Official ICS update for the HTC EVO 3D finally rolling out, only in EMEA for the time being

by: AdrianJune 26, 2012

HTC hasn’t exactly been the fastest Android manufacturer to roll out Ice Cream Sandwich updates for its devices, but at least it has been communicative enough to frequently inform us on when to expect the software “leaps”.

The most recent HTC ICS updating schedule came out last month and had several handhelds slated for “June-July” upgrades. The EVO 3D was one of these and, fortunately, HTC is already making good on that promise, rolling out Android 4.0 for the Gingerbread-running 4.3-incher.

Even though it hasn’t been the most popular HTC handheld to be released in the past year, mostly due to the 3D capabilities that are not very functional, the EVO 3D is still a fantastic phone with a lot of oomph and an elegant design. That being said, we’re delighted to greet the 4.3-incher in the (official) ICS-running “club” and we’re pretty sure that there are a lot of people reading us out there that feel the same way.

The first EVO 3D users to receive the update are HTC customers in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), while tech enthusiasts Stateside are still on the waiting list. Sprint is currently the only US carrier to be selling this mid-range HTC device and, if you’re one of the network’s clients, you’ll probably need to be patient for a couple more weeks.

As far as EVO 3D users in Europe, Middle East and Africa go, these should have been already served with the much-awaited tasty scoop of Ice Cream Sandwich OTA. If, for some reason, you haven’t received any prompt message to update, make sure your network connection is strong, perform a manual check for updates and then reboot your phone once or twice.

The new software package weighs in at a hefty 300 MB and will bring the a full-fledged set of ICS improvements and tweaks to your EVO 3D, but will also up your Sense UI from version 3.0 to 3.6.

Have you already upgraded to Android 4.0.3? Does the EVO 3D now perform as smoothly as you expected? Are there any bugs or glitches to report? And finally, are you willing to forgive HTC for providing you with the update almost a year after the phone’s release on the grounds that “all’s well that ends well”?

  • szubert

    Oh. Finally!

  • Reggy

    How is it that the VM 3D already has ICS it but Sprint customers do not?
    Is it just greed? You know people want to be running the latest and greatest so why not make them buy a new phone to do so.
    You just want to sell a bunch of new LTE (Sprint Network Vision) phones w/ICS to poor saps who don’t even know there is practically NO LTE network infrastructure in place! And I almost forgot they get the privilege of paying an extra $10.00 a month for the use of the practically non-existent network. In the mean time you have customers that have been with you for many years getting ready to jump ship for business practices like this.Just go to any Android forum and read some of the posts regarding Sprints EVO 3D & waiting for the ICS OTA. Your really ticking off your customers and from what I can tell you can ill-afford losing yet more of your customer base. Release the update already, I know you have it! Don’t ask how but I do. My last post (Network & Coverage) was about not being able to make or receive any calls and having no data connection for over a week! I know this will probably never get read by any Sprint employee with any clout but at least I got to vent to my fellow frustrated 3D owners.Now excuse me while I go stand by the railing of this ship. Do the right thing Sprint, push the EVO 3D ICS OTA!

  • Reggy
  • Johnny

    It seems so that is the new business practice why torture us the ones who’ve stuck by for a long time I’ve with Sprint for over 12yrs now through the good, bad, worst times. Even when I could of jumped ship, having your loyal customers wait for so long stinks. I have 3 smart phones in my plan paying 10 each for the 4g that doesnt exist in my area for god knows how long. I thought you guys turned things around I must say though customer by far is excellent compare to the past. If you want to stay in the game for long keep those who stick by your side for the long run. Teasing us with another phone isn’t attractive anymore, this phones fine so why change it now when the LTE rolls out maybe then I’ll consider it.

  • The reasons not to buy an roid device is never e

  • GrantW

    Updated, but no longer auto connects to my Bluetooth in car, have to manually connect.

    • JoeDub

      Have you had any luck getting this to work yet?

  • I have the ICS update for a few days now. most noticeable change beyond the visual, is Battery life which was my biggest problem with this phone. ICS gave my evo a 20% battery life boost. I can finally go through the day without swapping battery.
    Biggest drawback so far is 3d camera. changing to 3d also changes the camera interface to 3d which is not very functional nor pretty. Also 3d images not so clear anymore and need alignment everytime.
    Phone overall looks snappier and after some use and a couple of reboots and auto-updates from market it got even better.

  • Inoeg

    When will it be available for south east Asia’s user?

  • Mushi

    Got ICS this afternoon. It’s a little touchy in places, glitching with a red flash as I click on apps occasionally, but other than that, no problems! It’s better aesthetically, smoother running, and much faster. I would improve on the 3D camera interface however, its functionality has decreased with the update, the pictures aren’t perfectly aligned and it’s slightly annoying. With any luck HTC will get on that soon with a patch at some point. Nevertheless, well done to them for a good, if delayed, effort.

  • maximG

    my e3d was updated yesterday, 24 hours…i spot minor bugs and limitation compare to nexus ics. sound setting ‘quiet ring on pick up’ is not functioning, stock player can’t play video horizontally… battery life is same with 2.3 firmware. the rest is very fine. the menu ui is smooth. i’m happy with the upgrade.

  • Prav

    Got de official ics update fo my EVO 3D atlast!! Cheers!!

    • Prav

      Middle East – UAE!

  • Farhan Ahmed

    Dude Tell me Its urgent ….I got this Ics update on my Evo
    3D and i updated my phone everything works great except one thing and
    that is On lock screen notification bar is activated this annoys me so
    much i mean anyone can unlock the phone easily can yu drag down the
    notification bar on lock screen Tell me …i am waiting for the answer…

  • joe

    i didnt receive the update .. why?

  • Lexx

    Your not paying $10 a month for 4G dumb@$$!!!… I don’t want to even tell you what its for!!… Go figure it out!!!

  • blake g

    Wow… I feel sorry for u normal sprint users…my virginmobile HTC Evo 3ds ics is flawless and camera are amazing..maybe its because it was already built with it and not updated to it …either way I simply love this phone

  • blake g

    And we have absolutely no camera “alignment” issues…never heard of such a thing…lol..hopefully they’ll patch your update

  • Thomas Thorne

    I updated my HTC Evo 3D last month and since then it has been dropping the Internet connection over Wireless or Wi-Fi pretty regularly. It is nice to know I stand little chance of exceeding my contract data allowance but a Smart Phone with no or very limited Internet access is not so smart. I am waiting on news from HTC about when they will offer a fix for this in the UK.