OfficeSuite Pro 7 OfficeSuite Pro is one of the most well known and popular office suite apps for Android. It’s amassed millions of downloads and people seem to be pretty pleased with it. Recently, they released version 7 of their OfficeSuite Pro software and we’re going to show you some of the new features, take a gander at the new UI elements, and everything else you need to know. Of course, if you’d rather watch it than read it, our video is below. If you’d like to see how far OfficeSuite Pro has come since the 5th version, you can find our video for that here.

OfficeSuite Pro Dictionary Feature

Oxford Dictionary Support

When it comes to the English language, there are some options as to which dictionary you want to use. There are a lot out there, but arguably one of the most respected is the Oxford English dictionary. Now you can have that dictionary support in OfficeSuite Pro 7. Simply use the menu to navigate to the dictionary list and you can find it there. You can also find it if you open any document, click on a word, and choose the spell check option. It should have an option for the Oxford Dictionary.

The only caveat is that the dictionary costs $49.99 to download. That’s quite a bit for an add-on and costs more than three times as much as the app itself. For a limited time, though, they’re letting the add on go for $4.99, or 90% off. That’s just at the time of this writing and we don’t know how long the promotion will last. So if this is something you want, best to get on it quickly!

Google Search OfficeSuite Pro 7

Google Search Support

Alongside the Oxford Dictionary add on above, OfficeSuite Pro 7 now gives you the ability to Google Search words right out of a document. Simply click on the word and a little box will pop up. The left icon will take you to the in-app dictionary while the right button will open a web browser and Google Search the word in question. This is an excellent tool if you need to know what a word means quickly or if you just want to Google Search things.

Unlike the Oxford Dictionary add on, this one comes with the app so you don’t have to pay any additional money. Being able to Google Search words right from app can save some people a lot of time and it’s a pretty nifty feature for an office app.


Camera Support

Perhaps one of the most nifty new features is the ability to snap a picture of something and have it plugged into a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or PowerPoint presentation without being required to leave the app. Using the menu, you can open the camera app, snap a quick picture, and it’ll automatically be added to your file. This can be very useful for people who need a visual aid on the fly but don’t have one readily available.

One the picture has been added, they can be moved, re-sized, rotated, and pretty much any other basic manipulation you can think of. Also, as stated, this works for all the various kinds of documents you can create so no matter which function you use the most, it’ll work.

Excel Updates OfficeSuite Pro 7

Excel Enhancements

One thing that got a lot of revamping was Excel. There were just so many things added to Excel that we’ve decided to list them all in one spot. OfficeSuite Pro 7 now has a much cleaner Excel UI that also includes font formatting and cell dragging improvements. Perhaps the neatest new feature is the ability to re-arrange Excel spreadsheets. This may not seem like a big deal, but people who regularly use Excel will tell you that those sheets can be organized quite a bit.

Overall, the updates, improvements, and additions offer a much more cogent and reliable Excel experience and maybe the most stable Excel experience on Android.

Various Improvements - OfficeSuite Pro 7

Other Improvements

There were some other improvements that we didn’t review, but are still worth mentioning. There is now dual screen support, better compatibility with QuickSpell, and some PowerPoint improvements. The PowerPoint improvements include link support and shadow support. When you look at the list as a whole, OfficeSuite Pro 7 has a lot of great refinements, enhancements, and additions. It really helps the experience of the app and makes the whole experience more fluid and natural.

OfficeSuite Pro 7 Summary

OfficeSuite Pro 7 was already a popular and trusted office app for Android. With these improvements, it’s evolved into a more complete experience with fewer rough edges. Really, there are few office apps that can stack up to the features and stability of OfficeSuite Pro 7. You can find the app in the Google Play Store for $15 here. Or, if you prefer, you can give try it out with the free trial found here. If you don’t have an office suite app yet or you just want to find a new one, this is one of the best.

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  • Guest

    excuse me, how about TRACK-CHANGES?
    i’ve been looking a good office app with this feature but can’t make up my mind. any suggest?

  • How about TRACK-CHANGE? I’ve looking a good office app but still can’t make up my mind. Can someone give me a suggest? Thank you

  • Mark

    Oxford English Dictionary at $9.98 as charged this morning on my MC for this add-on for dictionary at $4.99, plus an additional $4.99 on top as Download Protection. Pretty step if you ask me.

  • Fonzy

    It might be the best-selling office suite for Android, however, is not the best.

    I used it for a while, and wasn’t satisied with its Microsoft Office interoperability, it produced too many flaws when opening doc/x, xls/x, or ppt/x files.

    Also it’s editing options are very limited, if you really need to work on documents, tables, or presentations, you just find a very few features.

    Try out TextMaker Mobile (word processor), PlanMaker Mobile (spreadsheet), Presentations Mobile (presentation app), they are from German developer SoftMaker that produces office suites for more than 25 years for multiple platforms, and is well-known for its brilliant filters for Microsoft Office formats.

    You will get the difference between them and Office Suite Pro very soon: they open EVERY Word-, Excel-, or PowerPoint file failthfully, whilst Office Suite
    Pro refuses to open several (mostly xlsx, large documents, password-protected files), and others only with formatting losses.

    If you compare the functionalities, you will recognize that the office apps from SoftMaker offer much more (and many unique) features, they could replace
    an office suite for the PC almost fully satisfying. Office Suite Pro is just a better viewer.

    @Mark: TextMaker Mobile and Presentations Mobile include free automatic download of dictionaries in multiple languages for their on-the-fly spell checker.

    @Ihtbinh 1909: TextMaker Mobile displays track changes, lets you edit and create them, confirm and refuse.

  • DDeMille

    I have the app but would like to have a standalone manual. The only one around is many years old (for Palm OS ?). Is there a way of exporting the embedded manual as a PDF?

  • Arthur Edward Morris

    How do I title a word doc. ?

  • Dusty

    I was trying to print out a letter in OfficeSuite pro 7 and the letters ran off the page how do u set margins