Cloud Print official Android app

File this under “what took so long?!”

Today, Google released an official Cloud Print app for Android. While there were other very respectable apps in the marketplace that tied into your Google Cloud Print account, this is the first official app from Google.

Cloud Print, which has been around since mid 2010, was meant as a (you guessed it) cloud based printer management system. Obviously designed to work with Chrome, it was a necessary function for the (then) upcoming Chrome OS. It works cross platform as well.

It works by forwarding print “jobs” through a web UI, rather than a direct link to your printer. Printers must, of course, be set up in Cloud Print, but that’s exceedingly simple to do. Once a printer is registered, you can print to it from anywhere, at any time. It also allows for printer sharing, and now has official Android support!

The app can be downloaded from the Play Store now. Though just shy of 200 downloads at the time this is written, the overall score of 4.8 shows those early adopters are happy with it.

Go snag it and let us know what you think!

  • aholsteinson

    Not compatible with the Nexus 7 it seems…

    • Bryan

      I just installed it on a Nexus 7

      • aholsteinson

        Actually it is compatible but is not available in my country.

  • Mark Washington

    Wonder if it is better than my paid app of cloud print :(

  • Abdel Aziz Farhi

    And again… Geo-locked.. What’s the point of locking this app to a certain region or country.. We all have printers and we all need such a service.

  • Brookz

    Working fine in Canada on S2 and Nexus7

  • gasdriver

    Worked perfectly from S3 to Canon MP990 in the UK. And so easy.