Following the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, the company has released the first official introduction to the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, and it’s pretty damn slick. The video showcases the aesthetics and capabilities of these devices, as well as how they can interface with the Samsung Gear 360 and Samsung Pay.

This introduction shows off the the Galaxy S7’s expandable memory, large screens, elegant build structure, and always-on screen capabilities. It also gives a nod to wireless charging and the Vulkan API (powered by 4GB of RAM) that truly unlocks the rendering capabilities of this mobile device. The battery is the size we expected, 3000mAh for the S7 and 3600mAh for the S7 edge. For those of us who are surgically attached to social media, both of these devices come with robust water resistance, meaning you can finally live-tweet your showers without using the sandwich bag trick.

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The camera has some remarkable advances which Samsung claims make it capable of capturing 56 percent more light than standard mobile cameras. This professional-grade technology means that you can capture far better images even in low light conditions. The camera is also capable of pulling of split-second auto focusing by employing technology that mimics how the human eye focuses.


Of course, Samsung Pay is supported on both the Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge. What’s more groundbreaking, however, is how these smartphones interact with the Samsung Gear 360, a fascinating portable camera that provides 360 degree images for use with Gear VR. All in all, these appear to be truly powerful flagship devices that live up to the standards of 2016 cutting edge mobile tech.

What are your thoughts on Samsung’s newest devices? Worth the buzz, or is the hype overplayed? Let us know your opinion in the comments!


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February 21, 2016
  • Antony Greenman

    Impressive, seems like they hit on all the major points that people have been griping about, without any of the trade-offs. As much as I appreciate LG trying to innovate, I believe I’ll be in the market for an upgrade about the time the Note 6 gets released.

  • RacerRick55

    I appreciate the larger battery on the S7 Edge, as well as the removable storage, I just wish they had gone with the 6 inch display they put on the A9. Then it would have been pretty much perfect. 5.5 inches is too small.

    • Marc Perrusquia

      Exactly, they should also offer a 6.44″ pro version of the Note. But reviewers just cry about 6″+ screens and ruin it for everyone.

      • Marco Lorenzo

        I think you guys are in the minority. Most people want a phone that can be easily used with one hand and comfortably fit into most pockets. I have a Note 4 and I struggle to text with one hand and it always feels uncomfortable in my jeans pocket. I shudder to think if it was any bigger.

        • Nadia Al-Belushi

          The phone doesn’t have to get bigger, though. It’s all about having the right screen-to-body ratio.

          By the way, phablets are on the rise. Overall, phone displays are getting bigger, not smaller, especially as people begin to spend less time talking and more time doing other things on the phone, such as browsing the internet.

          • Marco Lorenzo

            Well I agree with the part about having the right screen-to-body ratio. I’m in the camp that prefers smaller bezels for aesthetic reasons and not larger bezels for ergonomics. But there needs to be some bezels at least, otherwise there aren’t anywhere to grab the phone. This means that there is a limit to how big a screen can be before the phone itself gets bigger.
            Phablets WERE on the rise but it’s pretty much settled at around the 5.5″ mark (plus or minus 0.2″). Of course there are some 6″ devices out there but they are nowhere near mainstream and there are no indication that they will be.

          • Nadia Al-Belushi

            What I meant by “on the rise” was that the percentage of phablets is increasing steadily. More and more people are buying large-screen phones these days because they’re doing less talking and more procrastination lol.

            Samsung could increase the screen size of its Galaxy Note series from 5.7 inches to 5.8 inches without making it noticeable.

            Of course, Samsung can make life a lot better for everyone if it actually releases a foldable phone in the coming years. If only…

            One can dream, I suppose.

  • Nate

    I don’t understand why most people prefer the G5 over S7, yes G5 was really revolutionary.. But in a day to day life of a normal person, it would be practical to have the S7, bigger battery, IP68, slimmer, wireless charging, now more edge functions, better looking (the hell G5 looks way to ugly, G5’s bezels are thick as well), & those modules for sure, tech fanboys will be the only one who’s going to buy those.. It’s not practical at all, more money to spend, more space needed in the pocket, etc.. Though cameras are to be tested yet.. So my personal thought – simple, S7 wins it all…

    • V-Phuc

      Based on your statement about battery size, the S6 wouldn’t be sold at all then. Bezel-wise, you seem to gloss over the top and bottom bezel of any Samsung phones! Ugly and thick as hell. My note 3 and 4 can testify for that. I always though the Samsung logo can go to the back, and they could gain even a few inches for that.

      • Marco Lorenzo

        To be fair, Samsung has some of the narrowest bezels on the market despite having their logo on the top and feature some of the highest screen to body ratios out there.

    • Nadia Al-Belushi

      Modular smartphones/phablets are the future, in my opinion. That’s why Google is banking on Project Ara.

      • Nate

        Yes it is, but i think mass average consumers will not embrace it immediately, hence, people now changes fone yearly or less, so after a year or two modules you bought will be useless as well… With these modules, you will spend more money, more stuff you’ll put in ur pocket, etc. It’s just more business to them.. While the S7 nailed what was missing in the S6..

    • Diego

      LG has something new, samsung does not.

      • Nate

        Something new that the average consumer will not use, as i’ve said who’s going to buy those modules and will put in their pocket, for sure it’ll be expensive as well.. While changes in S7 from S6 will be really beneficial to all consumers.. LG’s G5 module is still a gimmick.. And again G5 is still ugly looking device…

        • nightbluue

          LG G5 is said to be around 550-600 bucks and as far as I know Galaxy S7 and S7 edge aren’t gonna be cheaper as currently their predecessors the Galaxy S6 is selling for about 500 bucks and the Edge is 550$ or so…

  • Liam Bostock

    Great phones but, imo, it’s all ruined by touchwiz! I’ve had an S4 and S6 Edge but just couldn’t get my head around the UI. Too much bloat and its ugly as hell. Maybe I’m a purest but stock android has been the best user experience for me. Moved to Nexus 6P and love it

    • Marco Lorenzo

      Not to mention laggy as hell!

  • Marco Lorenzo

    I have to say, the new S7 and S7 Edge look fantastic…but I doubt that I will ever jump on board with Samsung again, unless I get one of their phones for free. Their software is just unbelievably bad, I really wish they’d invest in some better developers. I have a Note 4 and a S6 and the software always ends up being too laggy. I wish these journalists would talk more about this because what’s the point of having fantastic hardware if the software ultimately lets it down?

    • Nadia Al-Belushi

      In fairness to Samsung, it has come up with some very impressive features for Android OS, notably split-screen support. But I hear you.

  • Gajendra Ambi

    Stop making thinner phones. Full that with extra battery dammit.

  • Diego

    Yeah, better specs, IP68, and sd card is back.
    And also a bigger battery.
    This mite just be the perfect phone if not for touchwiz.
    And those prices are just insane.
    Its not that I can’t afford it, but people won’t buy this.
    Good luck selling any, samsung.

  • Bart Koppelmans

    It’s such a shame that they decided not to use a USB-C port for charging…

  • Javid Nazim Mammadov

    F1.7? This is crazy

  • Rafal

    Just wonder Samsung s7 and s7 edge have hybrid sim try thats mean they dual sim?