Nyko releases PlayPad controller for Android

by: Nicholas MooreNovember 7, 2012

As Android games become more and more like traditional home video games, players are discovering that touch screen controls just don’t have the same tactile comfort offered by console video games. That’s about to change, thanks to the Nyko PlayPad, a $40 Android game controller which connects to your device over Bluetooth.

Much like the MOGA, the PlayPad attempts to make mobile gaming more accessible by providing a controller that is familiar to all gamers. Additionally, The PlayPad Pro (pictured above) features a layout near identical to that of an Xbox 360 controller.

The PlayPad also includes several different hardware modes that make the controller compatible with multiple types of games and devices, including iOS titles that support iCade. Unfortunately, the PlayPad does require Android 3.0 or higher, leaving plenty of gamers with Gingerbread devices out of luck. Nyko has also released an application called Playground which allows gamers to map touch controls to the PlayPad, but the application is only compatible with Android 4.0 devices.

At $40, the Nyko PlayPad gives you a capable controller for a great price. At this time, it appears that Nyko is charging the same price for both the PlayPad and the PlayPad Pro, and there’s no telling how long this will last. The PlayPad controller is currently available from Gamestop and Amazon.

  • MasterMuffin

    cool but the playstation controller is much cooler :)

  • malibu

    Amazon says… Feb 1st 2013!.. eff that.. it better have sum serious stuff to wait that long.. showdown the new one comes Nov 13th!