NVIDIA shows us how to pair Project SHIELD to the PC without Steam

by: Brad WardFebruary 12, 2013

project shield

In NVIDIA’s latest episode of a weekly series they call PC Mondays, Need for Speed: Most Wanted was demoed on Project SHIELD. In the episode we were also shown how Project SHIELD can be paired to the PC without the use of Steam.

As you know, games like Battlefield 3 can not be played on Steam due to EA having it exclusive to its digital distribution¬†platform, Origin. This makes it impossible to play Battlefield 3 on Steam. As a result of this, a popular question regarding Project Shield has been, “how can we play non-Steam games on Project Shield?”.

NVIDIA’s Will Park shows us how to access PC titles that aren’t on Steam in the latest weekly episode of PC Mondays. Heading into the SHIELD app and on over to the PC connection tab will allow Project SHIELD to connect to a PC. The only requirement is that your PC is GeFore GTX enabled and has GeForce Experience installed.

Does this make it Project SHIELD a more reasonable option for an Android gaming platform? It’s gearing up to be something awesome despite the controller looking uncomfortable!

  • Jojoc

    Why the hell would i need a geforce gpu?
    Can’t my 7870GE handle it,it’s slower than any geforce gpu?

  • durandal

    still need an nvidia graphics card…
    better look for more open alternatives. I like nvidia but I don’t like to get tied to their product..