One of the Best Android Honeycomb Apps: Pulse

by: Darcy LaCouveeFebruary 3, 2011
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Pulse is one of our favorite Android apps for reading news, and we were delighted to see it make a good showing at Google’s recent Honeycomb Motorola Xoom unveiling.  We got a chance to see a demo at Google’s Android 3.0 event, and the app is very promising.

Like other great Honeycomb apps, it employs “stacks” for the Home screen widget, which allows users to place their feeds and scroll through them with convenient flicks of the finger before picking one to read. Beautifully designed, the app itself has some of the best usage of screen space we have witnessed so far. In landscape mode, the feed list sits on the right and the individual article panel on the left. Really though, our words cannot do it justice. Check out the video below for a good idea of how wonderful this is going to be use. Essentially, you can scroll through your list of feeds then scroll through articles within a feed, all without leaving the article you’re reading. In portrait mode, you can scroll through other articles in the currently selected feed. It’s extremely well designed, with a thoughtful UI that’s both fun and functional.

Check out the video below:

  • Yep. Great looking app but it will absolutely kill your phone. Maybe dual core processors can reign it in a little but when I last used it crippled my 2.2 galaxy s.

  • Tiger

    Something much be wrong with your galaxy then

    worked fine on mine – still using it today – excellent app
    well designed and works fantastically

  • Xoom

    is this apps was installed on honeycomb?