Official HTC One first look video focuses on design, software and speakers

by: AdrianFebruary 19, 2013


It’s out, it’s out, it’s finally out, and it’s… awesome? Fugly? Underwelming hardware-wise? Just downright average? The jury’s still out on the HTC One and we’d love to hear your thoughts, but for now let’s focus on HTC’s marketing efforts.

The company’s CEO, Peter Chou, has basically blamed all of HTC’s recent misfortune on poor marketing, so today should be the start of a new era, right?

The buildup has been pretty well-handled by the new marketing department, although the One has definitely been one of the worst kept secrets in recent Android history. We’ve known all there was to it for weeks and yet we’ve been kept on our toes by leak after leak and teaser after teaser.

For some reason, we just couldn’t look away from all those rumors and if that’s not the definition of great marketing, I don’t know what is.

And yet one of the first official HTC One marketing moves feels a little forced and disappointing. We’re talking about a first look video uploaded minutes ago by HTC on YouTube. The one-minute clip is lively and entertaining, but doesn’t concentrate on the right things.

We would have expected HTC to flaunt that mouth-watering Full HD panel with 468 ppi pixel density, the new 4 Ultrapixels camera or the Snapdragon 600 CPU. Instead, the focus is on the new “BoomSound” speakers, the full metal body, the BlinkFeed interface and Zoe. That last feature is a new shooting mode, so you can say it has something to do with the snapper on HTC’s One.

But it’s not enough. Not enough to scream innovation or show us why someone should pick this bad boy up instead of the Sony Xperia Z. Or the Droid DNA, for that reason.

Again, the jury’s still out, but HTC has to do a lot more to convince us the One is worth a second look. Do you guys agree? Does the below clip make you want the One or want to forget about it?

  • It feels a lot like a mix between an Apple and Microsoft commercial.
    Personally I still feel skeptic about HTC.

  • KL Pie

    Looks like iphone 5 with Windows Metro UI. Was that the best HTC could do?

  • Not as bad as the fashion skydiving nonsense from last year, but still not much of an ad for a company that desperately needs to sell this phone.
    The fact that they think marketing is to blame for recent problems, but still don’t show any really truly compelling features in the ad is not a good sign. But that said, they just don’t get it that the problems run much deeper. The lack of after-sales support is in my opinion what has damaged HTC more than any other thing. Why, for example, can they not understand that people who have forked over the best part of a grand for a flagship phone, expect their phone to receive updates for more than 5 or 6 months?

    • jerry

      I know right htc always makes a really bad design, the htc one looks much better than the one x but still lacks beauty and coolness, it looks oldschool

  • Jermaine William

    looks like an interesting device, the clip has me curious as to what more this device is capable of after reading up on the specs. Sigh!! but on the flip side they going to release a whole bunch of stupid variants to this device and forget about down the road.

    • Mike Reid

      Yeah. They call it a (the?) One now. Just wait a few months.

      Fool me ONcE, shame on you…

  • mali

    If ur a social media fan.. And camera cheapo geek…maybe this phone is for u… I’m not sold. The commercial showed all media crap.. Highlights of other peoples fun making the phone seem cool… Not

    • mali

      Where they also failed… All us true phone geeks know this is the year of the 5.0in screens not 4.7.. They got the 1080p full HD.. Which I wanna see… But if they wanted to be the first of the year new phones… They failed.. Plus release after the s4… This is what happened before.. The HTC one s.. Came then months later the s3 came..

      • mali

        If the s4 is 5in… HTC is toast!

        • kascollet

          Why the hell ? Bigger is not better (otherwise, where would the limit be ? 27″ ?).

          • Not sure about you, but I’m def looking forward to having to carry my phone in a wagon.

          • kascollet


  • Guess I’m the only one that likes the HTC One.

  • Dimitri Smith

    JIAYU G3 ?

  • Ugo Marceau

    Zoe looks bad, why would ou want a 3sec video of your photos ? I use my phone to snap still pictures or people posing most of the time and I don’t want to have to hold the frame for 3 secs each time. It just seems pointless…

  • RH

    I’ll still wait with getting a new phone until I’ve had a 5-10 min hands on experience with the one. One thing I didn’t see on htc’s website regarding the one is BATTERY life. I really hope they’ll learn from the one x’s mistake since qualcomm has lte in it this baby’s batters will die faster than mace windu in SW3!

    • Jared Persinger

      Well if it’s anything like the dna then the battery will be better than the one x battery but still not great

  • nebsif

    Meh, all hope is on X phone now.

    9.3mm thick w/o no removable battery and mSD expansion, looks like Jiayu G3 (cheap, popular chinese phone), lots of bezel, 99% the standard HTC boot-loader policy.

    Moreover, just two buttons, sup with menu and MT? Inb4 software menu button taking screen space or what?

  • Jared Persinger

    I like it other than the ui they put on it, I mean from that video it barely looked like android

  • altria

    How come no one has mentioned that “BlinkFeed is the main home screen, and reps tell us there is no way to change this.” If I wanted a phone I couldn’t customize I’d buy an apple product. So glad I got the Note 2.

  • altria

    How come no one has mentioned that “BlinkFeed is the main home screen, and reps tell us there is no way to change this.” If I wanted a phone I couldn’t customize I’d buy an apple product. So glad I got the Note 2.