OmniROM promises “unique privacy and security features” for next year

December 30, 2013


    The team behind the recently announced, but already popular, OmniROM custom ROM has taken a look back at 2013, revealing new features for next year.

    One of the most interesting features – especially considering all the reports out there detailing the scope of the NSA’s spying campaigns – is the “unique privacy and security” capabilities promised for next year, “to help you fold your obligatory tin foil hat.”

    However, the OmniROM team did not further elaborate what those privacy and security features will be, or what will make them unique. OmniROM is not the only custom ROM out there that will bring more privacy and security features to users interested in such powers for their phones, with the CyanogenMod team having some similar initiatives in mind for its current and future builds.

    Other future features include increase device support, UI/UX enhancements and “dancing penguins doing the ‘robot.’”

    In addition to plans for next year, the team revealed that in just three months from launch it has received contributions from more than 90 developers, deployed over 30 nightly builds, brought new features to the community and saw over 650,000 unique visitors check out its website and other resources.

    OmniROM nightlies downloads in 2013 | Image credit: OmniROM

    OmniROM nightlies downloads in 2013 | Image credit: OmniROM

    The team has also provided a spreadsheet showing the number of nightly downloads for the device currently supported, with Samsung devices taking four of the first five spots.

    Have you tried OmniROM yet?


    • telco

      phone must be rooted i guess

      • mrjayviper

        yup. it’s a custom ROM

        • telco


          • koala

            just do it. ;)

          • Mehdi

            most of us has been there mate, but once you do it, you realize you did the right thing.

            Just follow some basic instructions for your device. That’ll do.

            • telco

              thanks guys

          • Arturo Raygoza

            don’t do it, Freddy Kruger is going to get you

            • telco

              lol… a really good encouragement :3

        • telco


          • mrjayviper

            Installing custom ROM freed my phone from the carrier crap. I’m also much more in control

          • The Calm Critic

            root = faster Android ver upds via custom ROMs, options to pick diff ROMs according to diff dev specs, higher risk of/when things go wrong BUT equally offset by root level abilities to troubleshoot and better kernels to choose from for batt life:performance ratio finding.

            stock/unrooted = subject to manufacturer’s whim and greatly reduces potential device’s life span. My i9100g (check Omni’s table above :)) for example were already dead in the water up to 4.1.2 as Samsung “tactfully” said that it won’t be able to balance the newer TouchWiz components in 4.2 and 4.3. A load of BS. Root, flash a recovery and boom now there’s Omni, MoKee and Slim 4.4.2 ROMs w/ a steady nightlies’ schedule to use.

    • mrjayviper

      hopefully, it’s better than their current implementation of AppOps. The UI is horrid. CM has the best UI for AppsOps IMO (I’ve tried pacrom/aokp/cm/omnirom)

    • IDontKnowMyName

      Yup. I was running Omni on my N7000 for about a month. Just went back to CM10.2 and saw better stability and better battery life. Not saying Omni was bad. The battery life while on Omni was great but CM10.2 is even better. I will switch back to Omni in a few weeks again once it is even more stable.

    • AJ

      Working pretty good but no multi windows on i9300?

    • Cal Rankin

      I wonder if there will be secureSMS like on CyanogenMod