One (M8) teardown shows why HTC Advantage is such a good deal

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 26, 2014

htc one m8 ifixit teardown

“The display assembly cannot be replaced without tunneling through the entire phone. This makes one of most common repairs, a damaged screen, very difficult to accomplish.” This is how the teardown experts at iFixit describe the situation they found inside the brand new HTC One (M8).

iFixit is a company that creates teardown guides for DIY-ers and professionals, along with related tools and equipment. The company ranks devices on a repairability scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the easiest to repair. Features like irregular screws, glued components, and a very tight fitting bring down the score.

Last years’ HTC One (M7) scored an ignominious 1 on iFixit’s scale, so are things any better with the new M8?

Just slightly so, as the One (M8) scored 2, with only the durable build saving it from the minimal score. iFixit noted that the rear case is very difficult to remove without damaging it, the battery is difficult to access and glued to the mainboard, and work is hindered by “copious amounts of tape, adhesive, and copper shielding”. And then there’s the screen, which as we all know, is the most sensitive part of a phone.

Which brings us to Advantage, the warranty plan that HTC offers in the US. Under the program, if you crack or break your display within the first six months of ownership, HTC will replace it once, for free. Without it, one accident can cost you a lot, as replacing a screen assembly is one of the costliest repair operations. Besides the free screen replacement, you also get up to 50GB of free Drive storage and HTC’s guarantee that you will receive Android updates for two years. HTC Advantage is available with devices in the One series.

There you have it. The HTC One may be super well built, but a sturdy case is strongly advised. Mind the water damage too.

  • MasterMuffin

    “The HTC One maybe super well built” may be? I wonder what Z2’s score is, probably low too

    • Tjaldid

      i don’t think they made one for either Z or Z1, soo there will be no score

      • MasterMuffin

        Well they should. Let’s make an internet petition! ;D

  • 911

    I must say when u go and do something like this it is an act of RAPE on the brand htc.
    I did not see any video clip of the laounch of the s5 g2 or z2
    why did you do this clip?

    Many of htc potential customers may just not thinking of bying this device after the rape video

    Htc we love u

    • bakakun028

      Hahaha. What? Rape? Are you a feminist?

      • 911

        I wont be anymore if i see similar clip when u take of the underware of the samsung s5 then we see how smal it is inside hahahaha

    • What did I just read O.O

  • Cal Rankin

    I do like the HTC advantage, so maybe instead of a Moto X I’ll get the new One.

  • Tommy

    Overall, the HTC One (M8) is a wonderful reinvention of the 2013 handset we liked so much. There’s innovation, refinement and new features aplenty that make it a shining example of a flagship device. The bar has been set high with what will be one tough act to follow.And if you have decided to become a proud owner of this device, perhaps you’re in the market for a solid and beautiful protection case as well.