March 29, 2010
Obama Android application

Obama Android application

As a non-US citizen, I always enjoy watching unfolding American politics with increasing interest. However, I rarely like politics overlapping with technology, unless it is something like the following. Obama’s office have released an Android application which keeps those that use it up to speed on the different happenings in the White House. Sure, you’re not going to get copies of the latest CIA reports sent directly to your device, nor are you going to get inside information on which companies have won a manufacturing contract to make a billion dollar’s worth of good. However, its a great step in the right direction for information transparency.

I really believe that increased transparency in political information (or any information for that matter) is a great thing. It is nice to see this happening via Android too. This application will stream updates straight from Twitter, photos from Flickr, blog posts and related Youtube videos.

[Via Phandroid]

James Tromans
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