NVIDIA ‘Tegra Tab’ passes through FCC; a 7-inch Android tablet with a stylus.

by: Nate SwannerSeptember 9, 2013

NVIDIA Tegra Tab

NVIDIA has a tablet coming, but the device has been shrouded in a bit of mystery to this point. Like many regulatory filings, the first run didn’t give us much. This last pass through the FCC has given us quite a bit to consider, though, as some specs (as well as pics) were revealed.

The internal pictures reveal a 7-inch, 1280 x 800 display with a Tegra 4 variant that’s new to the scene. Engadget is also reporting a 3200 or 4100 mAh battery, along with a 5MP camera. There is also a stylus for this tablet, and it comes preloaded with Autodesk Sketchbook Express to take advantage of that feature.

The user manual also shows a pretty Jelly bean looking Android version, and notes that aside from a few NVIDIA apps, it’s pretty much stock. The same user manual also notes that you don’t need a Google account unless you “want to use Google Market to download and manage Google apps between devices”, which we found to be odd language.

According to pictures and the language in the user manual, this new NVIDIA tablet will be called — wait for it — The Tegra Tab. Sadly, an underwhelming name for what looks to be a mediocre tablet. We’re sure the Tegra 4 processor will be snappy and reliable, but we’d really like to see a better screen on such a modern tablet.

  • Ryan Castle

    If Nvidia thinks they can compete in the small tablet market when they can’t even compete in the relatively small SoC market, they’re in for a surprise. A bad one, that is.

    • renz

      I think they were pretty much well aware about that. But still i don’t they giving up like texas instrument did with their omap. Nvidia SoC might not be the best but so far their soc was the only one that can keep up with qualcomm high end chip like snapdragon 800. I believe this tablet is more for promotional purpose like they did with nvidia shield. The article above mention Autodesk software wil be preloaded with the device to take advantage the stylus which directly related to nvidia DirectStylus technology that comes with every tegra 4 chip.

    • Kokusho

      Don’t forget Nvidia is fairly new to the market. Think about it, only now(more like in the near futur) do they have a wireless modem to offer with their product… in a wireless industrie ! Seriously, a few year’s back they were making their very first SoC, competing against company like qualcomm and TI which were there forever. One is down, the other had such a lead in wireless that no one could compete anyway. But look at tomorrow, The market is shifting. The lead qualcomm had on wireless is shrinking, the next thing after LTE is far from being there. CPU begin to reach the point were they’re powerfull enough to stop focusing on them, and now the GPU is the real battlefield. And that’s what Nvidia is all about: GPU, and the funniest part is, to this day, they still haven’t played their cards. GPU is a very complicated thing, you can even say it’s the most complicated piece of semi conductor there is today. Drivers stack are also insanely complexe, The knowledge Nvidia have in this area is extremly valuable and can’t be underestimate. Kepler is coming to Tegra 5 next year, nvidia is finally bringing what they’re best at. Let see then how qualcomm compete against this.

      • stucrmnx120fshwf

        True Nvidia have a huge advantage in graphics, as would AMD, along with it’s 64 bit work, in a coming mobile era of 14 nm, 64 bit, with up to 600 AMD GPUs or, 300 Nvidia GPUs per chip next year on mobile devices, 6 GB RAM and graphics RAM. Companies like Samsung, which has too much 14 nm capacity, next year (economies of scale, cost a fortune to develop,) will be licensing the graphics and 64 bit technologies, too bad about the lack of pixels, iPad 2 is rumored to have a retina display. In Ultra Definition Tegra 4 and Snapdragon 800, are the mobile front runners, at the moment.

  • raj

    Nvidia should have made a big splash with Charter top specs and Slick design. This is not what I thought they would venture into

  • Kokusho

    “Mediocre” Really ? Arn’t you a little harsh on the words you use ?
    I mean, the SoC is a beast, the screen could very well be okay for a 7 inch (does the ipad mini screen make it mediocre ? It doesn’t seem so..) Build quality seems solid (for exemple the Shield is very well builded). I means you can say the design may not be for everyone taste (far from it I have to admit) but to call the tablet “mediocre” given everything there is to it seems really harsh to me. What with all this Nvidia bashing ?

  • Joshua feuer

    Sigh, another disappointing screen.