Jelly Bean update officially rolled out for Nexus S

by: Bams SadewoJuly 21, 2012

Following the Android 4.1.1 update that several owners of the Nexus S received a day ago, it looks like we can officially start the Jelly Bean party for Nexus S. The update rollout for Android’s latest, greatest and smoothest OS has been announced by Google on its Plus page and Twitter account.

The Jelly Bean update should be heading to Nexus S phones on various carriers. The list isn’t that comprehensive yet, but it’s definitely a good start. Those who own the Nexus S on T-Mobile, H3G, O2, Rogers Wireless, and Vodafone in “most countries” can expect their handsets to make the jump to Jelly Bean anytime now.

Similar to what we reported yesterday, the OTA update – once installed – will bring the firmware build of your Nexus S up to JRO03E. Lots of buttery goodies to be found, but you’re likely to be taken aback (in a good way) the most by the smoothness of the new OS. Other notable new features include Google Now, and offline voice typing.

Before you accept the OTA update, make sure that you’re still on a stock ROM. If you want to skip the waiting game, you can head to this thread at XDA to download and apply the OTA file yourself.

  • James Dunning

    I have a stock 4.04 ROM on the Nexus S (IMM76D Build on the 10920T) and unfortunately the manual download method keeps encountering an error in the current version when updating (Assert failed: apply_patch_space(16570800),,,).

    Others seem to have the same issue and none of the suggested fixes work. Some have even reported that the same impasse occurs during the OTA update.

    • greybat

      Not sure if this will help, but I had the same problem. The file causing the problem was named in the error message as Videos.apk. Turned out at some time I had used Titanium Backup to remove Google Movies. So I restored the backup and tried the update again. It worked. So…… if you are getting apply_patch_failed errors, check the name of the file and see if you can figure out which default app is missing, then try to restore it. It beats doing a complete factory reset. (But you have to have the deleted apps backed up!

  • Iain guy

    I have received the official update 2 days ago. Very smooth :)

    • narayanl

      I have a AT&T one and have not seen any updates coming in. Before I do a manual, would like to know how is the performance on the Nexus S? Battery, navigation etc. Thanks.