Nvidia Mocha tablet specs spotted, sports a Tegra K1 chip

by: Robert TriggsMay 9, 2014
NVIDIA Brand Shot 2014-9

Hardware details for an unannounced Nvidia tablet have appeared on the GFXBench website, named the Nvidia Mocha. Unfortunately, the benchmark listing has since been removed, but we still have all the specs.

According to the benchmark, the tablet sports the company’s new 2.1GHz Tegra K1 SoC, a high performance quad-core Cortex A15 chip with 192 Nvidia Kepler GPU cores. Somewhat surprisingly, the tablet is also listed with a 7.9 inch 2048 x 1536 pixel display, which would be a substantial improvement over previous Nvidia Android devices. The benchmark also lists 2GB RAM, 16GB worth of storage, and the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

For the rest of the specs, the Mocha has 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, a 7MP rear camera, a 4.8MP front-facing camera, and the usual set of WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS connectivity features.


We don’t yet know if this tablet is something that Nvidia is planning to bring to market, if it’s an internal prototype resembling something similar to a new Nvidia product, or if it’s just an internal test design of some sort. However, Nvidia did release its own Tegra Note tablet last year to show off the power of its Tegra 4 SoC, so perhaps the company has something similar planned for its upcoming powerhouse Tegra K1 SoC.

Speaking of the Tegra K1, a benchmark posted last month, as well as comments from Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, suggests that the Nvidia Shield 2 could be the first device to feature the new chip. We’ll hopefully be hearing more about it soon.

Nvidia’s latest mobile SoC is expected to appear in the coming months, so would an Nvidia tablet like this be on your watch list?

  • But the real question is: How much will this beast COST?! Samsung’s new line of NOTE Pro tablets are great but aren’t selling well due to that luxury tag tied to them.

  • Bilal Mahmood

    Finally a tablet with the amazing k1 chip! this chip is miles better than qualqomms offering hopefully more manufacturers start using nvidia’s chips

    • Tjaldid

      doubt it, the rumor is that the next Surface will ditch Nvidia chips in favor of Qualcomm basically leaving no one except Nvidia themselfs to support their own chips

      • renz

        that is for surface mini. and it is no secret that surface mini will be using Qualcomm chip. there are talks about it since late last year. the way i heard about it, surface mini could launch much earlier but MS delayed the launch because they want the device to be launched with Win 8.1. the true successor to Surface 2 are rumored to used 64 bit TK1. but honestly i’m not sure if nvidia really wants another surface. JHH openly admit that he was disappointed with Surface in an interview.

        and speaking about nvidia white box i think nvidia has done better job compared to some OEM out there in term of software support.

    • Rauel Crespo

      To bad the 16GB(12GB user accessible if my Shield is anything to go by) make taking advantage of that hardware futile…I swear it’s like putting a lawnmower gastank on a Ferrari, you run out of gas(storage) before you can have any fun with what’s under the hood. Yes, I have a 64GB SD-Card…but it’s useless for Apps….Titanic 2GB games like GTA Vice City and San Andreas can’t be transfered to the SD-Card. Seriously, the SD-Card is virtually pointless on Android after KitKat.

      • Bilal Mahmood

        You can root your shield and install an app called folder mount which would allow you to transfer your gta data to the external sd and be able to play

  • KK

    this nvidia tablet looks promising. if it has stylus/digitizer, it will be perfect!

  • MasterMuffin

    “The benchmark also lists 2GB RAM, 16GB worth of storage, and the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

    For the rest of the specs, the Mocha has 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage…” :D

  • Rauel Crespo

    STOP…just STOP with the 16GB of on-board storage. I have an nVidia Shield and a 64GB SD-Card…only to find the SD-Card being basically pointless for App Storage. Most games that would take advantage of the hardware will eat up a decent chunk of the User available 12GB of storage. 16GB of storage is pointless on such a powerful device. Just do like OnePlus One and just offer a 64GB version. If a tiny company like OnePlus can offer a reasonable priced and powerful 64GB Smartphone for $350, a titan of the industry like nVidia should be able to at the very least have 64GB of onboard storage as an option.

    Look, people WANT storage space. With KitKat cripling the use of SD-Cards on Android, and the fact that OnePlus decided to delay the 16GB One in order to make the more of the 64GB version due to higher demand just shows how silly it is to have 16GB devices in 2014. Step it up nVidia, make 32GB the base model, and offer up to 256GB of onboard. That’ll get people talking…if it’s 16GB, I’ll stick to my 32GB Nexus 7 thank you very much.

  • Luka Mlinar

    They should make a tablet that’s the same price as the Nexus to promote the SOC. It would make them billions in the long run.

    • renz

      they can but they have to sacrifice other spec just like TN 7 did. for it’s price no device can beat it’s performance but it also have much less RAM and much lower resolution. build quality also not as good as nexus 7. remember google can sell nexus device for such low price because they expect user to spend money on their ecosystem (Google Play). for most device maker they can only get profit hardware sales.

      • Luka Mlinar

        Nexus was made to push Android. Only reason why they are still doing it now is because the products made a huge fan base. Nvidia needs something like that ASAP or they will be out of the game soon. There are still no desirable Android consoles in sight to move enough K1 for it to make money there.

        • renz

          easier said than done. and for sure nvidia does not that kind of capital to do something like that. so far only intel dare to do that with their contra revenue strategy. and even that will not going to guarantee their success in mobile.

  • illregal

    These also appear to be the guts inside the nexus 8 made by HTC.

  • domahman

    sounds like the tab to be released in china xiomi brand. May 15th.

  • Krunksky

    2gbs of ram? The new phones have 3. GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

    • Andrew White

      Definitely 3GB of ram, SD card support up to 128GB and a 16:9 screen not 4:3.
      No wonder tablets are a waste of time, when only 2 or 3 are worth considering and they don’t meet my size/power/performance/functionality/price requirements.
      I’ll stick with a couple of good smartphones, one that is 4k capable, an UHD TV and an ultrabook for productivity work.

  • s2weden2000

    That’s right!