NVIDIA intros five cool games at E3: Dead Trigger, Puddle THD, Demons’ Score, Bounty Arms, and Heroes Call

June 6, 2012
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    Been looking for some adrenaline-pumping games on your Tegra 3-equipped Android phones and tablets? Get a hold of these FIVE new games that are guaranteed to make that 4-PLUS- 1 quad core processing power run to the max. The five new offerings, showcased at the E3 2012 conference nu Nvidia, are Dead Trigger, Puddle THD, Demons’ Score THD, Bounty Arms, and Heroes Call.

    Dead Trigger

    We’ve covered Dead Triggerbefore and told you why we’re excited about the first-person Zombie shooting game. The game pits yourself against hordes of zombies as you fight for your survival. Aside from the impressive list of arsenals, the enhanced Tegra 3 version comes with exclusive effects like enhanced water, specular lighting, volumetric fog, and ragdoll physics.

    Dead Trigger

    Puddle THD

    Originating in the Xbox live Arcade and PlayStation Network, Puddle THD is ready to make a splash in the Android gaming world. The game will basically have you guide a puddle of water until its destination using the tilt control on your Android device. Higher resolution textures, advanced fluid effects, and advanced physics effects are just some of the extras that the Tegra 3 version will bring.

    Puddle THD

    Demons’ Score THD

    Mix music with battles, and you’ll get Demons’ Score THD. Running on Unreal Engine 3, the break-beat action game features impressive 3D graphics and a user interface that has been optimized to make your gaming-on-the-go experience as flawless as possible. If you like your game to come with higher resolution textures, advanced bloom effects, rim lighting, dynamic shadows, and depth-of-field effects, your best bet is to get the Tegra 3 version of the game.

    Demons' Score THD

    Bounty Arms

    Bounty Arms is a 3D side-scrolling action game developed by Open-Reset, Luma Arcade, and NVIDIA. Exclusive features you’ll get on the Tegra 3 version include visual and performance enhancement, co-op play, and advanced particle effects.

    Bounty Arms

    Heroes Call

    Heroes Call has been dubbed as the next generation action RPG game. With multiple characters, varied abilities and the promised deep quests, this is one game that will have you hooked on your Android device for a long time. The Tegra 3 version comes with higher resolution light maps, spectacular maps on character weapons and armor, and additional physics interaction of objects and particles.

    Heroes Call

    If you happen to be at the Los Angeles Convention Center today, you can test out the five games at NVIDIA booth. Which one looks the most promising to you?

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