Smith

    THANK YOU for being awesome and standing up about this issue. Most consumers don’t know any better and assume that Apple is the standard, that’s wrong….Apple has turned in to a horrible company and the public needs to be aware of it.

  • Good article

  • Piyush


  • AMB_07

    I used to root for Apple, I mean let’s not kid ourselves the iPhone brought something fresh to this industry and I don’t regret ever buying my iPhone 4 which I still have and use to this day. But when a company with the same power and status as Apple starts to lose its values and, basically go the way Apple is going now, then it’s time to turn to the underdog and give it a chance to catch up. The underdog in this case is android but also windows phone.

    I got a nexus 7 and let me tell you this little baby is amazing, sure the play store isn’t nearly as complete as the AppStore but its catching up and so far I think its on the right track. And oh my, Android has been on a roll lately and that’s because people are waking up and seeing that there’s a pretty good alternative to Apple. But they still see the iPhone as a premium device. Samsung is definitely the number 2 in this race but I’d really like to see Windows Phone succeed. A 3-horse race will be better for everyone.

  • Macleod644

    Ok first of all, apple repeatedly has said they aren’t doing this because of profits. They did this because of VALUES. Samsung is KNOWN to copy and not just phones, but TV’s, Appliances, etc. Apple did this to say “Hey u can’t just completely and blatantly copy us” , and now Samsung will INNOVATE more instead of going off of other devices which in the end benefits consumers. Apple doesn’t need more money they have plenty. I’m not siding with apple tho, I feel like it IS getting a bit out hand and it’s almost like they are trying to take over the world !! Lol. I’m def gonna take a look at the GS3 once it gets Jellybean tho , I have a feeling the New iPhone isn’t gonna be close to as good as the S3. I just Don’t want anyone to think I’m an “Apple fanboy” because I’m not, sure I like the apple products like the iPad and MacBook but I’m not all about apple. That’s why I come to this site AND imore. I have a 4S but I’m most likely gonna get another GS3 , I had one but it broke (software) somehow out of nowhere , so I parted ways and went back to my 4S. Only thing I didn’t like on the GS3 was the batter life it sucked for me but I’m sure I can figure that out in the future. Anyways just my unbiased opinion on this because I like Samsung and apple equally and I feel they are BOTH wrong a little bit, regardless it all needs to stop soon.

    • Oliver Petruzel

      “Ok first of all, apple repeatedly has said they aren’t doing this because of profits. They did this because of VALUES.”

      well gee… since they said so, it must be true! O_o

      If you actually believe that to be the case, you’re extremely naive… (and I’m being kind!)

      • Y_Sue_Samsung_Y_Not_Compete?

        Oliver’s right, what Apple meant — Hey V R an AMERCIAN company….n v hate competition.

    • Y_Sue_Samsung_Y_Not_Compete?

      unbiased my ass!

    • Marvin Nakajima

      Ok, let’s put this in another light. How far would I have to modify an iPhone in your opinion before it is NOT an iPhone? This is the basic core of progress. You take something that exists and improve upon it (though that sometimes may become quite subjective),

  • Relax everyone

    I think this article is an excellent written summary of all the myths and fallacies about apple.

    Apple is profitable because they know how to delight their customers with lower costs than their competitors. They focus on doing a few products well and keeping their scale of production high. The reason Samsung and other phone manufacturers don’t make as much money is because they don’t know how, not because they are more generous.

    But that all said, you should just chill. Its a great time to be a consumer in this market. Android is great and getting better. IOS is great and getting better. And there is room for both in the market. We can all buy Android products for a long time to come. Or Apple products. Probably not Blackberry though, they’ll be out in a year or so. So just sit back and enjoy your phone and turn the panic knob down a bit.

  • raffr

    “..but they are overpriced.” Sigh, how can something be overpriced if consumers are buying them in record numbers? The definition of overpriced means decreasing or no sales. Wether or not apple can sustain their premium pricing is a different question, however their current sales indicate they products are clearly not overpriced.

    • Melad Khajepour

      it means that it costs more than what its worth

      • raffr

        As long as there are people willing to buy their products at the price they ask, to the buyers it is worth the price.

        • SamsaraGuru

          raffr. Let’s say you are a skilled buyer of some commodity – silver and you know from years of study and observation pretty much down to the penny what an ounce of silver should cost you – if you are going to have a chance in a reasonable time of turning it around at a profit.

          Would you or would you not think that anyone who came into the silver market and tried to sell you silver at twice what you KNOW is the reasonable, going market value based on all the variables involved, i. e. mining production, smelting, transportation, current/projected industry demand, production interruptions pending, etc., etc.; would you not, could you not categorically and with authority state, “Your silver is way over priced.”

          Yet, Apple is managing – through clever positioning and hype to convince gullible individuals to purchase their products based on a perception of value that is bogus; nothing more than will o the wisp marketing legerdemain (slight of hand/magic tricks).

          Frankly, Melaid’s assessment is totally logical. Perhaps what he might have said that would have been more in keeping with your line of thinking (which I do see the sense of) was, “Apple’s products, to those who are not bereft of commonsense and have not botoxed their critical analysis muscles, are automatically viewed as overpriced due to their poor product to value ratio that does not justify the price they are asking.”

          Obviously, there still is, as P. T. Barnum once said, “A fool born every minute (or nanosecond).” Much to Apple’s delight and the happiness of its bottom line!

          • raffr

            If I am not the only buyer for a commodity or consumer product, I can certainly say an item costs more than I am willing to pay. However, unless I am the ONLY buyer I can’t determine the value of that product. If there are litterally millions of people the world over willing to pay full price for apple products, then they are not over priced. I may not be willing to pay $1,200 for a mac book, but clearly enough people are which allows apple to make the profits they do.

          • SamsaraGuru

            I see your point raffr – it makes a semantic, splitting hairs sort of sense; even if it does take some contortions to get one’s mind around it.

            However if, for all practical purposes, the results one gets from one product are no greater than those yielded by one much more reasonably priced and the only discernible differentiation from an intellectual (rather than technical) standpoint is the “value” added by marketing hype and religious-like fervor, then in a practical – not intellectual fantasy sense – I don’t think one can be faulted for saying it is obviously overpriced even if there are no shortage of takers.

          • Roberto

            I think that value is different for everybody. I think that price for ‘x’ product is the one that the public is willing to pay. So, what people think as cheap or expensive or overpriced is, in part, proportional to the perceived value of the product and company.

            As long as people perceive ‘x’ product from ‘y’ company as the best product, and they could pay it, they will buy that rather than another product which they don’t perceive with the same value.

            Apple marketing has worked very high to be positioned with the ‘Gucci Factor’. Most people that buy it, buy it because it says Apple and everybody and their dog seems to have it or crave for it.

            So, part of what you pay for an iPhone (or anything else Apple) you pay for that apple sticker and pretty design.

            Regarding the article, I think it’s pretty good.

          • SamsaraGuru

            Roberto. You are absolutely correct.

            What people are paying for is the “Gucci factor” . Nothing else explains the irrational desire to buy what even now with the latest (exactly the same but different) iteration of the iPhone, is a device that ANYONE even slightly familiar how much more power and true cutting edge technology Android can give them for less – buy and iPhone?

            But, as Napaoleon Hill said in his classic book Think and Grow Rich, “There is nothing to be done about a lack of intelligence.”
            Ultimately, though reality will set in as the economy continues to contract and economic reality helps administer a long overdue dose of “reality check”!

          • Relax everyone


            Your post demonstrates a common misconception about economincs. Price is not the cost of production + your assessment of a reasonable profit. Price is the intersection of the supply and demand curves.

            To take your silver analogy to a higher level – Apple has developed ways to develop the silver at a lower cost than their competitors through logistics, supply chain management, and scale of operation. They use their lower costs of production to garner higher profits. This happens in many industries. Furthermore, on some of their products they produce higher quality (Apple phones always rank higher on customer satisfaction than any other phone manufacturer). They use this higher quality (as measured by customer satisfaction) to charge more for some of their products.

          • SamsaraGuru

            Thank you Relax Everyone for your measured and excellent insights re price. It makes excellent sense. Certainly if someone is able to by using their heads manage to develop a method of production that markedly reduces their costs, while others were sitting around like bumps on a log using only the old methods, that company should profit (and will) at least until China or the French or someone else who doesn’t like to bother with the costs of actually creating new things steals the technology and starts using it as if it were their own.

            However, here is where I believe your own analogy begins to fall short if I may be allowed to posit! (SMS)

            I work in the mobile phone market and have the opportunity to sell both Android phones and the iPhone.

            If the truth be told, I have not spoken with one manager of a store or salesmen of cell phones who really believes the iPhone is a good deal; almost universally they feel it is overpriced, over hyped and at least with all the various (exactly the same but different) iterations of the iPhone feel it is outdated, repackaged, gussied up old technology – and none of them have an iPhone.

            And though none of us are willing to rain on anyone else’s parade who has bought into Apple as being the holy grail of smartphones, the standard, fact is we are all shaking our heads in amazement at the fact that people are so gullible that they actually – without seriously questioning – accept the advice of their friends, the ads etc and are willing to pony up what it takes to own an iPhone.

            Apple without realizing it – or perhaps because “frankly they don’t give a damn” – has with all its antics set themselves up as the company that people have begun to hate and are now looking and hoping will fail and fall. Don’t be terribly surprised if the U. S. Attorney General starts rattling the anti-trust sabers soon; Apple has become even worse than Microsoft was at its worst.

            Anyway, getting back to your analogy, and where I see a bit of a hole in it, which relates to my just penned “who struck John” analysis.

            In a real situation where people are using their commonsense and truly are taking the time to inform themselves all of the factors you mentioned truly are the actual determinate of price and always will be.

            BUT, when you have someone, who rather than using their heads joins the marketing/buying equivalent of millions of lemmings rushing en mass to a cliff to over the edge to and die in the sea, and this collective hysterical thinking reflects itself in a untenable, indefensible willingness to patronize someone who is playing upon it to jack up their prices, well, then I say – even if the text books might differ with my humble opinion that that company’s products are grossly overpriced.

            But, if it makes people happy to THINK they are buying the best of the best by buying Apple – well, not my problem, and I will not rain on their parade and refuse to sell them what will make them happy.

            Ultimately, like millions before them who have turned their backs on Apple products, they will wise up.

          • as355

            Hear hear.

        • abet

          come on, they are overpriced and you know it, you just don’t want to admit that you can actually buy a better product for less..

  • SamsaraGuru

    Well put Simon.Thank you for the insightful as well as cogent thinking your writing demonstrates.

    Like all bullies there ultimately will come a day when Apple – blinded by its sense of self-importance and invulnerability will fail and fall.

    Despotic individuals as well as regimes always do, always. Even Hitler and Stalin, who wielded the power of life and death and depravity so skillfully ultimately fell and history will forever see them and count them among the most despicable of monsters to ever curse the earth by their existences.

    So shall it be with Apple, and when it happens, as it most assuredly will, only those who have allowed themselves to be brainwashed into believing Apple’s own press will shed a tear. The rest of us will cheer!

  • roamer7485

    So true….

  • MAG

    i cant disagree more with this, i said something like this just last week, before apple came along all phone companies didn’t sue each other, then come apple suing left, right and centre… I’ve said a few times apple make a good os and a nice phone but the way they go about bulling the competition is just outright low…. And greedy

    To be human is to better are self and make things better for mankind… all Apple want is we have the bigger stick and no one can copy that as its mine lol (sounds like a big kid in a playground)

  • sandyboi

    Im a music producer hailing from india and I have been using apple, android and blackberry products. And out of these three, I think iOS has the most support for productivity tools. I’m not saying apple is the standard here, and neither I’m an apple ‘fan boy’, but when I started using android, I realized it has got very few industry standard tools, unlike apple which supports so many DAWs, music production tools, and creative apps. I think the reason why some people favour apple is due to this. Now I use my android device only for entertainment purposes. If android developers could come up with more productive tools, I’m sure I would stick to it only. Well now I’m considerinf to wait for windows 8 release, because right now I support windows more than apple, because not everyone can always afford apple. Personally I think one should stick to their own choices, because there’s too much hype out in the market, consumers generally get panic stricken LOL

    • RJ Daniel

      That’s because yours is an industry which writes tools for Apple devices… If you aren’t willing to help support, fund or develop those same tools on Android, don’t crib about it.

      • Y_Sue_Samsung_Y_Not_Compete?

        ^^ this is a Fitting Reply

    • Y_Sue_Samsung_Y_Not_Compete?

      u can afford one mate, we get ur point n happy music editing on ur MAc Air costing trillions of Rupees

  • Just using the sales estimate and money in the bank they made about $200 profit per device. This is not couting the money they reinvested in marketing the products or additional taxes they had to pay for the higher profits.Yeah I would agree they make too much money per item sold. They are drunk on the profits and can’t stand competing with other companies that set more realistic and fair prices for the consumer. This is why they sue to extort or put other companies out of business.

  • The best post I’ve come across on the malicious nonsene that is Apple’s “patent infringement” claims.

  • With Apple trying to ban 8 Samsung smartphones in the U.S. and gearing itself up to go against HTC, maybe it’s time for us consumers to stand-up and speak-out about Apple’s blatant bullying, and their efforts to squelch competition and reduce consumer choice through lawsuits and aggressive patenting! What d’ya think?

  • I wonder why those who invented the first refrigerator or washing machine or television didn’t sue the rest of the companies who made their own brand using the same ideas?


      B’coz the other companies paid royalty for the inventor.

  • jamie


  • Jeff

    Seems apple only bully far east companies so why don’t they in the far east charge more to make apple products. Seems apple have all bases covered. I remember apple was the favoured platform for media and music but they still nearly went bust and MS bailed them out. Could you see apple doing that for anyone else? All this US vs far east will end up with a trade war. Good article though.

  • Thanks for that.

  • Jillxz

    Great article. I am one who would love to see Apple come tumbling down.

  • Ivan Budiutama

    A very good read. Couldn’t agree more. If you are a baker then fight with more delicious bread. If apple is phone maker company then fight the competition using better phone than your competitors. Fighting the competition using lawsuit and patent system gap simply showing that Apple is running out of idea and has reached its limit. Time will tell.


      So it mean invent new product so that samsung can copy?

      • Marvin Nakajima

        Not necessarily. They could take stuff that Samsung improved upon and improve further on that. One of the things that I felt iPhone might desire is haptic feedback. Also technology like Swype would be great for typing, too bad iPhone locks user out from changing the keyboard (or any default app for that matter).

      • Ivan Budiutama

        You obviously didn’t catch my drift. First of all, unless iPhone 6 will be created from materials brought back by Curiousity in Mars, Apple barely invent anything. all the ingredients were there, they just chose the right ones, and improved them greatly (upon creation of the first iPhone). I mean, what happened to this kind of Company Apple once was? There are hundreds, and I really mean it, hundreds of combination of technology they can choose to bake the one best iPhone that will “wow” everyone into making the next iPhone a must buy. But what is happening, they rather chose to invest their money on legal battle and paid ridiculous high amount of money to their lawyer than investing them on R&D development to mix the best ingredient and improve the fast-paced technology in creating a ground-breaking product that everyone will think of it as a must-buy. Secondly, this kind of battle contribute nothing but annoying fanboys and haters war and of course both sides selfish ego. Yes, I already hate the way Google succumbed to Apple’s level by starting legal battle backed by Motorola’s patent. It is disgusting, tiring and stupid. Sorry for the harsh words. I always love gadget, they already contribute a lot on my work, but this kind of useless battle is getting on my nerve.

  • hoddd

    it is shameful being an american

  • kc

    Their motto must be: Be evil.

  • mtup

    i have a galaxy s 2, ive also had an iphone. i like them both. but before people just rage about patents being issued you guys need to do some research. even if someone has already used or created the technology in the past someone else can file a patent for it and be awarded that patent if the inventor/inventor company does not defend the patent or does not put in effort to file a patent, which none of the original companies did. so there for, according to patent law the inventor has no claim to it anymore. Apple’s just being an agressive company…
    before i get any sort of hate for being a apple fanboy, im not. i own a galaxy s 2.

    • Michael Koch

      Turn in your TV!!!!

    • Marvin Nakajima

      I suppose filing a patent that an inventor does not defend is fine if there was no actual product made from that idea. ‘First to file’ seems to be the current motto of the PO. However, if a product HAS been created and sold prior to the patent it becomes valid prior art for invalidating the filed patent. Yes, if you have good enough lawyers I suppose that you can still defend them but in the public eye your ‘klout’ or ‘social capital’ has taken a nosedive.

  • slyck

    apple a disgrace.never had one never forever

  • Y_Sue_Samsung_Y_Not_Compete?

    Amazing Article! When i bought the ipod Nano 5th gen, i was looking for the best mp3 player i can keep for years to come was such a nice product, i dreamt of buying an iPhone one day…well it’s still a dream…. thanks to the Premium price and now after using an Android Device for more than a year and a half, i dont want to switch to Apple thanks to the elitist views of this company which makes u think like a robot and u r forced to have what they give n nothing else. I dont Hate Apple (hate is a very strong word), just wonder if its making premium toys to play with or user-friendly products.

  • Michael Koch

    The Gov’t should grind up Apple and make some Apple sauce……..

  • should bring apple ito face the antitrust law

  • go and jam obama website

  • Jay

    Apple is not showing competitive spirit..Change from apple to android and Show them Its we who matter not the patents….

  • Nuke Iraq

    Apple = Google = Microsoft = Bp = [Insert large company here]

    Not sure why anyone is surprised that Apple is now officially an Evil Company.

  • Apple is the new Microsoft…oh the irony…

  • I’m one of the happy people to see the fall of the rotten crAPPLE :)

  • libtekhed

    I never have and never will buy an Apple product. I have a N900 running Maemo so I swim against everyone. But then I know I own the greatest smartphone ever created, so I don’t care ;)

  • The point of view Apple is celebrating is not tolerable.
    If you have naked people APPLE willcorrect, if you had a bad song APPLE will show you the way.
    And now its over with the spirit….now they will use the court to make money…..
    And the kids they have to work to build this APPLE premium products to do higher profit ???????
    ITS ENOUGH WITH THIS,………we should buy SAMSUNG then APPLE needs Competition!!

  • Blitz

    This is a fantastic Statement towards Apple and I agree thoroughly. Especially the patent grants getting out of hand. think back 20-40 years ago, where it was almost impossible to have a global market for products… therefore you didn’t have so many technologies as we have today… and so less patents. Its the same with music. The market is so saturated nowadays where new music is created by the minute. This certainly didn’t occur back then. Too much saturation is the problem.

  • Allan Nichols

    It’s funny to listen to people whine like Simon about Apple calling them greedy! Of course they are and so are Samsung, Microsoft, Harvard, Burger King, Midas, the local supermarket……. and so are all of you people whining for that matter when it all comes down to it as every one of you wants to have more just like the next person or company, what the hell do you think a company goes into business for ???

    I am guessing Simon Hill never managed, founded or ran a single business in his entire life. Perhaps he should try running one that employs a decent number of people ? I am guessing he would not last a year running a hot dog stand if he held true to what he wants from Apple, much less a business that provided opportunity and value for tens or hundreds of thousands of people who they pay to do a job and thus put bread on their own tables like Apple does.

    After all what is “So Greedy” about providing jobs for so many people ?????

    At any rate in the simplest terms a business functions to provide what people want and charge as much as people are willing to pay while making the product or providing the service with as little overhead as possible.

    The problem is not Apple the problem are the courts and GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS from ALL parties letting them get away with such nonsense, in the meantime Apple is just doing it’s best to compete and leveraging anything they can to stay ahead. I would say they are doing a good job perhaps the competition needs to step up it’s game ?

    By the way I do not own a single Apple product and am a dedicated open source kind of guy, I own a Galaxy S3 a Lenovo Android Tablet and type this from an msi laptop running Ubuntu 12.04 so don’t call me a fan boy. I am simply pointing out to y’all how business works and it’s tough to make it if it wasn’t everyone would be Bill Gates, Larry Ellison or Steve Jobs we would all live like rock stars, have a helicopter and many girlfriends of course we do not live a perfect world and never will.

    Again you want to complain call you’re government officials and tell them about the rampant Crony Capitalism and Anti Competitive practices they are letting companies get away with while claiming to our faces they fight for “Fairness”

    Remember people Capitalism and Crony Capitalism are two very different things and if the government is not going to make all companies play by the same rules then what do you expect ? After all General Motors and the Big Banks screwed us all and both Obama and Bush rewarded them with Billions of our money which they took in taxes YOU ARE MAD AT THE WRONG ENTITY MY FRIENDS !

  • rodluizpant

    Apple added S3 and Note to the ban wishlist… Can someone tell me how the S3 or the note are similar to iPhone?????? Both can eat the iPhone with their huge screens…. And banning the competition with stupid patents is blocking the consumer’s liberty of choice. This is why I hate Apple. I like its products but taking my liberty of choice is WAY too much. Apple creates stupid patents to ban the competition because it’s afraid of losing. And everytime Apple bans a phone, we are the ones who lose… Not Samsung, not HTC. WE lose. Apple don’t care about consumers because if Apple cared, they would let us pick the phone we wanted.

  • rodluizpant

    I really hope Google patents that notification bar style of Android, because if Apple does it, we are screwed…

  • A very well written! somehow i think the US judge (that same lucy koh?) must be getting something out from Cupertino. For all cases between the half eaten fruit with samsung seems totally unfair when she in the courtroom. I’m just afraid that one day, maybe.. just maybe, cupertino will be what is Umbrella Corporation in the Resident Evil.. and their first zombie will be stevejoblesscook ..

  • AAcesAA

    Apple played the game by the same rules as Samsung and everybody else and won. If you don’t like the rules, change them. If you don’t like the game, don’t play.