NVIDIA says ZTE will be the first company to make a Tegra 4 phone, isn’t that sad?

by: ŠtefanFebruary 20, 2013

NVIDIA has just issued a press release that breaks my heart. They say that ZTE will be the first company to deliver a smartphone that uses their new Tegra 4 chip. Not Sony, not LG, not HTC, but ZTE of all companies. Earlier this year we covered a rumor that said NVIDIA was having trouble convincing hardware manufacturers to use their Tegra 4, and today’s news cements that in my eyes.

Do you remember the ZTE Mimosa X? That was the first phone to use NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 along with NVIDIA’s first HSPA+ modem. Have you ever seen a Mimosa X on store shelves? No. I’m pretty sure all the tech site wrote about the Mimosa X, but none actually reviewed it because it probably never even hit the market.

But back to this mysterious Tegra 4 device. It should hit the market during the summer, assuming everything goes to plan. We have no idea how much it’s going to cost, no idea how it’s going to look, and we certainly don’t know whether or not it’s going to be worth buying.

Why didn’t NVIDIA say anything about one of their partners going with the Tegra 4i? You’d think that would be the more attractive part since it has integrated 4G LTE, whereas the Tegra 4 will require a separate chip.

Anyway, I’m done trying to figure out what NVIDIA is doing. They had their shot last year with the Tegra 3, and they failed. That one chip ruined HTC’s year. You could point to the Nexus 7 and say that NVIDIA actually knows how to make chips, but there are already plenty of rumors floating around the internets that say Qualcomm will power the sequel to the Nexus 7.

Come on, NVIDIA, get your act together!

  • Emma

    a bit sad to read articles like this. do you know how many smartphones zte sold last quarter? More than any of lg, sony or htc.

  • Critic

    You’d better respect ZTE company

    It’s not less than other companies


    ZTE smartphones sales went higher than Sony + hTC sales

    You should know that

    • sxs

      no wonder, china being the most populous country and ZTE being Chinese, hence sales speak!

  • Husy

    Wow what a rubbish artical. You obviously hate NVIDIA and ZTE. Before you place your judgement you should wait because the Nexus 7 WAS a hit and it is only a rumor that the next generation of Nexus tablets will run on Qualcomm. Beside that, Google will always choose the best for the moment, just like the Nexus 4, it has one of the best chips of 2012 in it, maybe they will choose something else for the Nexus (5) or the Motorola X who knows. Everyone has they’re moment of shine.

  • Chinaboy

    It’s very simple, ZTE is in China pretty big and if the phone is successful in China why sell it anywhere else?? If the ZTE Tegra4 only takes over a few percent of the Chinese domestic market ZTE/Nvidia will sell more phones than they ever would in Europe and North-America…

  • Bone

    Why would it be sad? At one point selling parts to Samsung might have been sad, but look where they are now!

  • APai

    frankly, it sounds a bit arrogant to say it’s sad that the author implies ZTE as some sort of a lowly pariah. what’s wrong with either nvidia selling its wares to ZTE or ZTE being the first one to come out with a tegra4 chipset ? maybe ZTE paid a bit more to flash the tegra 4 moniker first on its phones. din’t intel peddle their processor to a certain xolo ?

  • mark1289

    The author of the above article is living in the old world when the earth was the center of the universe.

    iSuppli Dec 2012 ranked ZTE right behind Apple, Nokia and Samsung in shipments.

    That makes ZTE the largest hand phone maker in the largest market for the foreseeable future.

    is like Surface – no matter who’s chip is in it – it’s nothing to write
    home about. On the other hand if Surface RT drops to $299 it probably
    would do a lot better but the window is closing. Motorola? Without
    Google they are toast against the likes of Samsung, Apple and soon the
    China handset makers. Even Sammy may run for cover in a few years. HTC
    had QCOM in their phone last year – they shranked even more.

    Now who is foolish