May 31, 2013


Just a few days ago,we reported on a new video posted to Nvidia’s blog that showed off the pre-loaded games and other special features that will come with the Shield. Now Nvidia has also revealed their plans to have 25+ games optimized and ready to go for the Shield, from day one.

While Nvidia didn’t give us a full list of the games, they did mention that they consider three of the best titles to be Burn Zombie Burn, ARMA Tactic THD and Dead Arrival 2.

You might notice that none of these games are new or exclusive to Tegra 4, and already play nicely with Tegra 3 devices.

So how while they differ on the Shield? They will likely have enhanced graphics that take advantage of the Tegra 4’s extra processing power. Additionally, the games will be fine-tuned to work flawlessly with the Shield’s built-in controller.

If you were hoping for something “bigger” as a launch title for the platform, don’t start worrying yet. It is very possible that Nvidia still has a few surprises in store for us.

What do you think of the Nvidia Shield, can it truly compete against traditional handheld gaming consoles, or is it a niche product with limited appeal?

Andrew Grush
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