HTC One Max could launch in the fourth quarter of 2013

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 13, 2013

htc one max leak (3)

It’s an established fact that HTC is working on an oversized version of the successful One, dubbed the One Max. We’ve even seen it in a couple of leaked images, though the most recent one turned out to be fake. We’ve also heard a multitude of rumors about the 6-inch device, including some that said the One Max would be launched in early fall.

Chief Marketing Officer Ben Ho confirmed yesterday that HTC is working on a variant of the One, without specifically mentioning the One Max. Talking to Taiwanese media, Ho admitted once more that HTC sent out a confusing message to customers in 2012, and said that the company is focusing on fewer products this year.

Ho reportedly stated that HTC would launch “two to three mid-tier Desire-branded phones” by the end of the year, as well as a “variant of [the] flagship One series in the fourth quarter”. We’re positive that the executive was referring to the One Max, as there have been no reports about a One variant besides it.

Is it reasonable to expect the HTC One Max release in the fourth quarter? The time window seems a little late, considering that Samsung will launch the Note 3 in early September and that the Sony Xperia Z Ultra will hit the stores in the same period. Surely, HTC wants to steal some of Samsung’s thunder and offer customers a worthy alternative to the Note 3 as soon as possible.

Then again, HTC could announce the Max in September and ship it in October, which is the first month of the fourth quarter. That’s assuming everything goes well with the production and HTC doesn’t hit any snags, like it did with the One. If that’s the case, we’re in for a hot end of the year in the phablet landscape.

  • I_Love_Samsung_But_Not_Lag!!!

    I would love to see a comparison with samsung galaxy note 3

  • Lee

    For the record Z ultra is available in certain markets.

  • Well

    I am still waiting for the KLP 5,0 with this phone as it was promised.. :)

  • Gilles LeBlanc

    Its a 16GB paperweight with no expansion option. Totally F’d like Sony’s flashless Ultra Z with crap non Gorilla Sony glass.

    • Guest


  • Edwin

    I think I’d prefer the One’s design to be adapted to a 7 inch tablet, personally.

    • SolarMan

      I could live w/that.

  • xtriker360

    16GB phones are something with no reason at this point, and should be kill.

    • SolarMan

      You’re not being honest with yourself: some people could care less about having more than 16 gigs. To some it’s more than enough for pictures & music, not me personally, but not everyone totes a bunch of media in their pocket.

      • xtriker360

        The thing is that you don’t really have a total of 16GB available to use, most of the games are hitting the 1GB mark, and taking pictures at 13+MP adds up very quickly, and let’s not talk about recording videos at 1080P @ 60fps lol

        • Antony

          That’s very true. What can 16 GB really do these days, with all these apps competing for quality and quickly using up a gig or two??…. Some companies, like another commenter pointed Sony, still cannot figure that one out. The commenter also has a valid point, there are still quite a few consumers willing to pay high price for the phone and its quality but shorting themselves on internal memory, either they don’t care or just don’t know better… Others even justify using cloud for it… I myself willing to pay phone like the MAX for 64 GB or even 128 GB if available. For my own usage, I cannot do a jack with 16 GB. lol

  • SolarMan

    This thing’s gonna be deadly…..maybe not a ‘Note-killer’ but it should hold it’s own in the flagship battle, like the One has vs. the other flagship phones, and I want to believe HTC’s offering will surely outperform Sony’s.
    No sd card? The iPhone has sold millions with no expandable memory. 16 gigs not enough? There’s always cloud storage, but whatever.
    That Boom Sound should be a beast again-if it’s anything like the One. Big screen, I personally like as large a picture as possible(YouTube stream, movies, recorded vids, games).
    Sprint needs to offer this…….{fingers crossed}


    I will be 1st in line to trade in my Galaxy S4 for the HTC MAX!!!

  • think again

    can’t this variant be the HTC One Plus ?