OmniROM to bring Nexus 5-like OpenStreetMap-based smart dialer of its own

by: Chris SmithJanuary 15, 2014


OmniROM on Tuesday announced it will include its own smart dialer in its custom ROM, to offer the same kind of functionality available from the smart KitKat smart dialer on the Nexus 5.

The KitKat dialer includes some smart features that users would enjoy, however the app is restricted to the Nexus 5 for now. That means only Nexus 5 owners get to play with caller ID and search features inside the dialer, which is why OmniROM decided to work on its own alternative.

Future OmniROM releases will included a dialer app that offers integrated phone number search, which will let users search for phone numbers for nearby places by simply typing relevant keywords instead of a number.

Interestingly, the feature is based on OpenStreetMap, which means that OmniROM is “not sending your query through Google’s “Big Brother” services,” and that the location of the user is only a “rough” one, instead of an exact one. After all, OmniROM did promise privacy-related features for its future releases of its ROM.

OmniROM Smart Dialer

Furthermore, “for the sake of being complete and covering all possibilities,” the feature will be offered through Google Places API later down the road.

However, the OmniROM team did not say when the feature will be included in its ROM, as it’s currently in development (see screenshot above).

  • Amol sonthalia

    been waiting in note 2 for long time for this feature…omni always ahead in the race while developing custom rom..thanks Utkarsh Gupta and others for gt n7100 Omni..:)

    • mrjayviper

      not which features makes them ahead of others like CM. I’ve tried omnirom just 2 weeks ago and the level of customizations are just not there for me. even cm who I believe has the least number of customizations compared to aokp/pa (4.3.x) is much more customizable than omnirom.

  • Paarth Desai

    privacy* you mean…

  • powl003

    I stick with Omni because I hope they replace those nasty google services with own open source solutions like this dialer.

  • CalcPrgmr1

    Awesome, the more open and less Google dependent Omni gets the more I wish for a Note 3 build! I like Android for its openness, not really for its Googleness. I like some Google services but I’d prefer not to depend on them with every facet of my existence and Android is growing more and more tight with them.