Official Virgin Mobile ICS update for the HTC EVO 3D leaks, looks like the real deal

by: AdrianMay 7, 2012
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Released way back in July last year, the HTC EVO 3D was stuck for a while on the list of smartphones “in line” for an Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich update. And while several unofficial (and buggy) ICS builds came out from different independent developers, a stable and official update left EVO 3D users hanging.

Fortunately, HTC’s 4.3-incher is no longer left behind, as it seems you can finally enjoy all the Ice Cream Sandwich goodness you have been waiting so long for. An official Virgin Mobile ICS build has been leaked by RootzWiki’s Team Virtuous, and, as far as we can tell right now, the software package is the real deal and is as stable as they get.

The leaked build brings Android 4.0.3 to the EVO 3D with HTC’s Sense 3.6 UI on top. That’ just a little behind the times, with Android 4.0.4 being around for more than a month, but it should not make that much of a difference for the day-to-day user.

The original Android 4.0 build can be downloaded from this RootzWiki link here. If you want to enjoy a fully functioning ROM that you can flash on your phone right away, XDA Developers’ JoelZ9614 was the first one to get everything in place for you. Both the Virtuous developers team and Joel claim that there are no significant bugs and all the phone’s features are fully functional, but you should still watch out for kinks anyway.

Also, if you’re not highly experienced with flashing custom ROMs on your phone, you should carefully read the entire thread on the XDA Developers forum and follow Joel’s instructions to the letter. Also, this is a leaked software package – the official Ice Cream Sandwich build should be released very soon, so you might be safer if you give it just a little more time!

So, how about it, EVO 3D users? Are you relieved to find out that there’s hope for your device after all? Will you wait for an official build or have you already flashed the leaked ROM?

  • tat2jr

    Virgin mobile has had this phone in other countries since July??? Ugh! Help us Americans out…

  • Sal

    I’ve been running this leak since day one and it is flawless.

  • Big_Ass_WhtBoy

    I have been running fresshh custom rom with my sprint evo 3d flashed to boost and dont seem to have any trouble except with mobile network coverage is sparse to say the least. It runs on 1g most of the time. Ice cream sandwich would be killer and come on 4g network for boost!!!

  • wwwwwooooowwww

  • Lucien

    Hey. Do you know a date for an official release? Thanx.

    • Farhan Ahmed

      I got an Update of Official Ics 4.0 With sense 3.6..yesterday its beautifull and running great..on my Evo 3Di am from pakistan