Moto X

A leaked screenshot seems to suggest that Republic Wireless will soon sell the Moto X for $299, without a contract.

One of the most criticized aspects of the Moto X is its unsubsidized price, which is a lot higher than initially anticipated. While the device costs $199 with a contract (16GB version), customers interested in paying full price for the handset will have to shell out at least $580 for the same 16GB model. Before the handset was announced, rumors suggested that Motorola will sell the Moto X for a Nexus 4-like price, but that didn’t happen.

Now, it looks like Republic Wireless wants to change all that, and sell the Moto X for $299 unsubsidized.

Sure, the handset will probably work only on Republic Wireless, but this is still a great deal for customers who are going to choose Republic Wireless for their mobile needs and who are also looking for a new device.

Moto X Republic Wireless

A reddit user who may have seen Republic Wireless’ Moto X teaser campaign on Google+ apparently looked for more details on this Moto X version and discovered the information in the screenshot here.

However, those web pages are gone now, and the carrier is yet to announce the Moto X – a proper announcement is expected for next week.

Will you buy an off-contract Moto X from Republic Wireless?

Update: It’s official! Republic Wireless has now confirmed its intentions to sell the Moto X for $299 outright, starting in November. In addition to offering the Moto X, the carrier is also rolling out several new plans that range from $5 to $40 a month. For more details or to sign up to receive a notification when the Moto X is available, head over to Republic Wireless’ website. 

  • dogulas

    I would encourage someone to buy it if it can possibly be used on other carriers like T Mobile

    • Marcellus1

      I would imagine it can at least be used on Sprint’s network since Republic Wireless runs on Sprint’s network

      • OMGgary

        But the phone still isn’t really being sold off-contract if it is locked to Republic Wireless, or even more broadly to Sprint’s network.
        This is more like a phone being sold for prepay usage – price subsidised/reduced a bit but simlocked to a certain network in order to make you pay back for it anyway. There’s still an obligation to Carrier X if you want to use the phone, which isn’t much better than a contract. To be really like an off-contract deal, would mean the phone could also work on T-Mobile etc. or other international carriers if the phone was taken outside the US.
        Still a lame arrangement IMHO.

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    And, they said it couldn’t be done…

  • Alain Lafond

    It’s easy to understand that the traditional carriers are crooks… Selling those phones subsidized at $299.99. And later charging you high dollars to leave contract or buy another phones.
    I understand now why, with a little negociation they lower the price of the amount left. At $299.99 it was the real price for the phone.
    What a group of crooks!

  • Clarkkent113

    Finally someone learned some damn sense. Hopefully this is price will happen across the board for the Moto X soon.

    I mean I probably won’t buy one anymore because the Nexus 5 sounds like a better overall phone. But there was a time where I (and thousands of other people) were very excited for the Moto X, and them deciding to charge full high-end prices for it killed all the excitement.

  • RanRu

    I don’t understand their $5/month plan (unlimited talk, text, and data over WiFi only). If I bought the phone off contract, what’s stopping me from simply not paying a monthly bill and continuing to use it over WiFi?

    • Of course Wi-Fi “data” was never Republic’s to give away. Talk and Text require connections to Republic servers. If you stop paying your bill your service is discontinued and Talk and Text stop working. Data would, of course, continue to work.