UK mobile provider O2 is teaming up with HTC to start selling an unnamed, announced phone that comes without a charger in the box. The device will be released sometime by the end of this year. The idea here is to help save the planet by reducing the number of chargers circulated.

With Micro-USB as a standard, almost every mobile user out there has at least one charger. O2 and HTC feel that including extra charging devices is just a waste of money and resources, in most cases. O2 claims that 70 percent of customers who buy a handset from them already have a charger that will work with just about any new phone they release.

The HTC phone’s packaging will simply include the phone, the manual and a micro-USB cord. For those that need a charger, the company will sell it separately. Even if you don’t have a charger that will work, the handset will charge through a PC USB port without issue.

This is just the beginning for O2. HTC is the only brand that currently agrees to remove the charger from the box, but the company soon hopes to make this practice standard with all of their offerings. O2 is billing this move as a green one, though some conspiracy theorists probably believe this as nothing more than a way to make extra money by selling chargers separately. They may or may not be right.

Meanwhile, check out our poll and tell us how you feel about such initiatives!

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Andrew Grush
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  • It’s just the power adapter, they are extremely cheap and most already have them, they aren’t even 100% needed, use your xbox, PS3 and PC or laptop to charge your phone

    • E

      not everybody is like YOU. some people prefer not having to buy any additional things when it comes to another digital product. that’s just like buying an upright vacuum without the power cord (sold seperately)

  • Vega

    Wow, fucking order the charger on the side, lazy assholes

  • lol nintendo made the EXACT same thing with the Nintendo 3DSXL

  • George

    Usb chargins is wayyyyyy slower than ac charging.
    YES it would bother me!

    • Sam

      Yes, but their rationale was that 70% of customers already have an AC charger and they wanted to reduce the number of chargers circulated. I have 4 micro USB wall chargers and certainly don’t need another.

      • Ruben

        But there might be people who don’t.

    • eollie

      Do you already own a usb charger? If so then why do you want yet another one that will probably sit in a box or drawer.

  • crsmejia

    It doesn’t matter unless they’re charging $50 for something the phone was sold to them with in the first place.

  • jangeloracoma

    I have about half a dozen micro USB chargers. I notice that not all are rated the same in terms of current (they’re all 5v, though)

  • Arnie

    Seriously? If they do that, then the phone better be dirt cheap. This is the new way of the world. Included less, keep the price the same then increase it. I feel bad for my kids.

  • Abakev

    I have many USB AC chargers in my house. But they all have different amp ratings ranging from 500ma to 2A. I think people should be provided the correct charger for their particular device. Also I wouldn’t want to have to leave my Xbox turned on just to charge my phone.

  • jaysann22

    I have a few chargers laying around but a few extra is never a bad thing. I have had several problems with chargers getting worn out and simply just stop working. Having a few spares is always a plus.

  • candlelarbra5212

    WOW, good profit making models coming into play. “Oh, oh yeah we’re totally trying to save the planet, know just pay for this charger which is also sold for profit because, you know, people already have them.”

    The only way they can justify this as not an obvious grab for cash is if customers get the option for a free charger or at the very least at cost.

    • Ruben

      That is a very good solution!