Official Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery kit up for pre-order, comes with 3,000mAh of juice

by: Bams SadewoDecember 18, 2012


The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a beast of a smartphone that is on a league of its own when it comes to its popularity and sales pulling power. The impressive résumé continues with the phone’s stellar battery life. Packing a 2,100mAh juice pack, it’s more than enough to handily beat the iPhone 5 and other similar challengers by a mile.

Despite the already exceptional battery performance, some folks can’t help to want more out of the device. Enter the official extended battery kit for the flagship phone, which bumps up the battery capacity to 3,000mAh.


News about the extended battery kit have been making rounds for months, but like other official Samsung accessories, we have to take the stance of seeing is believing. In this case, we’ve received confirmation from one retailer that it’ll start shipping the kit in 8 weeks.

The 3,000mAh battery kit is available in blue and white, and you can pre-order it now for £39.99 ($65). Not only will you get an extra 900mAh battery power, but it will also come with a replacement back cover and offer the same NFC functionality like the original power pack.

Any takers?

  • 0m1

    does it retain its original size? :O

    • since it comes with a back cover probably not.

    • aCe manayan

      i guess it retains the original size. i just went over to and i saw a 3000Mah but its not for S3.. IF it retains the size i’ll get right away :D

      • 0m1

        :O damn, on a flawless s3 that amount of juice would really be delicious. but first things first, I got to get my new glitched device replaced. and yea since it does come with a back cover, it must not be the same thickness, unless sammy got a bit generous :P

    • It will probably be a bit thicker. On the SII, the back became flatter (with the bump gone) with the extended battery.

    • MasterMuffin

      it can’t be the same size, the battery’s capacity is bigger so it must be little bigger (because of the same technology used)

    • DJYx3


      • 0m1

        oh, wow, thanks, that’s helpful in making a decision

        • For the added benefit, it’s not really that big of a deal.

          • It is actually a big deal for those of us who have hard cases protecting the phone. They won’t fit with the new battery.

    • Have you seen the extended battery 6400mah for Note2

  • nick

    I hope they do the same with a 4000mah battery for note2.

    • lollicup04

      I hope they decide to make one for the original galaxy note owners. We are starting to feel left out D;

  • Ken Bosse

    How much more time would 900mah give you?

    • MasterMuffin

      depends in your usage, but with simple math, about 1/3 more

      • grinaldo

        I would say 42,9% more

        • MasterMuffin

          :D that’s not “about”, but thanks for calculating that, edited my comment :D

  • MasterMuffin

    DAMN I would have bought this if I didn’t have already bought a cool back cover for my sgs3 :(

  • Roshan Kumar

    Where do I pre order it from?

  • davidtx

    I purchased a Hyperion 4200 battery kit from eBay ($22.99USD) and the extension of battery life has been amazing! I can actually go for 28 – 36 hours without charging and have a good 30% left still. It is supplied with a rear cover replacement which seems to be the same quality as the original (for whatever that’s worth). Not affiliated, just a very happy customer.

  • derk

    I would be all over getting this battery IF I knew my S3 would still fit into my otterbox defender with the new battery.

    • Not happening, I’m in the same predicament and not buying it twice.

  • am85

    Oh yeah baby…I’m in.

  • mystery

    one more reason to buy sgs3 ^^
    I’m in

    oh yes, I forgot to say:
    shut up and take my money!

  • lollicup04

    Samsung please don’t forget about the original Galaxy Note owners

  • Abe

    on paranoid android rom and siyah kernel my s3could easily go for a day and half , if i do heavy gaming it stays till mid night.

  • Vijeth R

    i need this External Battery but its not available India, so where i can buy it

  • Wow! Aren’t we lucky, it’s cheaper to buy the factory batt.if u hav a ottrr box

  • Anthony Chaplin

    Finally! Sounds great I’ll definitely purchase one for my S3.

  • Will the battery stick out?

    • rob

      Read the damb posts idiot

      • shaun


  • Herington

    What about note 3???????????